It was dark out, the stars shined brightly on the velvet black sky. Crowfeather was walking through a starlit forest, not knowing how he got there or when. The leaves seem to whisper in his ears, telling him secrets that were once known but long forgotten. Fireflies danced in the greenleaf air and the sounds of a stream interrupted the silence.

Curious, the black Windclan cat went to find the source of the sounds that reminded him of a certain she-cat that he lost moons and moons ago. But who was she?

As he walked towards the stream, he saw a silver tabby she-cat. The memories of the past quickly washed over him as he recognized her blue eyes that reminded him so much of her river home, and the sweet scent that has haunted his dreams. He watched as she skillfully scooped out a large fish from the water.

"Feathertail..." he whispered, the name sounding so nice and so sweet as it rolled off of his tongue. The she-cat lifted her beautiful eyes to meet his amber ones. A purr rumbled from her throat as she murmured, her voice like the water, "I have missed you, Crowfeather."

The tom's eyes brightened as he ran over to the tabby and nuzzled her fur with affection, breathing in her scent. "Feathertail, why did you have to die? I loved you so much but yet you had to leave so soon."

When he pulled back he saw the sadness in her eyes as she spoke, "I loved you too. If I didn't love you I wouldn't be up here. You would be up here instead, and you would have never reached the day you were to be named a warrior."

"Feathertail, one day I will come up here. We will be here, with each other forever one day and no cat is going to stop me. If I were to live up here without you, I would wish I never existed."

They sat there, enjoying each other's company as they watched the fireflies dance. Crowfeather began to get very tired and began to curl up next to Feathertail. As he drifted off to sleep, Feathertail began humming and she murmured, "Sweet dreams, Crowfeather. I promise to always be with you"

Crowfeather opened his eyes to see a beam of sunlight flood into the warrior's den. As he got up to stretch, he realized that everyone else was asleep. Quietly, he slipped out of the den and ran out of camp and across the moor and to the lake. It was right after dawn, so all of the other Clans should be asleep.

As he watched the water lap at the shore, he remembered how Feathertail's eyes had looked so beautiful, and her fur had smelled so sweet. He felt like she was standing next to him right now, watching the sun's recklection on the lake turning it a pinkish color.

The sounds of shrieks and screams split the night silence as the war went on. Thunderclan and Windclan were battling for territory, a battle that was comepletely uncalled for. At the Windclan camp, Crowfeather was gravely wounded, his throat was slashed by a Thunderclan warrior, whom Crowfeather did not remember.

Kestrelflight did all he could to help the tom, but the wound was a fatal wound. As the life was bleeding out of him, Crowfeather actually looked very happy. "Crowfeather, why are you so happy when you are about to die?".

The black tom looked up at the medicine cat and grinned,"She kept her promise. She's here with me when I..." he never spoke another word again. As he stared into the empty nest next to him, his eyes glazed over and his breathing went slower and slower stopped.

As Kestrelflight looked down at the tom in horror, a sweet scent erupted from the spot next to him. He could feel something, no someone brush past him gently and a whisper saying, "He's safe with me. You don't have to worry anymore, I kept my promise."