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AN: This is pretty AU I guess, just a Lucas/Josie. They belong together, I swear it.

This is also theme number 86 in the 100 themes challenge, Seeing Red. I haven't written in a long time, so feel free to tell me if it's crap.

Seeing red

Every time Lucas saw them together, he saw red.

He couldn't help that he had fallen in love with her, not really. It was her fault. Her fault for being everything he never wanted, and therefore being all he could ever need. It was her fault for never noticing him. But it was also his fault.

All she saw in him was one of her friends. The conspiracy freak, the one who tried too hard, just Lucas.

And she saw Vaughn as so much more. He couldn't help but get angry when he saw them being happy together and he knew that he could never be the one who made her happy like that. He would always be standing in the wings, waiting for a role he would never get.

But that night, he saw red for an entirely different reason. He heard frantic knocking on his door, and as he opened it, she threw herself into his arms, crying, her eyes red and puffy.

"He's with someone else." Lucas would have gone and killed Vaughn right then and there if it weren't for the girl who he refused to see get hurt even worse. So he led her to his bed and let her sit, and held her all that night, letting her vent and cry and do whatever she needed to do. The next day, she thanked him repeatedly for being such a great friend and left. Friend… that was the closest he would get to her.

All throughout the day, he had to restrain himself when he saw Vaughn with his new girlfriend. Still, when he talked to Josie, she smiled at him more often, laughed more often, and just seemed to be in a slightly better mood when he was around.

That gave him hope that they could be more, and his vision started to clear, relieving him of his angry red haze.

Word count: 317

…well, it could have been worse. Keep in mind I'm easing back into my writing, so I know it sucks, but still feel free to tell me how much.