~Akatsuki's P.O.V~

"This is all your fucking, Hidan." Kakuzu had lost his temper and tackled Hidan, biting him at his ear. Hidan growled back and scratched Kakuzu's face.

"How was I to know that bitch was a fucking witch?" Hidan hissed and his tail puffed up in anger. Yes, I said tail since Hidan and the others were turned into cats.

On an Akatsuki group mission; a woman had approached the men in need of help. Hidan was the first to respond and was the ass he was. This angered the woman and she revealed herself to be a witch. To punish Hidan, she had turned him and all the other Akatsuki into kittens. After that she sent them to a different world in hopes no one could help them turn back into the way they were.

"You should have just left your stupid mouth shut. Because of you, we are in a whole different world and as cats!" Kakuzu hissed and kept biting Hidan. Most of the others were watching in boredom as some of the others did their own thing.

Tobi was trying to pounce on a grasshopper and Zetsu had left on Pein's orders to find a place to stay that would be safe and warm. Other than that, all the others were watching the fight, some amused and others were annoyed.

It had been a week since the Akatsuki had been sent to the weird world and they would have already starved to death if Zetsu didn't catch mice and rats. Everyone, except Zetsu who actually liked them, was disgusted at eating the things but it was the best they could get. Even then, they went hungry half the time. The Akatsuki would get water from small puddles that showed up in the ground or grass.

After a week of hunger, thirst and nowhere warm to sleep, Kakuzu had finally lost his patients and his killer instincts came out.

"Enough of this foolish fighting, you two!" Pein hissed at the two men, clearly annoyed that they had fought for half an hour straight. The two men kittens growled and hissed at each other but stopped their attacks.

"Pein-sama, we can't live like this much longer. If we don't find somewhere warm to sleep and real food; we will die." Konan said softly and seriously. The orange cat looked at the purple and nodded in knowing.

"I know, Konan. Let's hope Zetsu gets back soon with good news." Pein replied hopefully and as if god, or the devil or whoever was with them at the time, a black and white cat came running.

"I found somewhere safe. But it's under a house so we have to be careful that the humans don't see us." Zetsu announced to the others, who all ether grumbled about living under a house or sighed in relief about finally getting out of the cold wind.

"Good job, Zetsu. Lead the way and everyone follow." Pein ordered and gave all the other males a warning glare not to argue. A few of the men grumbled but still followed Zetsu to the safe warm place.

~Other P.O.V (first person)~

Oh my god today was really boring. I didn't feel like typing on my computer, there wasn't a good movie playing at the theater and the only friends I had lived ten minutes away from town; which I was too lazy to go to. I actually had one friend that lived across from me but she would probably be sleeping right now.

So to pass the time, until I was tired enough to go to bed, I was downstairs, just lying on the white puffy couch. I had been reading a little earlier but now I was just daydreaming about a new chapter to the story I one day wanted it to become a book.

After a while, I got really bored of just daydreaming so I thought I might as well just go to sleep and wait for tomorrow to come. So I turned on my side on the couch and closed my eyes to fall asleep yet before I could drift off into dream land I heard the soft whispers of meows.

"Meows? Cats?" I whispered to myself in confusion. I turned around and got off the couch, walking around the room until the muffled meowing got louder.

It was coming behind one of the walls. Needless to say, not my entire house had an underground downstairs or a basement in other words. A part of the house was still over ground, leaving a small bit of space that was seemed to be made by animals. I placed my ear against the wall just to make sure I wasn't hearing things and found that there really were cats there. It sounded like more than two as well.

I turned around and made my way over to the fridge. Opening it, I pulled out leftover ham and ripped it up into a bowl that was already there. Once the bowl was filled, I walked upstairs and then down the hall to the front door. I carried the bowl of meat to the gap that was in the house, leading to the small cave that a few animals had made. My parents were planning on getting the hole fixed since they were tired of all the animals getting in.

"Hello?" I called as I gazed down and the hole. The meowing suddenly stopped and I softly frowned to myself.

Sitting on my knees, I gazed into the darkened space. It was hard to see since it was dark in there and it was already night time. After squinting my eyes, I made out the figure of ten cats. Actually, they were kittens. All I could really see of them was their slightly glowing eyes.

"Wow. That's a lot of kittens." I whispered and noticed they were all staring at me. I smiled at them all, even if I couldn't see them properly, and pushed the bowl of ham in with them.

I laughed when they looked at the bowl then at me again. They looked back at the bowl once more, this time sniffing before looking back at me. They blinked their eyes and stared at me as if they were questioning me about it.

"It's ham. I'm guessing you guys might be hungry and I can't let you starve." I smiled and lay on my stomach so I could watch them better.

