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That morning, after he awoke, Huey hurried down to the living room. Knowing how stupid his little brother is, he probably left the tape in the VCR. Sure enough, as soon has he hit the eject button the tape came out. It had to be about 7 in the morning, knowing Granddad he should be sound asleep. He cracked his door open, hearing the loud snoring and seeing the large still lump in the middle of the bed confirmed his mind. He quietly made his way to the closet. Trying to slowly opening the creaking door, Huey opened up the box and carefully put the tape in.

"AHH WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Granddad yelled. Huey jumped and turned to face his grandfather. To his horror, Granddad was sitting up looking right at him. Huey couldn't tell if his eyes were opened or not. The room was dark.

"G-granddad I can ex-"

He panicked when he was cut off by Granddad. He mumbled some gibberish sounding like 'not like the picture' before falling down. He let out a loud snore before snuggling into his comforter. Huey let out a sigh of relief and quickly closed the closet door. He high tailed out of that room not wanting to see if his grandfather woke up. Wanting to shower and get the excessed crusted mess of his body. He made his way back to his room. Walking to the dresser he couldn't help but stare at his brother. Riley looked so innocent sleeping like that. His chest rose lightly as he let out a faint snore. Huey thought back to the previous night. Riley panted heavy as he stroked his member. Huey shivered from goose bumps as he remembered the way his brother called his name at the end.. Shaking himself from out his thoughts, he hurried to shower wanting to get rid of the rest of the crusty mess.

The rest of the morning was awkward. Well on Huey part. It was 10 o'clock when granddad finally crawled out of bed to make breakfast. Being called down to the table Huey, who was dressed in his blue and white striped button up shirt and dark blue jeans, sat at his usually spotted and was solidly focused on his plate.

Fearing on what his brother was going say or how he would look. Riley came down a couple of minutes later, freshly showered and dressed in his normal attire; white tank top , blue jeans, and white sneakers. Waiting until Granddad sat at the table he decided to take his seat. He looked at Huey who seemed to be determined to devour his eggs.

He switched his gaze to Granddad. The old man looked tired. He asked him how his date went. When his reply was a grunt. He couldn't help but smirked. He asked again and then was told to shut up. He laughed and started to tease his grandfather. Was she ugly? Was she old? Was she a man? He had asked his grandfather.

"Damnit boy she was all three!" Granddad yelled at him. He then started to burst out laughing. All Huey could do was shake his head. He scarfed down his breakfast and was about to make a break for the door.

"Huey! Take your brother and go get me some more Orange Juice" Granddad asked him.

Huey shuddered. He didn't want to see his brother not yet. He didn't know what to say.

"I am pretty sure I can go by myself" he said in a strain and dry voice. "OH boy quit complaining and take your brother. I want so alone time." He said in his most pathetic voice. "Fine. . . Come on Riley" Huey mumbled.

Stumbling behind his older brother he followed him.

"Um Huey. . ."Riley asked after 5 minutes of silence.

Huey moved his head. "...About last night" Riley continued. Huey wanted to run. He didn't want to talk about that just yet, or not at all. He braced himself for whatever he was about to say. "How did you know I was in Granddad's room?" Riley asked.

Huey's breathe hitched at the sound of the question. 'Did he really just ask me that.' He thought stunned. Hiding his surprise properly, he replied.

"I heard you" he said in a rough voice. Finally arriving at the store, he opened the door. Allowing his younger brother to go in first, trying hard not to stare at his ass. He shook his head and walked. He waited in the front of store as Riley went to go and get the juice. They paid for the Juice and left the store, all in silence.

"So . . . have you heard the new Gangstralious song?" Riley asked trying to start conversation.

Huey turned his head. Looking at his little face he could notice a small pink hue surrounding his cheeks.

'He not is going to talk about last night. Good. It's best if he just forget it.'

"You know I don't listen to him. Why would you ask me that?" he said not wanting to push his luck.

His ears perked at Riley's laugh. It was light and gentle. Not like his other annoying hackle. Huey couldn't help but smile.

"I don't know maybe cuz I wanted to." Riley replied.

Huey just shook his head and kept walking. The rest of the walk remained quiet. Riley strolled side his brother and kept his gaze down.

'It doesn't look like he going to talk about. Which is good. That means he is going to forget that it happen.'

Huey sighed. He wanted this to be a good thing; he didn't want to have that kind of relationship with his brother. But he couldn't help but feel disappointed. He wanted Riley to ask for more help. Realizing this he increased his pace a bit hoping to reach home faster.

Entering the house, Huey put the juice in the refrigerator and turned to leave the house again.

" Um, Huey." Riley called out from the door frame.

The older boy cringed at how soft his voice was and was terrified to turn and face him.

"Hm..?"Huey answered, his hand inching towards the knob.

