Timmy and Trixie's Hot Day

Chapter 1

It was a hot sunny day in Dimmsdale and Timmy Turner was watching TV in the living room with Cosmo and Wanda, who were disguised as pink and green cushions next to him in the dark when Timmy's dad came into the room. "Timmy it's a nice sunny day, why not go outside and play?" asked Timmy's father. "I would" responded Timmy, "but it's a Saturday and what better way to spend a Saturday by watching cartoons". Timmy's dad wiped his brow and suggested "why not visit Trixie?" Just then Timmy's dad opened the curtains and a bright light entered the room, glaring onto the TV screen making it hard to see the screen. "Look outside!" exclaimed Timmy's father. "It's a bright sunny day and your wasting it by sitting inside!" "Fine!" Timmy responded angrily and went outside.

"Whoa Jesus Christ!" sighed Timmy. "This is a really hot day; it's too hot to play outside!" "I couldn't agree more Cosmo responded while waving his wand in front of his forehead like a fan. " Be carful you idiot!" shrieked Wanda and she slapped Cosmo across the head. "What did I do?" asked Cosmo in a shocked voice. "Your going to poof something unpridicible with that wand you fool!" Hey now come on Timmy, why not call for Trixie and you and her can do something. So off to Trixie's house Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda went.

Meanwhile at Trixie's house, Trixie was also stuffing her face with a big bowl of cereal when her father came in the room. "That is the 3rd bowl of cereal you had today" Trixie's father exclaimed. "Don't you think you have had enough?" he then asked. "No way!" Responded Trixie, "there is nothing wrong with me" Trixie then let out a huge burp, *BUUUUURRRP!* And then Trixie patted her round, which was showing which gurgled when she patted it. Just then the doorbell rung. Trixie then went to the door and opened the door. "Hi Trixie" smiled Timmy. "Hey" Trixie smiled happily with her exposed belly spilling over her skirt and under her purple t shirt, which was becoming too small ever since Trixie gained weight. "It's a nice day why not do something today" asked Timmy cheerfully. "Preferably something that will cool us down" he then added. "Oh ive got an idea!" Trixie beamed, "how about a water fight at Dimmsdale Park?" In Trixie's house, Trixie's father was making himself a bacon sandwich, the smell travelled to the landing where Timmy and Trixie was standing and went up Trixie's nose. Trixie could feel her mouth start to water and just then Trixie's stomach made a gurgling and bubbling sound and it kicked at the same time, * GLLLUUURRRPPP, BUBBLLLEE!* went Trixie's stomach sounding like a witches cauldron. Trixie then put both hands on her exposed belly and blushed and giggled "Ive only had 3 bowls of cereal for breakfast. I'm just going to have my last one then al meet you and the guys in the park" So go home and get your water pistols and I will meet you at Dimmsdale park in a few minutes. "Great sounds fun" Timmy said exidedly and so Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda