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Oh, crap.

I, Nico Di Angelo, am probably the child of the great prophecy.


Ever since Percy died at Mount Saint Helens, I've been training my butt off to be able to stand a chance against Kronos. Most people thought it was going to be Percy considering that Luke, Kronos, and many monsters have been trying to kill him his entire life. But, because of my luck, Percy died. I am one hundred percent sure he's gone because I felt him being judged and don't worry. Percy went to Elysium. I've visited him for advice on how I could defeat Kronos a few times and he taught me sword fighting skills and he told me that Kronos wasn't comfortable in Luke's body because Luke would try to fight back. Well, that's not true anymore. Luke is pure evil through and through. So that diminishes any hopes of Luke returning to the gods side.

Well, now it's the year 2014, only seven months until my six-teenth birthday, the day in which the prophecy will be fulfilled. My birthday is October 31, coincidental, huh? Me being the son of Hades and being born on Halloween.

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm scared. No, I'm not scared. I'm terrified. If anyone asks, I'll deny it, but I don't know if I'll make the right choice. Percy would. He always did. Me? I ran away and I held a grudge against Percy for telling the truth. He wouldn't care if someone hurt him, he would help if they needed it. Me? I still hold a grudge against my father for not being there for me and letting my mother die. Yet, Hades has given me a place to stay at his palace, crowned me the ghost king, and it wasn't my dad's fault my mom died; gods can't interfere with the fates choices. Percy would hang out with his dad and he wasn't the least bit mad at his father for leaving him and Sally with hardly any money. He was a good person, I wasn't.

At that moment, Thalia walked up to me while I was battling the dummies. Of course, I didn't see her so when she tapped me on the sholder, my battle reflexes kicked in. She was on the ground with me stradling her in less then six seconds flat.

"Oh, hello Nico. I'm fine, thanks for asking," Thalia said sarcasticly. I just rolled my eyes as I got off her. I stuck out my hand to her to help her up. Thalia scoffed at the gesture and slapped my hand away.

Stupid huntresses. Only if she could know how I felt-No! Bad Nico! I mentally slapped myself. Well, I guess I just revealed that I want Thalia and I to be more than just friends. I guess I was in my thoughts a little longer than I thought.

"Nico? Earth to dead boy? Nico?" Thalia said snapping her fingers in my face.

"Huh? What?" Was my smart response.

"I was wondering if you needed a sparring partner. Geez, your worse than Percy! Well, worse than Percy was," She said, growing sullen. Man, I hated seeing her like this. And I did something very un-Nico like; I hugged her.

"It's okay," I said. Slowly, she hugged me back. After a few seconds of heaven, I had to get my head out of the clouds. I broke away resentfully.

"Come on, Thalia. I can beat you any day," I said summoning my black iron sword I only used in serious battles. I set the practice sword back on it's place on the rack and stood in my battle stance. Thalia's sword appered out of thin air in her hand.

Man, that's cool. I forgot the Huntresses wepons only appered when they needed it. I thought.

I smirked as I made a bold move and struck towards her head. She ducked and swiped for my legs I jumped over her sword with ease. As she tried to stand, I went for her right hand which she left open because she held her sword in her left hand. She jumped back suprised, but quickly recovered when I swung at her again. She blocked it which caused an explosion of sparks and a loud clang. Thalia attacked with a numerous amout of complicated attacks so I went into defense mode. But she tired out and that gave me a chance to attack her. I swung with challenging moves and she blocked them with difficulty. That's when I saw it. Thalia wasn't defending her right side as much. I faked left causing her sword to shift to her left hand. I quickly swapped to attacking her right side wich she didn't see coming. I nearly hit her but she blocked. Again, I went for her neck and, suprisingly, she wasn't expecting it. Inches from her neck, I stopped.

"Dead!" I yelled with renewed energy. As for Thalia, she didn't look good.

"Thals? You okay?" I asked with genuine concern. She nodded.

"I just haven't fought like that in a while so I guess it just made me tired," Thalia panted. "I'm gonna sit down now," She more collapsed then sat. I handed her my water and she greedily drank it. Thalia sighed in thanks. Her liveliness was slowly creeping back into her eyes.

Wow, she's beautiful. I didn't even try to stop the thoughts. I love her jet black hair and blue eyes. She has a great sense of humor, she's smart, brave, and just perfect in every way. I think I'm falling in love with Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus.

I didn't realize I was staring until Thalia waved her hand infront of my face. I immidiatly blushed and looked at the floor.

"Nico, come on. It's time for dinner." Thalia said, getting up and brushing all the dirt off her pants. I did the same and headed out of the arena, closely followed by Thalia.

As I was getting up to put away my plate, I looked to where Thalia was sitting, talking to her fllow Huntresses. Thalia turned her her and we locked eyes for a moment, until I ran into a wall. I quickly put my plate up with all the rest and walked with my head down out of the dining pavilion, ignoring the snickers from the campers.

As soon as I was out of sight of the pavilion, I shadow traveled to my cabin. Once there, I screamed in frustration and kicked the bed. Big mistake.

"Oww!" I yelled, clutching my foot. Who knew bed frames could hurt so much? I sighed and floped down on my bed. As I looked around my darkly lit cabin, I thought about what happened only moments before.

How could I be such an idiot? I mean seriously? I ran into a wall. A wall. I fell asleep thinking wonderful thoughts about how much of an idiot Thalia must think I am.