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"Boys!" Grandad yelled from the kitchen. "i have a date with a sexy lady that means that Hueys in charge" he said glaring at the 11 year old Riley. "What" Riley yelled. "Why can't be in charge or Thuginfanct" "I aint bout to argue with you your brother is in charge" "Huey watch after your brother... "ill be back around 2 if im luck my tommorw morning..." Grandad snicker."ooh...and NO PARTYS." With that Grandad left out the front door. "Thats not fair how come you get to be in charge" the younger boy said. "Because im 13 and your 11..which would make since if I was in charge" Huey said walking to the bottom of the stairs. "what you not gonna watch me" Riley yelled. "no" Huey stated..walking up the stairs to there room..closing the door with a slam."Dumb nigga" he mumbeled to himself. Riley went over to the couch and plobbed down, making a hummff..sound. He turned on the tv turning to Btv..seeing that the late night music videos was on. The first song that popped up was an old joint.. Ganstalicious Homies over Hoes. "ohhh I havent heard this in a while. This my shit." He said with excite ment. The 11 year old boy. Hopped off the couch doing the dance. Singing along with the song. "Homies over Hoes, Homies over Hoes Girl bitch cant you see fall back aWay from me..Homies over Hoes". After the show was exactly 12:oo am. "what the hell is he doing up there...he not even looking after me like grandad said." "STUPID NIGGA!" he yelled at the top of his lungs.

Riley dragged himself off the couch into the bathroom.

He pissed and flushed the toilet. Walking back to the couch he notice that fake ass church senmier things were on. He fall on the Couch grabbing the remote and turning. He changed from channel to channel. 'aint nobody want to watch Family Guy or Sonny with a chance..this gay ass shows.' Getting aggravated Riley went in to Grandad room looking for something to do. He opened the door and flicked the switch. Walking in the well lit room he went start to the closet. 'what the hell do Grandad always keep in here.' 'always kicking us out when we come in here.' Riley thought as he opened the chest door. Almost instantly Riley was hit with the strong scent of moth balls. He suddered from the smell and began to dig around. Pushing g-strings and old nasty shorts out the way. He found a box of tapes. Riley picked up one. It had nothing on it. Just the black cover and the clear plastic. 'what the keeping blank tape now Grandad.' Shaking his head. He looked down saw that all the tapes was like that,blank. 'let me see whats on this one' Riley said hurrying to put the box back before his brother come downstairs' which was not likely hearing the rap music blast behind the close door. He switched the light off and closed the door gently. He walk over to the tv, under it was there VCR and DVD player. He put the tape in and put the tv in the right setting. 'umm what the fuck' He thought as he pressed play. On the screen it said "Caught in the Dark" 'umm ok'.

Two people were on the screen. A White woman And a Black man. 'what the hell is this.' he thought looking at the screen cock-eyed. About 10 mintues of cheesy acting, Riley was about to take it out. Until they started to kiss. Riley stood infront the tv with his hand on the power button. Eyes wide infront of the it. "Grandad be watching porn" he whispered. On the tv both people took off their clothes and was now kissing heavily on the white bed. "wow" Riley said looking at the White Ladys tits. He watched as the man started to eated her out. Licking between her lips ,onto her clit. Move his to up and down plunging it in her pussy. Riley notice something was wrong with him. He started to feel things around his groin. They then started to fuck. He saw how the man put his dick into her. And how she moaned as the large cock filled up her tight little hold. He almost moaned himself. Riley felt his jeans grow tightier and tightier. He looked down to see a big bulge. "What are you doing" Huey said. Startled by his older brother voice. He hastily push the power button and toward around. "W-what does it look like Nigga im t-turning off the t-tv." Huey look over his little brother a little weirded out by the way he put his hands around his groin as if he was trying to hind something. "Nigga.. its time for bed cuz granddad will be home in like a

n hour, so come on." Huey said starting up the stairs. Riley awkradliy tried to run...but his erection was to swelled. He let out a small moan because of the friction from walking in his jeans.

"You say something" Huey asked without stopping. "No did it sound like I said something" Riley asked embrassed but tried to keep his voice natural. Huey shook his head and rolled his eyes and contiuned they bedroom. After carefully trying to hide himself from his brother Riley stipped then hopped in bed pulling his comforter up to his neck. Huey looked at his strange he was cock eyed. He opened up the window so his brother would burn up to death. Then he too stripped to his boxes and laid down. Trying to sleep. Just when Riley thought that Huey was sleep and Grandad wasn't home he flipped that hot ass comforter to the floor and took of his boxes letting his erertion get some air. He let out a soft moan as the air from the window grazed it. Huey noticed his brother was moving so curiously he turned head to see what he was doing. Huey was in shocked. He couldn't believe his own little brother was masterbating in the bed just 2 yards away. He watched with shock. Riley was just sitting their staring at it like he never seen it before. Huey looked at him and wonder what was he doing..just laying there staring at his dick. He was starting to get tried of looking at his brother and soon fall asleep. Until he heard a little whimpering noise. Liking the sound of crying. He opened his eyes and say is brother pancking. His hands over his face and he was breathing heavliy.

