Sam's insults hadn't bothered Freddie, partly because he was used to it and partly because she was paying him, but one in particular stuck out in his mind: No girl will ever love you.

He wasn't sure why, but ever since the words came past her lips he couldn't stop thinking about them. She'd said plenty of times that Carly would never love him, but it was the first time she'd actually said no girl at all. It shouldn't be a shock, he shouldn't be surprised, it shouldn't hurt—so why was it?

Freddie tried to shake the thought away. He knew Sam was just being Sam and, knowing her, it had just been off the top of her head and tomorrow she'd go back to saying Carly. Or he hoped so. Because he didn't know what he'd do if she kept saying that. Because he'd go crazy. Because that would mean she'd win, yet again. Because Sam Puckett always won…and Freddie Benson always lost.

Lying in bed that night, Sam couldn't fall asleep. Insomnia, a rare condition for her; she usually fell asleep within moments. Insulting Freddie was a waste of my forty bucks, she thought, disgusted with herself. Then she smiled. But it was so worth it.

Most of the insults weren't even that good. She'd come up with them off the top of her head, just for something to say. Most of them she didn't truly mean, but how could Freddie ever know that? She barely knew it herself.

The only one she knew for sure she didn't mean was "No girl will ever love you." She hinted at him all the time, telling him Carly never would and that he should get over her, but the nub was completely oblivious. She really liked him—and would love him someday soon, too, even if she didn't realize it yet.

Sam Puckett didn't always win. She knew that, for once, she had lost this battle.

I was watching iHeart Art the other day, and I noticed that when Sam says "No girl will ever love you" Freddie's reply is "Noted." For all the rest of her insults, he says something like "Clever" or "Good one!" This turned out a lot different than what I had planned, which was going to be Freddie thinking about how he can change so, in his mind, a girl will love him (Sam, of course, even if he wouldn't initially be doing it for her).

By the way, this is the result of my Seddie-obsessed mind at 9:30-10:00 when I didn't get a lot of sleep last night and on the second day of a cold. While I make an AMV of a completely different show. (For those of you reading iDon't Understand This Feeling, I promise the new chapter will be up soon!)

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