1 week later.

A very dull looking fiat multipla pulled up at the gates to Creed's home. The woman driving it looked no younger and 50, with a scowling expression and her graying hair pulled back into a bun at the back of her head. Thin designer glasses covered her fading , off white eyes as they gave the outside the once over before she rolled down the window and stretched a bony hand out to press the buzzer.


"This is Courtney Roy, from child services. I'm here to check on the little girl, Layla."

"Oh, yes, of course. I'll open the gates." Birdy chirped from the other end.

The gates opened and Mrs. Roy drove up the driveway. Birdy and Burns were already stood at the front door as the older woman left her car. Both were dressed well and were under strict instruction from Creed.

"Good morning." Mrs. Roy greeted them both as she made her way up the steps. Both greeted her and Burns led the way as they entered the house.

"Well. This is very impressive." Their guest commented.

"Yes. Mr. Creed likes extravagant things. This house is just one of them." Birdy smiled.

The older woman untucked a clipboard from under her arm, pulling a pencil out of her inner pocket and began to scribble away.

"And Layla has the run of the house does she?" she asked.

"She does. She tends to stay in her room though. She likes playing with her new toys more than wondering about and get under our feet." Burns Chuckled.

Mrs. Roy nodded and continued to write.

"Well, erm. Mr. Creed and Layla are in his office. If you wish to see them." Birdy began to walk off in the direction of the office.

"Er, not right now thank you." The other woman stopped her. "I wish to ask you two a few questions about Layla and your employer, away from them if you don't mind. I'd also like to see the child's room and some of the rest of the house." She drawled, as she scribbled.

Birdy and Burns looked between each other, before Burns smiled and headed to the staircase. "Of course Mrs. Roy. This way." Birdy followed close behind them.

Burns led the way to Layla's room, even opening the door for the inspector. The woman began to look round the room, making note and asking questions.

"And what, exactly, do you do Miss?" she turned to Birdy who was waiting at the Door with Burns.

"Oh. I'm Mr. Creed's assistant. I take care of Mr. Creed's business affairs and transactions, as well as His well being and Layla's."

The old woman nodded and wrote something down. "And you?" she pointed to Burns.

"I take care of Mr. Creed's properties and general requirements. I also help with Layla."

Another nod.

"How do you two believe Layla is settling in?"

Burns stepped forward a little. "Layla had some trouble settling in for the first two weeks. But she's fine now."

The older woman looked over at Layla's steiff lion from over the rims of her glasses. It had been played with and pulled about since Creed brought it around a month ago, but it still looked impressive.

"Yes. Well that's to be expected. When I child looses their parents and gets sent to a strange home, with strange people, they tend to have issues at first. That's a very impressive toy."

Burns nodded.

"Yes. I understand." He looked over to the lion and smiled. "Mr. Creed brought it for her arrival. It's her favorite."

Mrs. Roy nodded and the three of them left Layla's room.

"So, does Layla have a nanny? Some who takes care of her full time?" she asked Birdy. Birdy shrugged. "Not really. Mr. Creed has the luxury of being able to pick when he works, so he tends to stay home for a while. When Mr. Creed and I have to leave for work, Burns is here, so Layla's never going to be alone or with someone unknown to her."

"Mr. Creed's funny about strangers in and around the house anyway, so He'd make sure one of us were around for her." Burns butted in.

"Good. Good." The inspector nodded and wrote down her thoughts. "And, Layla's the only child?"

Both Birdy and Burns bit their tongs. The thought of Creed having more kid running around the house was juts too damned funny.

"Yes." Birdy managed to get out. "Mr. Creed's not normally a child person. He's not too good with people anyways, but he and Layla are getting on fine."

"Now" Muttered under his breath.

"Ok." Mrs. Roy muttered down at her clipboard. "And have you had any problems with Layla's behavior?"

"No." Burns said firmly. "She's been as good as gold."

In no time, the three had been round the house and were finally stood in front of Creed's office.

Inside, Creed finally pushed over the bowl of strawberries he'd been denying Layla since they'd first entered the room.

"Now be quiet and be good." He muttered.

"I'm always good." She said through a mouth full of strawberries.

"Yea. Right."

"I am!" she insisted. "It's you who acts like a dick all the time."

"Your always gonna call me that aint ya?" he chuckled.

"Yep." She nodded. Victor sighed and listened to the voices outside the door. He'd finally managed to get Layla to talk to him normally, even if she was still calling him a dick. He didn't mind though. He'd been called worse. Now, she sat happily on his knee as they sat at his desk, eating her goddamn strawberries while they waited for the child services Officer to come in and ask stupid questions about progress.

If only the woman knew!

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