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House Guest

Dear Diary,

I've been at So Random! for three years now. It doesn't seem possible, but I'm turning 18 in just one month. Tawni told me today that she's planning something big. It's weird how close we've become. I guess when you're the only two teenage girls on a show it's hard to avoid at least some level of friendship. Zora has even been growing on me some now that she's grown too big for the vents. She's stopped pranking so much, not altogether, like last week's stunt she pulled on Nico and Grady with the fro-yo machine, but mostly she focuses on the cast of Mackenzie Falls. And, I have to say, I'm completely okay with that. Chad comes rushing in here every time to yell at her so I get to see him more often…

No. Not like that. Of course not. No, I like it because I get to see him covered in all sorts of embarrassing things all the time. The peanut butter jelly prank Zora pulled was genius. He looked so delicious… I really need to stop writing about Chad or I'll start talking about his gorgeous blue eyes…

That's the only part of the egotistical jerk that's gorgeous though. I admit, he has nice eyes, but he knows it, too, and he uses them against me. It seems like every time I see him he stares at me until I get lost in them and completely forget why I was yelling at him to begin with. Once I even started to wish he would kiss me, which, if it wasn't for his big blue eyes, I would never even think. Because I definitely do want him to kiss me. Wait, no. NOT. I do NOT want Chad Dylan Cooper to kiss me.

Whatever! You know what I mean. And now I have to go rehearse in a couple minutes. I need to get Chad's eyes out of my head.

-Allison Monroe

I sighed and closed my diary. Looking around, I made sure that no one would see me put it in my super secret hiding place. I jumped up off the sofa and ran to my vanity. Quickly, I opened a drawer and pulled out a book – Jane Austen's Seven Novels – and opened the cover. The book is hollow, allowing ample room for me to hide my diary inside.

Hearing heels clacking in the prop house, I stuff my diary inside and slam the cover of the fake book closed right as Tawni opened the door to their shared dressing room.

"What'cha doing?" she asked, sitting down in front of her mirror. She pulled a brush out of a drawer and began her ritual touchup before rehearsal.

"Reading." I tried to respond nonchalantly, but as good as an actress as I am, it didn't carry over to my real life. My voice went up about an octave as I shoved the book back into the drawer.

"You know, Sonny," Tawni said, no turning away from her mirror, "I've known you for three years. I know that you're lying." She put her brush down and dug some lipstick out of her makeup bag as I sputtered, trying to come up with some sort of denial.

Finished with her lipstick, Tawni finished our conversation with, "Not that I care what you were really doing. I was just trying to be nice."

As Tawni finished her makeup I tried to gather my thoughts, but still I couldn't get the blue eyed, blonde, muscular, three named jerk out of my head. Aftar a few minutes, Tawni's voice broke through my reverie, the picture in my head disappearing like a fog, "Sonny, are you ready?" she asked impatiently.

"Yeah, sorry Tawni. I was just thinking really hard."

"You should know by now not to ignore Tawni Hart." As she said her name, she flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder. Then, laughing, she looped her arm through mine, dragging me along to our stage.


By the time I made it home it was past eleven o'clock. I always end up staying at the studio later than everyone else to work on new sketches. I still feel like I have to prove myself, even though it's been three years. Anyway, all the day's thoughts are running through my head and give me plenty of inspiration. Today, though, the only inspiration in my head, was for a romance. I had walked past when Mackenzie Falls was filming and was reminded of my obsession with the show and how it lead to Chad and my first and second first dates. When we saw how our cast mates reacted though, we decided it wouldn't work no matter how much we wanted it to, at least not until they matured a little bit more. I let Zora, Nico, and Grady talk me into hating him again. Tawni, surprisingly, hadn't said one bad thing about 'CDC' since that day.

I pulled my car into my parking space outside of the apartment. Grabbing my bag of stuff from the backseat I closed the door and pressed the button on the key fob to lock it. Satisfied once I heard the click of the locks I made my wait into the building, thanking the doorman on my way in, and up the stairs to the apartment I live in with my mom.

It's cozy, I guess. It's pretty plain if you ask me, just a sofa, a coffee table, and television in the living room, a kitchen with a countertop bar and a small dining table with only two chairs. There's one bathroom and two bedrooms. My mom was nowhere to be seen when I unlocked and opened the door. I locked it behind me since it was late, then I headed straight to my bedroom to drop my stuff off. Opening the door I flipped on the light and smiled as the colors hit me. Because we're renting this place we aren't allowed to paint. Instead I bought colorful posters to decorate. There are fake flowers everywhere, not real, but very bright. The curtains were bright blue and I have a blue and green rug on the beige carpet. My bedspread is the most colorful thing in my room – it's blue, green, and yellow plaid, decorated with all sorts of throw pillows and a couple stuffed animals. The only other furniture in my room is a dresser. The top of it is covered with pictures of family and friends – my mom, dad, and Lucy mostly, but there are a couple of the cast of So Random! and one of Chad holding flowers and a Mack Falls box set that he gave me when he came to the apartment to convince me that us dating would be a good idea.

I threw my bag down on the floor next to my bed and was about to lay down, exhausted when I noticed the white board on my bed with a note scrawled out in dry erase marker propped up against my pillows.

Sonny, it read, Your grandma called today. Grandpa is in the hospital. I tried your cell but you didn't answer. I'm flying back to Wisconsin for a little while to help her. If you need me, call. Love you baby girl. –Mom

P.S. Enjoy having the place to yourself. Don't burn it down.

I laughed at the last part and dug my cow print phone out of my bag. Sure enough, I had a voicemail, three missed calls, and two text messages all from Mom. I must have put my phone on silent during rehearsal and never changed it back to ring.

Moving the white board onto the floor I finally laid down. I had the apartment to myself indefinitely? How could would this be? Then, turning the alarm on my cell phone on, I fell asleep planning all the things I would do.


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