This is a story that came into mind while I was chopping some vegetables. Let me know if there's interest. It's a totally AU story, here's a little summary. I don't know how in character they'll be.

Booth's a single dad, Rebecca left with Jared after Parker was born. Rebecca suddenly decides to return and reclaim her rights as the child's mother. As Booth struggles in the fight to keep his boy with him, he falls in love with Parker's teacher, Ms. Brennan. Brennan on the other hand is trying to divorce her husband Sully. It was not in her plans to come across Booth and fall in love with him.

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"Come on, Bren." Angela Montenegro fashion designer and best friends with Temperance Brennan, begged her friend to go with her for a run. Brennan sighed and looked up at her friend who was dressed in running shoes, stretchy shorts and a tank top.

"Fine." Brennan set her book aside and quickly changed to join her friend for a run before the day ended.

They had walked to Angela's favorite park in DC; only ten blocks from their place. They decided on ten minutes of stretching before their run.

"Hot, right?" Angela commented.

"What?" Brennan asked her friend, lost as to what she was referring to.

"Seeley Booth's hot, right?" Angela grinned.

"Who?" Brennan stared at her friend.

"Oh, please. You're totally checking him out." Angela pointed out and Brennan pretended she didn't know what her friend was talking about. "I see him at work and yes, he's hot." Angela arched her eyebrow.

"You work with him?" Brennan asked, stretching her legs and trying to sound casual.

"No, it's more like I work for him. He's one of the heirs of the business. He's an associate." Angela was the fashion designer for The Cantilever Group; Booth along with a few others owned said corporation. The women started their jog, approaching the jogging man in question. "I hear he's a womanizer, but I've also heard he's a good father and he's single." Angela added, seeing the discrete way her friend was eying the stud muffin.

Brennan brushed shoulders with Booth when they crossed paths, running in opposite directions. Seeley Booth turned to look at the beautiful woman he'd just brushed shoulders with, feeling the sparkle of electricity after their contact. In his distraction he bumped into another running woman.

"Watch it!" The blond woman sneered at Booth.

"I'm sorry, I was distracted." He helped her steady. "I'm Seeley Booth." He introduced himself. The woman's eyes roamed over his bare chest and smiled appreciatively.

"Payton Perrota." She introduced herself.

"Wait, Perrota?" A smile of recognition grazed his handsome features. "It's me Booth."

"Oh my god. How couldn't I have remembered you sooner?" They hugged and continued their jog together, remembering old times. Perotta was Cullen's niece from his wife's side. Cullen was Booth's father's brother. As kids Booth and Perotta met a few times, but as teens and adults there had been no contact.


Brennan and Angela returned from their run and found there was a message on the answering machine. Angela pressed play and the voice of Tim Sullivan, Sully for short, flooded out. Brennan stopped short of drinking her water as she heard the message.

"Baby, please let's talk about it. I miss you and I love you. Come back home. What do I have to do?"

Brennan pressed erase on the message. "Sign the divorce papers." she answered. Brennan and Sully met during college and married after two years of dating. He was in graduate school and Brennan had been working on her credentials to teach elementary. Their marriage had soon turned into a living hell for Brennan; always fighting and the smell of other women's perfume on his clothing. Brennan caught him red handed with his 'partner' at the law firm he worked for and decided that enough was enough. Brennan quit her job in Virginia, called her friend Angela and headed to DC.

"Maybe you should get another lawyer. It's been six months and you're still struggling to get that idiot to sign the divorce papers." Angela patted her friend's hand reassuringly.

"He's not sorry. He's just worried about his carrier and the scandal." Brennan drank her water in one swing.


Brennan was up early on Monday. She was starting a long term subbing for a gifted fifth grade class. It wasn't the best job, but Brennan was new in DC and anything was better than nothing. The previous teacher, Ms. Saroyan, was out on a medical leave. Her pregnancy was high risk and was forced to be in bed for the remainder of her pregnancy.