The afro headed boy start to worry. 'is he about to have another asthma attack' he thought. He was about to say something when he thought ' nahh he aint bout to have an attack cause of he was he would be calling me and besides I can't say nothing cause this nigga over here jerking off...but he not doing nothing..all well here goes.' When a deep silence breathe Huey sat up and said "Whats wrong with you?" He asked. Which startled Riley making him to fall of the bed. "Nigga I thought you were sleep." he said standing up not noticing that he is naked with a erection pointing straight at his brother.

Huey just looked at him. Wide eyed and kinda weirded out my the sudden out burst. Riley glared at him, crossing his hands over his chest. "What you looking at" He asked. Huey looked at his stupid brother rolled his eyes and turned on his lamp light. Both boys squinted to the dim light. Huey sat up and pointed to Riley. "What nigga" He pointed downward and moved his head forward , indicating to look southward. Following his older brother direction he slowly bended his brother direction. "holy shit!" Riley scrambed down and grabbed his comforter and cover his naked dick. "you gay ass nigga you was looking at my dick" Riley said putting his hand on his hip, supporting his blanket. Huey looked at his stupid brother. "says the nigga who was beating off"

Riley glared at his brother.

Huey just simply looked at him. Riley sat down on his bed, back turned away from his brother. "are you all right?" Huey asked in the middle of the silence. "im... fine.." Huey huffed and said dully "it wouldn't make sense to lie when I infact saw you" Huey looked at his little brother back,while waiting for his reply. But nothing came. He sighed and got up from his bed and traveled across the dim room to his brother's bed. He stay down with a huff and asked again. "Riley are you alright?". A little after a minute he didnt reply. "im gonna be here all day so you might as well tell me.". He crossed his hands and looked at his brother. 10 mins went by still nothing. "Huey...what is 'beating off'" Riley asked in a damp whisper. Huey gave his brother a dumbass look. "What?" Riley took a deep breathe. "What is 'beating off' what is it?" He looked at his brother confused, wanting to know what the hell it was. Huey look deep into his brother eyes trying to figure out if hes playing or is serious. He looked at his brother and study him. His facial expression was quite sad...but more worry. As if something was wrong with him. "why do you want to know?". Riley looked back down "i dont, just asking"

"what is wrong with you Riley?" "what did you know I saw you go into grandad room" Riley snapped his head up. "what the hell I didnt go into grandads room" he said shaking his head, guilty. "you saw something in his room that look nasty..didn't you" Huey said trying to lift the mood. "i aint see nothing in his room" Riley took a deep breathe. Huey waited patiencely, for his response. "ok this is what happen" riley lift his head up to look at his brother. "when yo ass lift me by myself I went to watch some tv...Btv was playing some late night video...that ended like at 12:00. SO I was bored and It was nothing in this got damn house to do. So I went into grandad room . I aint find nothing until I got to the closet. Open the thing and I found a box of tapes it aint have nothing written on I went to go find out wat it was.". He took a deep breathe before continuing. But hestatied and slowly brought his head down. "what was on the tape?" Huey asked as if he didnt know. Which he did know..because he had a feeling what it was. Riley shook his head and shrugged. "i dunno porn" "how you not gonna know if its porn or not? Riley" "Was they touching? Who was on it?" "umm its was man and a woman..the was all kissing instuff." "ok you was watching porn then what is the problem why was you over here making them weird nosies" Huey asked. Riley bent his head down even further feeling ask if he was about to cry again. He told him self that he would have to suck it up and tell huey,he would probably know what to do. "U-umm" he cleared his throat and sniffed. Huey motioned him to go on. "U-mm i-t k-ind of di-d ssomm-thi-ng to me." Riley couldn't hold it anymore and let out a huge whimper. He praticely push Huey out of the bed hugging him tight and crying into his shirt.

"what the f-" Huey said startled from the whole outburst.

He looked down at his crying brother, who was shaking slightly. 'what the fuck' he thought. " what do mean it did something to you?".Huey asked as he place his hands on his chin and lift his little brother head up.'he kinda cute crying' he thought. Then mentally slap himself for thinking such things. Riley took a deep breathe before he pulled down the already unravel comforter. "this" he said in a faint whishper, and pointed down to his dick. Huey looked down and blushed as he saw the pre-cum ooze from his little brother tip. He then hastly looked back at him. Shaking his blushed face not seeing the problem. "Look at it...its not suppose to look like that." Riley praticly yelled. Huey turn his head the other way. Rolling his eyes. 'is this nigga serious this nigga hard as hell'. Riley grabbed his hands bring Huey to his attention. "Huey you have to help me I dont know what to do" Riley said sniffing. "ok...ok..calm down...this is natural...this" he pointed to the boys naked penis. "is natural" "ok...then how you fix it." He thought for a moment, then suddenly flipped over the bed backward..letting go of riley, and went over to his side of the room and got out a small bottle of baby lotion. He walked back over to Riley and placed it out in front of him. "lotion" Huey said. "lotion" Riley repeated him,taking the bottle examining it. "what the hell you suppose to do with it?" Riley asked. This being his 50th deep opened his mouth to say "you use the lotion to rub your dick to feel good." Riley looked confused. "what?".

