Glee belongs to Ryan Murphy. This is not a songfic or a oneshot, but "Kings & Queens" by 30 Seconds to Mars inspired me to write. Reviews are appreciated! :)

The rain was beating down on the roof harder than Kurt surmised it ever had in all of Lima, Ohio history. He checked his wristwatch, wincing at the pain in his jaw. Glee club had just ended.

Kurt crossed his arms, a sulky expression displayed on his puffy face. The dentist had pulled out all four of his wisdom teeth two days prior and the swelling still had not dispersed. Kurt shifted positions in his bed so that he was no longer resting on his left side. His father told him he would be later than usual that night, and trusted Kurt could fend for himself as far as eating dinner was concerned. While Kurt was a perfectly capable sixteen year old, part of him wanted his daddy to take care of him all day.

Kurt sat up painfully, leaning against the headboard. Eventually he'd have to force himself out of bed and up to the kitchen for more jell-o and apple juice. In the meantime, he shoveled the last bite of sickeningly sweet cherry jell-o, which was sitting in a bowl on his nightstand, into his mouth. He scrunched his eyes closed as the slimy, sticky substance slithered down his sore throat. "Disgusting." He muttered.

Despite Burt's expressed wish that Kurt wait to bathe until he got home, Kurt turned on the hot shower anyways. He couldn't stand feeling gross and smelly any longer. The hot water felt so good against his swollen face. Kurt washed his hair thoroughly. He heard his phone go off maybe three times, but ignored its pleas for him to answer. The hot water cascaded down his back, leaving no traces of ever having been there. Kurt turned off the water abruptly when he heard his phone go off for the fourth time. He wrapped himself in his bath robe and hastily read the messages he'd received.

One message was from Mercedes and three from another, more unlikely person. Mercedes was only texting to tell him that Regionals were rapidly approaching, and was he going to be healed in time? Kurt rolled his eyes and proceeded to read the other messages. His face flushed considerably, and not from the heat trapped in his bathroom. Kurt's phone slipped from his delicate fingers. He scrambled to retrieve it from the slippery floor. He'd just about reached it (the phone had slid underneath his counter), when his bathroom door opened hurriedly. Kurt squealed and attempted to cover himself quickly.

The intruder did not seem to mind that Kurt was mostly unclothed however. He scooped the young soprano into his arms and carried him to his bed. Kurt had nestled his head into Puck's strong shoulder. "Why are you here?" he asked the tanned boy who was now setting him gently on his bed. Puck smiled at him. "What? I can't come take care of my friend?" Puck questioned him, putting on an innocent face. Kurt huffed and crossed his arms. "First of all, I look like a chipmunk." Kurt said, holding up one finger. "Second," he began, holding up another finger. "Quinn is having your baby. We can't keep sneaking around." Kurt scolded. Puck made a pouty face and took Kurt's hand in his own. He had not intended for his visit to Kurt to turn into a deep conversation about feelings and what not. There was a long stretch of silence. Puck honestly couldn't keep the hurt from showing on his face. "I thought," he began quietly. "Maybe that wouldn't matter."

Kurt found himself rolling his eyes again. "Well, it does to me. I don't want you unless I can have you completely." He declared. Puck bit his lip and leaned in towards Kurt, kissing him deeply. Kurt tried to resist, but found it exceedingly difficult to break free from Puck's grasp. Not to mention his overwhelmingly minty breath. Before Kurt could come to terms with what was happening, he felt Puck's warm and strong hands caressing every inch of him. Kurt let a soft moan escape his lips when Puck's hands reached just the right spot. Puck chuckled into Kurt's ear. "How's that?" he asked, quickening his pace. Kurt squeezed his eyes shut, trying not to make any sound.

But the second Puck's mouth replaced his hand, he knew he was doomed. "Oh, Noah!" he moaned, digging his nails into the muscular teen's back. Kurt bit his lip as hard as he could without drawing blood. "Stop!" he whispered frantically. Puck sat up immediately, wiping his mouth. "What?" he asked, concern pouring over his face. Kurt was gripping his bed sheets so tight his knuckles were turning white. "If I scream, I'll split open my sutures." He explained, trying to fight off the raging erection that was hiding underneath his bed spread. Puck grinned, and resumed what he was doing with his hands. "Then don't scream." He whispered huskily in Kurt's ear.

Kurt's mind was racing. He was failing horribly at coming up with an excuse for why Noah had to stop. It just felt so damn good. Hot, wet mouth pumping up and… and… down, so far down. He couldn't help but cry out in pleasure when he finally exploded into Puck's mouth. Puck didn't swallow like he'd always promised he would. He spit the cum into Kurt's old jell-o bowl. Kurt sighed in satisfaction and allowed himself to lie back on his pillows.

Puck kissed the top of his head affectionately. "Why did you do that?" Kurt asked, closing his eyes. Puck laid down on Kurt's full size bed next to him. "Just thought I'd come make you feel better." He said, playing with a strand of Kurt's hair. Kurt laughed in spite of himself. "It did help." He admitted, shifting positions so that he could see Puck's face clearly. But the second he turned to see Puck's sweet face, he was reminded of all the mundane troubles they both faced at school. Particularly the troubles Puck had to deal with.

"What are we doing, Noah?" Kurt asked him, hurt returning to his face. Puck's face mirrored Kurt's hurt, only showing perhaps a bit more confusion. "I'm sorry, but I can't do this." Kurt whispered, tears beginning to well up in his eyes. Puck rolled his eyes. "That's just the Penicillin talkin, hon." Puck said, brushing a tear from Kurt's cheek. "It's not!" Kurt said, pounding one of his fists angrily on his bed. "I'm allergic to Penicillin, for God's sake! If you knew a little more about me than you did my dick then-" Puck cut Kurt's angry rant off quickly. "Then what?" he demanded, rage taking control of his emotions. There was a long moment's silence where Kurt just stared at Puck, fresh tears forming. "Then maybe we wouldn't be having this conversation!" he nearly shouted at Puck, rolling onto his back. Kurt stared at the ceiling praying that Puck would leave soon.

"Maybe this was good for us." Puck said, standing. "I'll just, wash this out for you and leave." He said, picking up the cum filled bowl on Kurt's bedside table. Puck's heavy footsteps echoed up the steps. Kurt wiped his eyes on his sheets and fell into a deep and restless sleep that night. He couldn't stop dreaming of Noah.