Just a one-shot of Haruhi and Kyoya in the mornings... :3 fluufy and really OOC ^_^ please enjoy...

Haruhi slowly stirred as she woke up, mumbling as she turned on the bed. Her eyes slowly opened as she blinked at the light coming through the window. It was mid-morning and the sun had drifted through the lazy curtains.

Stretching, Haruhi arched her back releasing any tension and yawned brightly. Suddenly two arms snaked around her waist and pulled her to a warm chest. She turned around to see Kyoya smiling at her with eyes full of sleep. Smiling back at him, she turned around to face him as he pulled her closer to him. Kyoya then rested his head on the curve of her neck and breathed in her scent.

"Good morning to you too," Haruhi said as she drifted her fingers in his dark hair. Kyoya only hugged her closer as she continued to caress his face. "Try to get more sleep, Kyoya; I know how you are in the mornings." She said referring to his Shadow King days.

She noticed that Kyoya's eyes were already closed and he was breathing softly.

Grinning, Haruhi placed her lips on his ear and whispered,

"Sweet dreams, love. "

Kyoya's lips curved into a smile as he said,

"I will because I always dream of you."

Resting her head on top of his, she held him tenderly as he drifted into sleep. Feeling warm and safe in Kyoya's arms Haruhi also began drift to sleep, dreaming dreams of the one beside her.

XD forgive me, I've always wanted Kyoya to have a cute scene with Haruhi :3

~a dream come true~ XD *distant look in eyes*

-sigh- Kyoya and Haruhi are awesome together. :3

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