It's me, and I'm here to say that I think I WILL BE FINISHING THIS. I'm rewriting it, because I don't like my style here, and I'll be calling it something else. Probably "Nico's Destiny" but maybe not so follow me (click "Follow Author" at the bottom) and stay tuned.

Because some of you stuck with this story, here's a preview.

The crowd was quiet. No one spoke. No one made a sound, even the Stoll brothers contained themselves. The demigods gathered around the fire as Chiron stood before them, claiming that one of the best warriors they had ever had, had passed away.

Annabeth Chase held the shroud in both hands, raising it above her head for everyone to see. The wind blew circles around everyone, making all of them shake in the cold. The night was dark, and the moon didn't rise, as if it, too was mourning. The stars glowed above them, but only the firelight cast enough for the demigods to see around them. Annabeth dropped the cloth into the fire, making it glow brighter as it burned away. The waves on the shore crashed harder against the sand. She dropped her head to look away, and many in the audience bowed their heads as well.

"Percy Jackson," Annabeth spoke, her head still down, "is dead."

So, it's more serious, which I think is a good thing, because I thought how it was originally written was too childish. I'm sorry for the wait but I'm going to write a couple chapters before I publish the first one. I'm sorry if I get some things wrong, but it's been a while since I've read the books.

Thanks for everything and for pushing through with me, yeah?