Army Wives

Chapter 1- Life


I felt faint. I felt, like my world was crumbling down.

"Bella!" I hear Alice and Rosalie yell. They came and wrapped there arms around me, trying to keep me steady. I cried hysterically.

"Bella what's wrong?" Alice shrieked. "Edwa-ward, and Em-me-mett, are goin to-to the army with Jas-per." I stuttered, and cried some more,

Alice and Rosalie looked at each other and got a scared look on there faces.

"Emmett! Edward! Jasper!" Rosalie yelled, they all came running down the stairs. "What happened?" Jasper asked taking me from there arms.

"Your leaving me again? You two too!" I said pointing at Emmett and Jasper.

"What? Let me call them back…" Jasper said and picked up the phone. Whilst he did that, we went to sit in the living room. "Why is it that I pick up that dammed phone every time?" I cried.

"It's okay Bella," Alice rubbed my back. Jasper walked back into the room with a pissed look. "Why in the hell didn't you tell me you enrolled in the military after fucking high school!" He yelled at Emmett and Edward.

"Because they didn't call us in until now…" Emmett said shrugging.

"What in the hells wrong with you Emmett? Are you just gunna leave Maribelle, and Amelia and I? Are you insane Emmett?" Rose cried into Emmett's chest. "It's not for a while Rose, about a year," Jasper said, and Rose sniffled and laid her head on Emmett's chest.

"Edward you just gunna leave me and your unborn child here?" Alice shrieked and I looked at Edward. He had a shocked look on his face.

"Alice your pregnant?" I asked and she looked down, "I have to go," Alice said on the verge of tears. Alice and Edward have been dating since the camping out in the back yard, and were really close but come on! Pregnant! Already? Damn Alice…

"Edward did you know this?" I asked, and he shook his head. "No, not at all. She must be really scared about this…" He trailed off sitting on the couch.

Jasper shook his head. "I need to go find Alice." I said standing up. "Edward," he looked up, and I waved my hand, telling him to come. He sighed and stood up.

We found her quickly, crying in the spare bedroom. "Alice," I whispered rubbing her back.

"I'm so sorry Edward! I should have told you, but…I just didn't want you to leave us." She said putting a hand on her non-existent stomach yet.

Edward sighed, and I stepped out of the way, "Alice. I wouldn't do that, I love you…" Edward said and Alice's little head popped up. "You do?" She asked and Edward smiled that crooked smile that captured my heart years ago, and looked like it was doin a pretty damn good job on Alice too.

"Yes, I do." He said and they kissed, I left the room to let them have privacy.

I walked down the stairs to see everyone still in the living room.

"Why is everyone in here? There's a wedding reception going on outside!" Esme laughed.

We all stayed silent. "What's wrong?" Esme frowned. "The guys are going to Iraq next year…near October…" I said and Esme got a scare some look on her face.

"All of them? You enrolled in after high school didn't you?" Esme said to Emmett. Emmett sighed. "I'm sorry…" She shook her head, "Where's Edward?" She asked and if called, him and Alice walked down the stairs.

"Mom, I can expla-" She cut him off, "Edward Cullen. How dare you do this to me? You too Emmett! You're my son! I already have one gone, but no! All of them have to leave too! Next thing you know Alice is going to be pregnant with Edwards child."

We stayed silent.

"Are you kidding me?" She yelled and Alice started crying, "I'm so sorry Esme, this is all my fault…" She cried into Edward's shoulder. "Alice…It's okay. I just over reacted…lets all get back out into the yard and enjoy the party okay?" Esme sighed and we nodded. We all went out and tried to enjoy the party.

"Daddy, what's wrong?" Jaycee asked Jasper as we walked out into the yard. He smiled and picked her up, and kissed her cheek. "Nothin sweetheart. Why don't you go dance, with Maribelle and Amelia? Kay?" He asked and she nodded eagerly. He set her down and she ran to her cousins.

I sighed and we began dancing. "Jasper, I don't want you to leave…" I said, and felt a flutter in my stomach, that I'd felt before. I put my hand on it, and looked at Jasper. "That was weird…" I said, and he gave me a weird look. "Bella,…?" I shrugged, "I don't know Jasper. What if I am?"

"Than we have, someone more to love." He smiled. Could I really be pregnant? Again? What if Jasper's not here? Man…I needed to talk to Alice.

After the wedding, Esme and Carlisle, scheduled our honeymoon, on an Island, in two weeks.

"Alice!" I said, one day later, "What Bella,?" She said, sitting at my island, in my kitchen,

"I think I may be pregnant, again." I whispered and she spit out her water. "Alice!"

"Bella! You know how awesome that would be? We could have our baby's at the same time!" she said excitedly. I sighed, "Well, we need to find out now, while Jasper's at work." I said and she nodded. The doctor said she could fit us in, in an hour. Alice wasn't showing at all. I was kind of interested to see how big it would effect her. That would be very exciting to have them at the same time, but would the guys be here?

We left, and made our way to the doctors office. Jasper was working at the hospital till five. It was now one.

"Bella and Alice?" the doctor asked and we stood up, walking into the office. She weighed Alice first.

"95.5 pounds," She said and Alice smiled, "Holy crap Alice! Your tiny!" I said and stepped on the scale.

"115 pounds," She said again, and led us into the room.

"So, your both pregnant?" The doctor asked, "Well, were not completely sure yet," We laughed,

"Okay, well lets find out shall we? Alice, can you please lie back on the table?" Alice nodded and hopped up, she laid on the table and the doctor started the ultra sound.

"Alice, you are indeed pregnant, and…twelve weeks along at that." she said and Alice smiled. "Kay Bells, your turn," Alice said and she whipped the gooey stuff of her tiny stomach, and I took her spot.

"Okay Bella…you are pregnant." She smiled and Alice shrieked, "How far along is she?" She yelped.

"Uhm…I'd say about…Ten weeks," she said and Alice stood up and did a little dance, "Yes! Mine will be older!" She stuck her tongue out. I laughed, and the doctor cleaned me up.

"Okay you two, you can come back in…four months to find out the sex if you'd like. And make natural visits if you'd like, to find out how the baby's are doing." She smiled and we left.

"Bella! Isn't this just awesome?" She gasped, "I have to call Edward! What if we had two girls? Or both boys? Or, what are we going to name them?" She shrieked. "Alice! Calm down!" I laughed and we drove home. I was ecstatic to tell Jasper, but…would he be here for his child's birth?

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