He sighed "Open it put some lotion on your penis. And rub it down." Huey said looking down. Riley opened the bottle and squirted it on his penis. Watching little brother shudder from this the white cold subtance touching his penis...made him blush. Huey turned quickly and went off to his bed. Not wanting to watch his little brother knowing that he would love to stay and teach him. He grabbed a pillow and pulled his cover off his bed. Started to the door. Before he could get halfway arcossed the rooom Riley interrupted him. "where the hell are you going" he asked. "i dont know how to do me.. please" he begged. Huey turned to look at his little brother with his puppy dog eyes. "this isnt something you would do infront of someone...not even if its your first time.". He started to head to the door. "But...but..i dont know how to do show me...or at least do it with me". "What?...why would I precede in receiving an erectal eljackolation ….with you" Huey stured his face together trying to hide the rising excitement in his face. "what?". With his 51st deep sigh he thought 'I might as well show him cause he aint gonna leave me alone with it.' with a deep breathe he dropped the pillow and cover and walked over to his brother side. He sat down and grabbed the lotion from him. "watch closer...cause I aint doing this again..never" Huey lied. He pulled up his shirt semi high,showing his belly button and abs and pulled down his pants only so you could see the hole in his boxers. Riley watched his every move not taking his eyes off of him for a second like the way Huey was making him feel. Huey then pulled his penis out of his hole...and pointed. "as you see im not inorder to get hard you will have to urmm rub it."

Riley was confused. "what" he repiled. Huey shook his head. "watch" he murmured. He squirted some of the baby lotion on to his hand. He then grabbed his soft penis and began to rub. Riley watch with exciment. Huey took his hand began to stroke his shaft. Up and down it went. He used his thump to massage his tip. Making him moan. Riley saw the way his older brother seem to enjoy touching himself. He started to mimick him. Huey threw his head back as his newly erected cock swelled into his hand. 'might as well show him the simple steps' he thought. He slowly bent his head back down. And to his surpise he some what following his action. Riley put on some lotion and started to fondle himself, following the way Huey did. "nnow that im hard I could show some quick and easy ways to errr...cum" Huey said embrassed. Riley nodded. "now what you could do is this". Huey grabbed his cock again started to push his moist hand up and down all around his shaft. He slowly began to feel it the tingling sensation of pleasure. "n-now" He cleared his thoart. " now when you do direct your wrist the wouldnt strain it. It also good and quick" Huey somewhat shrugged to say. Riley nodded and start to do the same as Huey.

Huey slowed his pace to look at his brother. Moving his hand awkradly, Riley strugged to do the same as his brother. But all of this struggling was causing his pleasure to excalad. Riley let out a small moan. Huey smirked as he saw his brother. Enjoying the sounds he made. He went behind his brother to asist him. He spread his legs and pulled his brother back. He hard dick was laying against Riley's back. Riley blushed to the hot spot on his back. Just when he was about to ask why they were at the end of the bed He placed his hand on top of Riley's. Riley snapped his head back, about a eject the physcial help. But was cut of with an shh. Huey wrapped his hand other his hand, letting his thump brush up his his shaft. Riley suddered from the warm contact on by his brother hand. Huey started to move his hand.

"ahh" Riley moaned. From the pressure of his and his brother hand, Riley's first time masterbating was going well. Huey knew that he shouldnt be doing this, but he pushed the thought into the back of his hand and enjoyed while he could. Huey looked up at his brother. His breathing has become heavy and he was shaking. His face was hot and his cheeks where light pink. 'ohh he just look so cute' Huey thought leaving a goofy smile on his face. His hand moving ever so slowly almost agonizing to poor Riley. Huey tried to convince himself. Suddenly Riley lend back roughly toward Huey. Huey groaned; the soft skin of back brushed up against him. He the started to take control. With Huey hands still on top of his, Riley started to move faster. Moving his hand up and down make his foreskin go up over his head and back down. "mmmm Huey I..i feel..werid..d" He said in a faint whisper.

Huey smirked to himself. He bent his head down "how werid do you feel?" he whisperd into his brother ear starting to pump him faster. Riley let out a huge moan. Huey didnt notice into it was to late. He was dry humping upward into the little crease between Riley back and his chest. The little 11 yr old boy threw his back,on to his brother should started to thurst wildly into both of there hands. Making his back make more contact with Huey dick. "ahh hu...ey whats fe..ells like som...tething coming.." he partly moan screamed. With the help of Huey, Riley thurst hard and rough shooting his creamy milk all over his chest. While moaning Huey name. Soon Huey came spreadingng his creamy milk seed onto his chest and Riley back. Both breathing heavlly Huey said after a few mintues "that is how you beat off...i aint showing how to dont ask." he lied again.

Before reaching over and grapping some tissuse clean him and his now half asleep brother off. He got out of his bed and put on his boxer. Huey got his pillow and cover and placed on his bed. Then before drifting off he thought 'you will be mine.'