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That little sign.

That little plus sign.

Finally. After a year of trying, I was finally pregnant!

I smiled brightly, and lifted up my shirt, to revel my flat stomach. I looked in the mirror, and imagined what it would look like in a couple months.

"Mommy!" Christopher's cry alerted me. I threw away the pregnancy test, and walked out into the living room. My now two year old son was standing next to the stairs pointing up them.

"What's wrong?" I asked, giggling slightly at his frustrated look.

"Jaycee took my bwankit!" I rolled my eyes, "Jaycee Lynn Elizabeth Cullen! Get your ass down here right now!" I couldn't control my urge to curse. She'd been doing this forever, and it was starting to annoy me.

Jaycee's small figure appeared at the top of the stairs. "Yes mommy?" She asked, "Why did you take your brothers blanket?"

"Because-Bee-Because he took my bear!" She stuttered, staring angrily at him. "Did not!" Chris countered.

"Oh my gosh! Jaycee, give him his blanket back, and Chris stop touching her stuff!" I watched as Jaycee brought the blanket from around her back, and threw it down the stairs. Chris bent down, and picked it up.

He scampered away, and Jaycee went back up the stairs. I groaned and laid on the couch. I heard Jasper walk threw the door, and peer over me. "You okay 'darlin?" He asked, kissing me lightly. "I'm fine, just stressed. The kids are driving me nuts!" I sighed.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart." He kissed me more forcefully this time, and I wondered if this would be a good time to tell him.

"Oh, Jasper, I have something to-"

"Daddy!" Jaycee Lynn's little voice rang throughout the house, as she ran into her fathers arms.

"I missed you daddy!" She kissed his cheek, "I missed you too sweetheart."

He kissed her back, and set her down. She ran off, possibly to annoy her brother to another extent.

"What were you saying?" He asked, taking me in his arms. "Oh, right…uhm…" I was wondering if I should strait out tell him, or surprise him.

"Rose is pregnant again." I smiled; chickening out.

"Oh yeah, I heard. Emmett called me."

"So, what do you think about that?" I asked, trying to get his opinion.

"On, her being pregnant?"

"On a baby."

"Oh," He was a little surprised. "Would it be a bad thing?" I asked, "No, I wouldn't think that. A baby is a miracle, and I know you want more." He kissed my cheek sweetly.

"Oh, well…whatifItoldyouIwaspregnant?" I asked, quickly. "Your pregnant?" His face lit up. I didn't even think he'd catch that.

I nodded; speechless. He kissed me deeply, with such a passion, I swear my heart stopped.

The twins were born August 19th 2015.

Britton Faith was a spitting image of me. My brown eyes and hair, small like me, and my exact face.

Aaron Mathew was a mix between Jasper and I. He had my hair, and Jasper's insanely beautiful blue eyes.

Weren't twins supposed to look alike? That's what stunned the doctors. Aarons eyes were blue; Britton's was not.

Jaycee was excited about being a big sister again, and Christopher was insanely jealous. We explained to him that they were here to stay, and to treat them nicely. He was only three when they were born.

Jaycee had turned six after the babies were born. Emmett and Rosalie's son, Jason, was born before the twins. Emmett was thrilled to have a son, and Rosalie was overjoyed.

With four kids in the house, my life became hectic as ever.

"Jaycee, honey, would you please go get Britton's bottle off the counter?" I pleaded my daughter. "Sure mommy."

I looked down at the crying baby in my arms. Jasper was currently upstairs, putting Aaron to bed. Christopher was sitting next to me watching Britton interested.

"Chris, go up stairs, it's time for bed."

"But Britt and Awon get to tay up." He complained.

Jaycee returned with Britton's bottle in her hand. "God bless you child!" I took the bottle from her, and fed Britton. She ate greedily. "Okay, Aaron's asleep." Jasper said walking down the stairs and sitting next to me.

"Ha, your lucky. Britton has my temper." I smiled. "I know. Okay, Chris, Jaycee, time for bed." I narrowed my eyes playfully. "Just kidding," He kissed my lips lightly, and took the other kids to bed.

I looked down at the small baby in my arms. Her dark brown hair, fell to her cheeks, in small curls. She looked up at me with her chocolate brown eyes, and I instantly melted. She was so beautiful it was insane. She finished her bottle, and I stood up, walking quietly up the steps.

I walked into the blue/pink nursery, and placed her in the crib, next to her brother.

She was fast asleep, along side him. I smiled as I looked at the two babies that were now a big part of my life.

I blew them each a kiss, and walked out of the nursery, flicking off the light.

Jaycee Lynn Elizabeth Cullen, Christopher Anthony Cullen, Britton Faith Cullen, and Aaron Mathew Cullen, were my life.

After everything I've been threw, War, fights, tears, confusion, excitement, joy, overwhelment, hugs, kisses…Edward, Jasper, Edward, Jasper. Jasper. Jasper.

The man I fell in love with from the point our eyes met. The one who's always loved me. The father of my children, and the man of my dreams.

Jasper, Cullen, was my world.

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