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Chapter 1: First Sight

It was just another cloudy day in Forks, Washington. The always green haven I have spent my entire life – all 17 years. I lay in my bed, hands propped behind my head watching the clouds move across the sky but showing no sign of ever letting the sun peak through. I didn't really sleep through the night, yet I didn't feel tired. My alarm clock just sounded, but I have been awoke for hours simply listening to the life outside. Without even turning my head to look at my door or even hear my father approach, "Yeah Dad I am up and no I am not in the mood for pancakes. I will just have cereal."

"How do you do that? I know I am not that predictable! I swear you can read minds," my Dad said as he walked through my door.

I turned to face him, still not moving from my pillow, to shoot him a smile. I lived only with my father, Charlie Swan, who also happened to be police chief in our quant little town. He really wasn't that predictable. Chief Swan and I have been two bachelors sharing a pad since my mother, Elizabeth Swan, died in a hit and run car accident 12 years ago. I don't remember much about her, only she always smells like Lilies, her favorite flower. For the longest time Dad filled every room in the house with them. I can still hear him thinking of her.

I decided I better get up and get ready for school. Forks High wasn't filled with any one person to impress, so I took no deep thought in what to wear. I knew it would still be quite cold outside, despite the fact that all the snow melted over the weekend. I slid on my light khaki pants and long sleeved black T-shirt with my black loafers. I remembered my suede jacket was still in the car from Friday. I didn't mind. I like the way the coldness of the day felt on my skin. I didn't consider myself a stylish guy, but I was never the one for jeans and a T-shirt. After doing all the vanity stuff to get ready for the day, I made my way down stairs for a quick breakfast. Cereal-the breakfast of champions (or bachelors).

"Any plans for the night Edward?"

"Oh yeah! Hot date with Biology, Calculus, and American History."

"Wow, you sure know how to live," my Dad said sarcastically while sipping his second cup of coffee-the other breakfast of champions. "Kid just cause I am always home doesn't mean you can't go out. I trust you, go party or something."

"Thanks Dad but I am not the partying type." I slipped my bowl in the sink and began to check my backpack for all the necessary material.

"Suite yourself. I offered."

Dad handed me a $10 bill as we both walked out the door – he was headed to Forks Police Station in the Chief Police car and I was off to Forks High School in my 1990 Ford Taurus. I hated getting to school to early, but I didn't have anything else to past the time.

As I pulled into the parking lot I noticed I had 20 minutes before the first bell and 30 minutes before classes began. I wasn't the only person at school way too early. Apparently most of the student body, of the 500 students in the entire school, made sure to get to school early to catch a glimpse of the 5 new students to join the small community. I wasn't really that interested. It didn't take much to get everyone motivated in Forks. As I stayed seated in my car I noticed that most of the guys, mainly juniors and seniors, were nicely dressed. I am know it was in hopes of catching the eye of the new female students. They were jeans and T-shirt guys, today they dawn dressy pants and shirts, or at least cleaner jeans. I read all their thoughts on their faces throughout the last week about this day:

"I hope the girls are hot, there is no one to date in this town anymore." "I wonder how old they are." "I know they will like the jocks-who doesn't?"

They were all very predictable. I wasn't concerned with dating. No one here peeked my interest. At 17 years old I never even had a real kiss from a female. Not that there were not plenty of offers. I see how most of the girls look at me. They place me in the league of good-looking males at the school – worthy of dating. I read their admiring eyes and flirtatious grins all the time. I just chose not to reciprocate. There is nothing wrong with them – I just didn't. Finally first bell rang and I slowly stepped out of my car with backpack in tow.

"Hey Edward!" Jessica and Lauren said simultaneously two cars away. Where they waiting on me to get out of the car? Just then everyone's eyes caught the fire-red BMW that pulled into the parking lot, followed by a black and gray Jeep that was without a doubt made for extreme terrine. The new kids. Three girls stepped out of the BMW, each one different from the next. The first was very statuesque, with flowing blond hair. I could tell from the way she checked her reflection in the rearview mirror and again in the side mirror that she was quite sure of herself. The next girl was shorter, with short spiky black hair. She jumped out of the back of the convertible as a gymnast would leap over a balance beam-with much style and grace. The last girl was . . . breathtaking. The other two girls were pretty, but this girl was beyond beautiful. She was slightly taller than the other two girls and slim. Her dark brown hair was halfway down her back, with loose curls only catching the ends. Her hair looked as though it was combed by the wind – elegant and light. I couldn't stop staring. That is until I caught sight of the guys who got out of the Jeep. The first was tall and muscular, with short black hair. His face had a very no-nonsense glare; that is until he started teasing the hair of the beautiful brunette. I could see then he was properly just a weight lifting teddy bear. The other guy was muscular, but not as much so, with blond curly hair. He smiled slightly at the playing that took place in front of him, but still looked very reserved. I realized then I was not the only one staring at them, or their cars. I quickly looked the other way, allowing at least one less person gawking at them. But even now, facing the rest of the parking lot, I could still see the face of the stunning brunette. I would never forget that face again. As I looked at the remaining student body I could see the pick up lines the guys were practicing in their heads and the giggles the girls rehearsed, prepared to laugh at the new guys jokes – funny or not. I stifled a laugh and shook my head. I began walking to my locker to prepare for first period American History. I saw nothing in front of me as I walked unconsciously to first hour. I thought of a beautiful brunette, and how it would feel to run my fingers through her curls. I didn't even realize how hard I was smiling.

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