Little Sis

Zora's Pov

We just got done with rehearsals and were on our way to the cafeteria when my cell phone rang. I stopped and told everyone else to go on without me when I dug into my pocket. Once I fished it out I answered with a cheer hello.

"Hello…Is this Zora Lancaster?" said a woman's voice on the other line

I gulped. She sounded like she was going to give me some bad news. I licked my lips nervously before saying,

"Yes, t-this is she."

"Well I'm sorry to inform you but…your parents have died."

I gave a nervous laugh, "What?"

"Your parents have died. Zora."

My eyes widened as the tears started to fall. My hands were shaking so much that the phone dropped out of my hand. I fell onto the carpeted floor and wept my eyes out. I could still hear the lady on the phone.

"Zora, if there's anything I can do for you, please call this number. That I had e-mailed you."

With that she hung up. Leaving me in my despair.

That was a month ago.

Chad's Pov

I sat in an office and frowned. I've been waiting for a whole hour for a lady to help me. Seating in the same seat for an hour really took a toll on my perfect butt.

"Lady, I've been here, waiting ever so patiently for you. If you don't care here I'll take my business some where else."

A woman with black curly hair came running out. Her face was flustered as she panted hard.

"S-Sorry I had to run …from the third floor to get…file."

She handed me an vanilla colored folder and I took it from her. As I opened it I heard her say,

"This young girl was placed in foster care a month ago, and has trouble being use to them."

I took a look at the file and my eyes widen. The more I read on, the more shock I am.

"They say that, that girl is a handful…"

"I'll take her!"

She looked at me with her green eye full of confusion.

"She's not a dog, she's a human being."

I looked at her and growled, "She's perfect."


"I have money, I have time, I have all the love and affection a person needs but because of my age I can't adopt a little helpless girl!" I yelled, "Fine, I'll go to Asia to adopt a baby."

"F-Fine but one call…."

"I'm not stupid to let my baby sister to get hurt in anyway."

I got up and tucked the file under my arm. With that I left the woman speechless but I didn't mind.

'So Zora Lancaster, how would you like to be a Cooper?'

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