His hand rattled around the knob as he waited impatiently for his brother. The seconds went by torturously before Riley decided to speak.

"Fuck you, You Bitch Ass Nigga." He cackled before walking off to the living room laughing.

'What?' Huey contemplated. 'The fuck was wrong with this little ass nigga?'

"Fuck you, too!" he yelled after his brother and slamming the door after him.

It's been how many years since that day? It's been about 4 years since that day. I still can't believe I allowed that to happen.

How could I as an older brother do something so disturbing to a younger sibling and liked it?

Yeah I said it. I liked it. I liked the way he begged for me to help him. I liked the way he trembled against me. I liked the way he panted in confusing. I liked the way he moaned my name at the end and came all over my hand. And I liked the way he fell asleep right after

About 2 years after that day I came content with myself. I realized that I liked my brother in a way that a brother should not be liked and there was nothing I could do about it. After that day we never spoke of it again.

Fortunately after that day Granddad allowed me to move into a different room. The room was no different from the one I shared with Riley.

My bed neatly made and pushed to the corner of the room. My desk was across from my bed and my bookshelf was right next to it. My closet door was on the opposed side of my door.

On my desk sat my brand new MacBook and my IPod Stereo, which was now blasting Drake 'Practice'.

It was 9:15 o clock at night and Granddad along with Tom went on a cruise. Over the last couple of years they have gotten closer.

Did I mention that Tom and his wife got a divorce? No... well it was something about not being black enough and she left him a year ago.

She has full custody of Jasmine, but it's not like she be home with her mother anyway. No, she be here. She be here with Riley locked up in that room. That room that used to be ours, that room where I showed him…

Until recently I always wondered what they were doing behind that closed door.

But that night when I was going to the bathroom, I heard them.

I heard the sound of skin smacking skin and wet moans and pants.

I heard her moan wantonly before I heard Riley grunt and groan. I could tell they were finished because I did not hear anything else after that.

My skin still prickles when I think about it. Knowing that my little brother is fucking her is irritating as hell. Knowing that I won't be able to make my brother moan wantonly as I pant and groan is just plain insane.

But I can't blame him for having sex with her or anyone else for that matter. After all he is my little brother and just that. Nothing more nothing less.

And also he isn't the only one that brings girls into the house.

"Aha...aa..Hueyyy" Sarah's moans brought me back to the situation at hand.

She was on top of me. Her honey colored thighs wrapped around my hips and she was riding long and hard.

I gripped her hips and thrust into her warm tight pussy.

I could feel her trembling hands against my chest and her nails dig into my skin.

I watched hypnotizingly as her small chest bounce and jiggle rapidly as I continue to meet her movements.

It was when she finally collapsed on my chest where I took the chance to wrap my hands around here back and plunge deeper into her as fast and hard as I could.

"Mmm Haa ..Ahh..Hu..Wai.. Im.. gonna..!"She screamed as her walls tightened around me and her warm juice trickled down my length. I could tell when she came because the legs started to twitch rapidly

I grunted and moaned as I slipped out of her and came into the condom.

I waited until I caught my breath for pushing Sarah off of me. It wasn't like I wanted to cuddle with her.

I turned back to her and her smile was sheepish and dreamy.

"You should hurry up and get dressed. The cabs don't run after 11." I said over the blaring music, giving her that same smile. She was just a quick fuck, nothing special.

" What? Are you serious?" She asked her smile disappearing to a sharp glare.

She didn't give me a chance to reply before she was up and putting on that skimpy dress.

"That's the last time I talk to boys from Ceasar." She grumbled angrily.

I watched as she stumbled out my bedroom before quickly putting on my jeans and following her to the front door.

"Talk to you later!" I yelled after happily.

"Fuck yo Bum ASS!"She shrieked back and slamming the door.

I cringed at the sound of the door and made my way back upstairs. I passed my Riley's room his music blasting Waka Flocka. Even though I didn't see here enter the house. I know Jasmine is in there doing some lewd act to my brother. Or maybe my brother is doing some lewd at her.

My skin prickled up again and shivered. Just Jealous that's all. Just jealous.

Shaking my head, I walk towards my room and look at the time. 11:48. Damn, Sarah is screwed. I chuckled to myself as I made a quick memo to thank Ceasar for the quick fuck. Even though I wasn't satisfied I still got some pussy. Girls never seem to do it for me.

I don't even feeling like whacking off tonight, I'm just going to shower and go to bed.

As I head to the bathroom, I hear it again. Skin smacking skin.

Closing the door behind me I look into the mirror. My chest is red from the nail marks and lips are swelling. My neck is dark red and I think she drooled on me. Who fucking does that?

I hop in the shower quickly and make my way to my room.

Tiredness over comes me as I turn off the music and lay back in my bed.


I just felt like written. And I forgot to write that Huey disposed of the Condom... Eww lol