"So, Ms. Brennan, how long will you be subbing?" Angela asked, emphasizing the Ms. Brennan. Brennan was glad she didn't change her name when she married Sully.

"Four or five months depending on Ms. Saroyan's health." Brennan finished her coffee and left for her first day of teaching in DC.


School was over and Brennan was glad the kids had warmed up a bit to her on the first day. It was a small group of 20 kids and they were able to pick up her pace. Brennan had lots of work load to cover with the students and she was confident that they would be able to follow the fast pace she was going to have to lead in the next few months.

Brennan walked down the empty hall leading to the main entrance. She had stayed to grade the day's assignments. Looking at her watch, she saw it was four; school was out at two forty-five. Brennan walked down the steps in front of the school and the little blond boy sitting alone on the bottom step caught her attention.

"Hello, Parker. What are you still doing here?" Brennan crouched next to the boy. Parker Booth was in Brennan's class, very diligent and intelligent.

"I'm waiting for my dad." The boy answered.

"Mind if I join you?" Brennan asked and the boy shook his head no.

Brennan looked at her watch and saw it was nearing five o'clock. What kind of parent forgets to pick up their child? Brennan thought. It was dark and the wind was picking up.

"Parker, I'll take you home." Brennan walked with the boy down to the sidewalk. They turned when they heard the screeching of tires and a black SUV parked in front of them.

"I'm so sorry, buddy. I got held back." The boy told Brennan that the man who got out of the SUV was his dad, said goodbye and hopped on the SUV. "I'm sorry I was so late." Booth told Brennan and she just glared at him.

"Don't let it happen again." She growled, turning towards her car. Booth watched her as she walked to her car, admiring her step and everything else.

"You hungry?" Booth asked as he pulled away from the curb. The boy told him he was and that he was done with his homework. Booth apologized one more time, telling the boy he was held back in a meeting.

"Who was the woman?" Booth asked his son as they waited for their food at a diner they frequented.

"My new teacher Ms. Brennan."

"What happened to Ms. Saroyan?" Booth asked

"She's having a baby." Parker said as their food arrived.

"Oh, yeah." Booth remembered and dug into his food just like his son.

Booth parked the SUV in the driveway of the mansion he lived in with his son and uncle Cullen. Booth and his brother Jared were orphaned at a young age and uncle Cullen took them in. He and his wife had been real parents for the two brothers.

"Goodnight." Booth kissed his son and the child headed up the stairs towards his room.

"Booth." Sam Cullen, uncle Cullen, called Booth over to the study. "Rebecca called. She says she wants to talk to Parker." Cullen watched the anger rise in Booth.

"She has no right." Booth said through clenched teeth.

"She's the mother." Cullen reasoned. Cullen and his wife lost their only daughter Amy to cancer the previous year and he felt that Parker deserved to be with both his parents.

"She should have thought about that before she left him." Booth's brother Jared and Rebecca saw each other while she dated Booth. After Parker was born the two left and Booth's cared for his boy ever since.


"How was your first day?" Angela asked as soon as Brennan entered the apartment the two shared. Brennan told her friend her first day was good and she told her about having to wait with one of her students because the father was 'held up".

"You won't believe who it was." Brennan grabbed an apple from the fridge. "Seeley Booth." Brennan told an astonished Angela.

Booth entered his son's bedroom, placing a soft kiss on his boy's forehead. He watched him sleep for a few minutes before leaving. Many regarded Booth as a womanizer, but the truth is that his life consists mainly of work and caring for his son.

Booth went to bed after a shower. Somehow his thoughts wondered on Ms. Brennan. The way she eyed him down and spoke to him made had made her appealing. Booth smiled to himself. Ms. Brennan seemed to be immune to the Booth charm, but he wondered how true that was.

Brennan tossed in her bed. Seeley Booth thought he could charm the pants off any woman with his looks and smile, but not with her. Men like him didn't fool her anymore.

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