The kittens seemed to glance at one another before looking back at the bowl. It was like they were nervous about something. I smiled and reached my hand back in the whole and grabbed some of the meat. The kittens watched me as I popped the meat in my mouth.

"See, just some nice pork meat." I smiled as I licked my lips. Boy, do I ever like ham.

I smiled more when I noticed a really dark kitten walk up to the bowl. He was really hard to see and I wouldn't notice him if it wasn't for his bright orange face. He ate some of the meat while the others watched.

"Good boy." I cooed and reached in, patting the kitten on its head. It looked up from the meat to stare at me, licking its lips.

I screamed out in surprise as the kitten suddenly pounced out from under the house and onto my face. I was even more surprised as he, who I guessed was male, started to lick my face. I could hear a deep purr come from his throat. It sounded so deep for such a young thing.

"Hey, cut that out. That tickles." I chuckled softly, and rubbed the kitten's head. I refused to giggle since that seemed too girly for me and, though I judge no one else, I don't like being girly; I am a tomboy.

The kitten meowed and nuzzled my face. I smiled at him and lifted him in my arms so I could sit on my butt. I placed the kitten in my lap as I noticed more of the kittens were eating the meat. While some ate, others watched me and the kitten in my lap. I smiled and put the kitten back on the ground before looking at the window of the house.

My parents and sister really didn't like cats at all. They thought that the animals were loud, annoying and never left you alone. Plus they didn't like the cat litter fact. No, the rest of my family was dog people and I was the lone cat lover. Still, my parents let me keep a cat as a pet once in a while but they all end up getting outside and run away.

I looked back at the cats and frowned. With my parents going to fix that hole soon they would have nowhere to go. They can die and or be captured by animal control. I couldn't let that happen to them; it was just too cruel. I laughed when the black kitten hid behind my legs after another one hissed and clawed out at him.

"Hey, let me take you inside my house. My parents are going to fix that hole you're in. You can't stay here." I told the kittens as I picked up the black one. I noticed all the kittens stare at me before at a cat made out as orange.

It was strange but the cat seemed to nod its head and all the kittens stepped out from under the house and walked towards me. I also tried to put the black cat back down but he clung to my arm and meowed as if protesting.

"You want to be carried?" I asked and was surprised as the kitten actually responded as if he understood me; by nodding his head.

I shook it off and walked to the stairs that lead to the front door. All the kittens followed and I swear the kitten that attacked the one in my arms was glaring at him. I blinked and shook the thoughts from my head again. I opened the door and let all the kittens in before me.

"This is my home, kitties. Do you like it? My parents bought it after winning the seventy-five million dollar lottery. Now, you'll need to stay downstairs since my parents can't know about you." I warned with a wag of my finger. Again, they seemed to understand since they all nodded their little heads like the black one did.

Smiling, I lead the cats downstairs, still impressing myself by how big it was. The downstairs alone had its own kitchen, two bathrooms – one with a shower and one with a tub – four bedrooms, a living room and a small eating area that I didn't really use. I told my parents that I would move down here instead of buying my own place when I got old enough and they don't care; as long as I don't keep them up at night partying.

I noticed that the kittens were looking around and I swear that they looked both surprised and impressed. I chuckled as I placed the orange faced kitten on the ground and this time he willingly unclung from me to pounce at the blond kitten with a patch of fur over one of its eyes. Now that I could see much better, I could see what the kittens looked like. They all had a unique look to them.

Now, the cat I had been holding was black with an orange face with brown eyes yet the fur on the top of its head puffed out a bit. The kitten it was bugging was a blond kitten with soft blue eyes, its right eye hidden by some fur. There was another black cat but he was all black and with red eyes. He was looking up at me so I smiled and rubbed him between the ears softly. This seemed to get a big blue kitten to snicker, if that's even possible. I blinked at the biggest of the kittens, that same blue cat. I had noticed its teeth were sharp and he had strange black markings under his eyes.

"Did someone dye your fur blue or is that natural?" I asked the kitten, sitting cross legged on the floor and reached for him. It looked like he was glaring at me so I hesitated for a moment before picking him up and placing him in my lap.

I touched the blue kitten's fur, discovering it was nice and soft. It felt like real natural fur. As I took my attention away from the big blue kitten I noticed that all of the kittens were sitting in front of me and just watching. Some of them even looked like they were smirking. I blinked a few times to see they still looked that way. I frowned in confusion and put the blue cat back down.

As the blue cat went to sit down next to the black furred red eyes, I looked at a pretty silver furred cat with soft purple eyes.

"My, you are a pretty thing." I commented, which got more of the cats to make that snicker sound as the silver kitten hissed at me. I blushed slightly, remembering it seemed they could understand me.

