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"May I continue with my history now?" Settling back into the sofa, Tawni continued. "Where was I…?"

"Oh yeah! Chad had no friends. Of course, some of his cronies followed his lead and started making fun of us, but mostly, we just didn't speak to them and they didn't speak to us. Then you showed up."

"I think I know the rest of the story," I told her, standing up, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me back down.

"You said you wouldn't interrupt again!" she chided me sternly.

I hung my head like a reprimanded child and let her continue.

"You don't know the rest of the story, Sonny, because you didn't know the beginning."

"I'm sorry. Go on." Sure that hearing the beginning wouldn't change my view of the present, I settled in, my arms crossed, but listening.

With a look of annoyance on her face, she continued. "When you showed up, Chad was suddenly in the cafeteria every day. He stopped talking about himself all the time."

I opened my mouth to interrupt again but the glare that Tawni shot me made me rethink.

"I didn't say he stopped talking about himself all together, but he talks about other things now too. And if what Port tells me is correct, what he talks about at The Falls, is you. Granted, it's about how annoying you are, but still, everyone knows he's just in denial. Anyway, he talks to his cast mates now, is actually friends with a few of them, and, as for us, well, we see more of Chad Dylan Cooper, now that you're here, in a day here at So Random! than we did in the years I've been here before you showed up."

I waited for an extended amount of time to make certain that she was done talking before I spoke. "How can you be so sure that he's not doing all of this just to torment me?"

Tawni outright laughed when I said that. "Haven't you learned yet that Chad doesn't do anything he could pay someone else to do?" She stood up and started walking back to her mirror before stopping halfway and turning back to face me. "That's not to mention that it's obvious from the way he looks at you."

I rolled my eyes but didn't argue. It wouldn't get me anywhere, plus we were due to set soon. I told Tawni that I was going to costumes. She said she'd meet me there when her makeup was finished, and with that, the conversation was done, the topic of Chad dropped.


The Friday at work ended like any other. We finished the show, changed back into our regular clothes, and signed autographs until the last fan had left. After that, we were free to leave after a reminder from Marshall to be thinking of new skits for the week to come.

Normally the cast of So Random! goes out to eat together after a show but everyone made some excuse to skip out, except for me. I knew Tawni's reason, though no one else did. Nico and Grady told me they were planning a weekend long movie marathon. Apologizing for not inviting me and saying they didn't think I'd enjoy their movie choices, they took off, leaving Zora and me alone in the prop house.

"Sorry, Sonny," Zora said, dashing the last of my hopes of doing something fun with my friends. "It's my grandparents' anniversary and there's no way I'm missing out on pranking my cousins. We're in the middle of a war and I'm down a battle. Things are about to get ugly."

"Fine," I sulked. "I finally get the apartment to myself and no one wants to party with me." Then, just to make sure Zora knew I was kidding, I smiled at her and told her, "Have fun. See you on Monday."

Zora walked out the door and all of a sudden, the realization hit me. I was going to be alone all weekend. I am not a person who is good at being alone; I freak out. But, because I have no choice, I gather my things and head out to the parking lot. I looked up to the sky as, for the first time in a long time, my eyes aren't blinded by sunlight. It looked like storms were building. Just my luck.

I unlock the doors, throw my things in the back, and get in. The music starts up as soon as I turn the ignition. Since I've listened to that CD enough for one week I eject it, and flip through my others. I pick out my favorite rock CD and crank the volume up loud. The bass blares and I'm tapping my hands on the steering wheel in time to the beat. I roll the windows down, put the car in reverse, and pull out.

By the time I got home, I was starving, so I ordered a pizza and flipped on the television until it got there. Of course, as I channel surfed, I came across McKenzie Falls. Some days it feels like that show is following me. I was about to flip the channel again when I realized this is the show that started Chad and I. It's the one that my mom was watching when I came home one night; the one that got me hooked and once again, I found myself shouting at the television: "Get on the horse, McKenzie!"

I was clutching the remote to my chest, my knees up to my chest, staring at the television, completely riveted, when someone knocked on the door. I jumped out of my skin. After letting myself calm down for a moment I set the remote down on the couch and grabbed the money I had set out.

I traded the cash for the pizza and breadsticks and watch as the pizza delivery man walks back down the hallway. I swung the door closed and put the chain back in place before setting the food on the kitchen counter. I got a plate and glass out of cupboards and dished myself up some supper before returning to the living room couch to eat.

I made it through three episodes before the lightning started. A few more minutes and the rain poured out of the sky, creating a strange pinging noise as the drops ricocheted off of my window. That combined with the thunder and the fact that I am a little scared of storms to begin with, made my heart start to race.

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