(AN:I wrote this back in February when I got my wisdom teeth removed and I found it this morning when I was going the my folder of files on my Bro's Laptop cause he told me to delete all the stuff I didn't need. There will be more chapters though if I you guys like it:)

Mary's POV:

I heard a knock on the door, and was surprised when I opened it and saw Joey standing there. "OH MY GOSH!"I practically screamed."JP!"

"Mary! Who is it?" My roommate Gabby yelled from the bathroom. I was living in the dorms at the Manhattan Dance Academy.

"A friend of mine" I yelled back to her. "Come in." I moved aside to let Joey in. Me and Joey were sitting on my bed talking quietly when Gabby came in.

"The way you were yelling I thought it was a criminal or something." Gabby Joked, clearly not noticing Joey.

"Nope, it was just a friend of mine." I laughed. Gabby turned to me about to say something, but then for the first time noticed "my friend." Her mouth fell open in shock, then she did a bouble take.

"Oh Mi Gosh!" She screamed. "Your Joey Parker!" I automatically burst out laughing at her reaction. "Mary how come you never told me that you knew Joey Parker?" The way she said it and the look on her face made me laugh even more.

"Actually, he's my um... He's my, my..." I tried to tell her when I had finally calmed down. But I couldn't find the right words to tell her, she was one of my only friends at the Academy and I didn't want to lose her. Luckily Joey figured out from my stuttering that i was afraid to tell her, so he told her for me in a way that she couldn't get mad at me.

"I'm her boyfriend." He told Gabby. "Me and Mary both decided that we didn't want to go public because of all the extra attention we would have gotten." Gabby continued to look at us dumbfoundedly. I put my hand infront of her face and snapped my fingers. She finally snapped out of her little daze and looked at us.

"By the way JP if you didnt figure this out already, this is my roommate Gabby." I introduced her to Joey.

"Thats so cool!" Gabby said. "Well now I can tell people I know a famous person." She joked. "Oh, and don't worry I won't tell anyone about this."

"Thx Gabby." Joey replied.

"Oh ya, I almost forgot to ask, Joey how are you here? Aren't you supposed to be on tour?" I asked him.

"I am on tour. My last few concerts for this tour are in the Manhatten area and theres twoish in Beverly Hills."He told us. "I came by to ask if you wanted to come to the concert tonight and sing New Classic with me, Gabby you can come too."

"Thanks for coming because you wanted to see me JP" I said sarcasticlly.

"Mary, if I didn't want to see you I wouldn't have even come to ask you if you wanted to come to the concert either." He replied equally sarcastic.

"Ok... Then I guess I'll come. What about you Gabby?"

"If your going then I'll come too." She told us.

"Okay, well than we should probably leave soon because I have soundcheck in an hour." Joey told us. We nodded our agreement and Gabby and I got up to go get ready.