"Oh, you're male? Then I guess I should call you handsome." I rubbed the back of my neck as I felt a little weird that these cats seemed to understand me. The silver kitten seemed to grumble as the others snickered again.

Beside the silver cat sat a nicely tanned green eyed kitten with small stitch like markings in his wrists, ankles and mouth. It was looking at the silver cat and meowed something, which got the silver cat to hiss angrily. I was about to stop them from fighting when the other orange cat hissed. All kittens looked at him before looking back at me calmly.

I studied the orange cat, noting that his white swirled eyes looked really familiar. There were black markings on his face. Six on his nose -three on each side- one under his lip. I also noticed he was staring right back into my eyes. I kind of felt like he was wondering if he can trust me or not so I smiled at him.

"Don't worry, you are in safe hands." I tried to insure him as I scratched one of his ears. This time, instead of that snickering sound, I got what sounded like gasps.

I looked at the other kittens to see looks of surprise and glared looks. I got uncomfortable and moved my head away. At that time, the orange cat hissed again and the glares stopped. Alright, this is getting a little weird. Let's move on.

Next to the orange cat was a beautiful purple cat with eye to match. I could instantly tell that this one kitten was female. I stroked her head a few times and she only blinked up at me. This time the other kitten did nothing but watched.

I next looked at a kitten that reminded me of Zetsu from the anime Naruto, or in this case; the manga. The kitten's whole left side was black while his right side was white. In the anime, Zetsu's left side wasn't completely black since his hands and feet were both white. It even had a small patch of green on the top of his head; the color of Zetsu's hair.

His eyes were a glowing yellow as he looked up at me. By the look in his eye, I could swear he was telling me he was hungry. I decided that I would feed them more before I went to bed; which would be after looking at the last kitten.

The last kitten had deep red fur and amber eyes. He, which I had a feeling was a male, was a very cute kitten. His eyes stared at me in an almost emotionless way. I blinked once before looking at all the kittens again, waiting to give them names yet I was starting to get tired so I couldn't think of any good names. So I instead just stood up and walked to the fridge.

I noticed that orange face followed me while the others stayed behind. I smiled, sigh a slight sigh knowing it'd take a while for them to trust me. Who knows how long they've been on the streets for. They already looked starved, even after the ham I gave them.

"Are you guys still hungry?" I asked as I took out ten cans of tuna out of the fridge. Orange face started to meow almost viscous-like while pawing at my leg as the others slowly came over.

I laughed slightly and brushed the kitten off my leg so I could get eleven little bowls down. I opened the cans of tuna and dumped each one into a different bowl. I glanced at the kittens to see them looking at me eagerly, even the red one looked at me in interest, though it was probably for the food.

"One kitty to each bowl, OK?" I asked as I set all the bowls down. All the kittens dug into their food as soon as I put it down; proving how hungry they really were.

Well, all the kittens besides the orange and female. The only stared at up at me with quick glances at the food as if asking about it, I smiled at them.

"Tuna is fish. Now eat up." I clapped my hands together once before walking over to the bathroom. I opened the door slightly before turning around and headed for the stairs.

"If you need to go pee, go in there. It will be easy to clean up after. If possible, go in the shower so I can just wash it away after." I pointed to the door and some of the kittens looked while others were too busy with their food to care.

I only struggled and turned myself around as I started to make my way up the stairs, I felt tugging on both pant legs. Confused, I looked behind me to see the big blue cat and the black cat gripping them with their teeth. They seemed strong for little kittens, to tug on me like that. They let go of me and gave me questioning looks.

"I need to go to my room so I can get some sleep. I'll be back tomorrow morning." I told the two and they blinked at me before taking a few steps forwards.

"No, I'm sorry but you can't come with me. I already told you I have to hide you from my parents. If they see you they will send you away." I held out my hands to stop the cats but they seemed to truly stop to a hissed meow from the orange kitten.

I watched as the two kittens looked back at the orange one and it looked like they sighed after a few meows from the orange one. If I didn't know any better I'd say the orange one was the leader of the kittens.

"Now, if you hear someone coming downstairs hide right away. I'll call out if it's me but my sister or parents might just come down so goodnight kitties." I waved to them before running up the stairs and shutting the door fast to seal them down there.

Smiling to myself, I quietly made my way to my bedroom. I had to pass my parents room to get there and I didn't want to wake them up. I got to my room without trouble and smiled proudly at myself for a job well down. It was a hot night so I took off my pants and replaced them with shorts and took off my shirt so I'd be in my sports bra. I yawned to myself and climbed on top of the bed, too warm for a blanket. Snuggling to my pillow, I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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