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I do not own the characters Victor Creed or Birdy

"So, Explain what we're doing here again boss?" Birdy asked as she drove into the almost empty parking lot at nearly midnight.

"'Cos I'm actually gonna do somethin'..." Sabretooth paused in his answering, searching for the right word.


Birdy glanced back at her boss more than a little worried by his choice in words.

She knew it would be a cold day in hell before Victor Creed did something 'Nice'. She knew it probably had some more to do with the death of a popular merc. A guy Creed had worked with on a couple of occasions. Birdy had met the man a couple of times and found him to be a very unusual guy for the job.

He'd been friendly, charming and an all round nice guy. He was a family man too from what she remembered, who kept a picture of his late wife and baby daughter in his wallet.

But despite all of that, he held himself amazingly well against sabretooth.

How Mr Creed felt about that was something of a mystery to Birdy. He either respected him for it, or thought he was a stupid fuck.

Probably the latter.

"So...We're at the court house, why?" she asked leaning forward to look through the windscreen at the large building they were slowly approaching.

Sabretooth rolled his eyes.

"Hell girl! Don't ya ever stop with the questions?" He began to fidget in the passenger seat, brushing out invisible creases from his LV suit.

"We're goin ta pick up a kid." He grumbled.

"A WHAT?" Birdy gasped, slamming on the brakes, almost sending Creed through the windscreen. Birdy's head bounced off the steering wheel, earning a yelp.

Once both were over the initial impact, Sabretooth lashed out.

"Fuckin' frail!" he roared, socking the smaller woman in the side of the head. "What the fuck ya do that fer?"

Birdy whimpered in response. This kind of abuse was regular, but that didn't stop it from hurting.

"Just drive frail. We're late as it is." Victor huffed, checking his watch. Birdy, reluctantly, did as she was told.