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Chapter 15: Girl Power


Things instantly went back to normal. The disappearances suddenly stopped and no one knew why except for the Cullens and myself. Bella and I went back to our private lunches, but on occasion, we joined her family. Rosalie still wasn't my biggest fan, but she respected my relationship with Bella. Thankfully she stopped referring to me as "the human." We were making an effort at least.

It was May, the last week of school. Everyone was buzzing about the Final Days Dance coming up in a week. Neither Bella or I were going to be attending– we had our own plans.

The night of the dance, Bella and I spent some alone time in our meadow although we weren't really hurting for privacy. We spent every night together in my room, except when she was away hunting. When we were at her house, her family left us to our own doings. Bella and I spent a lot of the time in her room talking about music and books. I had begun composing and practicing on their grand piano a regular basis. Esme and Bella loved that I made good use of the piano– always my faithful audience. Nonetheless, there was something different about when Bella and I were alone in our meadow. While we were there, it seemed like there was no one else in the world. We were truly alone. The silence was just as beautiful as her voice.

"Have I told you how much I love you, Isabella Marie Cullen?"

"Ooh, it must be serious! You used my entire name," her smile lighting up the night. She added, "I love you as well, Edward Anthony Swan." We sealed our love with a passionate kiss.

The full moon was shining brightly over out heads. Bella's face started to shows worry and disappointment.

"How long can this fairy tale last, Edward?" Bella asked as she avoided eye contact.

Noticing her change in temperament, I said, "For as long as you will have me." I continued, "Bella what's wrong, love? I promise never to leave you. I want you for my forever."

"Yes, now you want me for your forever, but what about when you get older and I am forever stuck at 17 years old? What about when you want to go off to school to some sun filled state and I can't follow? What about when you want children that I can never give you? You won't love me for forever. You won't want me when you realize all the pain that I will bring you because of what I am."

Her urgency spoke volumes of her sudden mood change. Bella wanted to cry and it pained her even more to be unable to properly display her sadness. Bella moved away from me with great speed. Distance between the two of us always pained me, no matter how small.

I stood up to close the space between us. I wrapped my arms around her waist, kissing her on her exposed neck.

"I will go to any college in any cloudy state if it means you can follow me. We will go together. Isabella, you can only hurt me by leaving. When you leave, my heart, soul, and all that I am will leave with you. I don't want children or a life if it means I couldn't have it with you. I love you more than I thought was possible for two people to be in love." This was my first relationship yet I was undeniably in love with Isabella. Girlfriend was not a strong enough word to describe our bond. I was angry with myself, unable to pull together the proper words to explain to her how I felt. Bella noticed my struggle and turned to face me.

"It is only at this time, when the sky is dark and the moon is clear in the sky, that we can love each other so openly. You deserve so much more than that," she said.

"I deserve you and only want you. I will stand with you, and only you, under the light of the moon. Forever."

We pressed ourselves into our most passionate kiss.

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