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(ACSC 11:)

Joey's POV:

Everything going on in Mary's mind suddenly made sense. It was all the insecurities that Dominique had instilled in her mind coming back. We had all thought she'd gotten over them, with the seemingly shy at first but almost confident girl she had become after starting at the Dance Academy and leaving the hell that was living with Dominique. Seeing the tears in her eyes broke my heart, she didnt deserve any more pain then she had already gotten in her life. No one deserved to lose their family, especially not at a young age like Mary had. Her Dad had gone missing when she was only 3 years old and she could barely remember him, the only things she had as proof that he wasn't just a part of her imagination were pictures and videos. Mary and her Mom were involved in a tragic accident with a drunk driver just a couple days before her birthday, and she was forced to move in with the day before her 11th birthday. She had been living Dominque who had been feeding her lies and verbally abusing her for over 7 years.

"Why wouldn't she like you Mary?" I asked after atleast a minute of silence, not knowing what to say. Nothing I could say would make her feel better and take away her fears but I knew I had to at least try.

Mary looked down again before speaking. "I don't know, because I'm quiet, and poor. What if she thinks I'm weird, or ugly or fat? Everyone else ALWAYS does! Or she might think that I'm just using you because I don't have much money and have no one or something. I don't want your sister to hate me!" Her voice got softer, and she started crying more and more with each word she spoke.

"Whats wrong?" Becky asked looking concerned as her and Jamaica stopped rehearsing noticing Mary cyring and upset.

"N-Nothing." Mary stuttered, quickly wiping her tears before turning to hide her face in my chest. The other dancers had started to come in by now and I quickly got up off the floor, pulling Mary up with me.

"I'm gonna take her outside for a couple minutes." I told Jamaica knowing Mary wouldn't want to cry infront of other people because it apparently made her look weak. Jamaica nodded in acknowledgement, an understanding look crossing her face as she passed me a waterbottle for Mary as I led her out of the room. The other dancers sending me concerened and questioning looks.

I walked down the hallway as quickly as I could with Mary still holding on to me with her face in my chest. I found an empty bench in one of the quiet parts of the studio and sat us both on it being careful not to let Mary fall.

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