Disclaimer: I don't own Dirty Sexy Money. There definitely would have been more seasons if I had!

Author's Note: A little glimpse into a father-daughter moment with Juliet. Word of the week was bite and it is 100 words on the dot.

Dirty Sexy Moments


She's adorable, even if she is twenty. She's looking at the menu with furrowed brows, concentrating, analysing and assessing what dessert to have, as if that's the hardest decision she'll ever make. (If he has a say in it, it will be the hardest decision she'll ever make.)

Her hair falls into her eyes and she bites her lip as she scans the items for a fourth or fifth (or tenth) time until she's decided.

She beams at him, chooses Créme Brulée and it gladdens his heart to see Juliet's innocence and he hopes that she'll always be his baby.