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"I see you have returned to normal as well.It's about damned time to." Zetsu's voice broke through the small silence. Looking over towards the door way, both ninja say a shirtless, but pants wearing, Zetsu.

It was rather odd seeing Zetsu without a cloak, or a shirt, but interesting at the same time. The Venus flytrap thing stopped right at his shoulders, kind of merging in with them. The plant thing was open to show the malty colored man's face and shoulders. Like any other ninja, Zetsu was wearing blue ninja pants, but was bare footed, like Kisame and Itachi were.

"Zetsu, what's happening down there?" Itachi questioned. Zetsu moved his yellow eyes towards the Uchiha with a small smile shown on his white half.

"There was about seven downstairs with strange weapons. The idiotic girl blocked an attacked aimed at us with her foot. She wouldn't have had to do such a thing if you didn't bite that man's finger off. Shut up, that was the both of us. You miss the taste of human flesh just as much as I do." The black side of Zetsu growled out. Towards a small, near by whimper, Zetsu looked towards the closet, his white side raised a green eyebrow.

"Oops, maybe we shouldn't have said that out loud. What's the brat doing in here?" White Zetsu said in a apologetic tone as the Black Zetsu said demandingly. Kisame opened his mouth in order to answer but was never able to get the words out.

More explosion like sounds blasted off from downstairs. They were followed by more screams from Ashlen, which caused Michael to whimper even louder. Without a single word the three ninjas looked at each other before they jumped into action. Kisame told Zetsu to take the two bodies away, which the plant man happily obliged to. He grabbed each man in one hand before disappearing into the floor. Itachi disappeared from the which left Kisame alone with Michael.

~Downstairs/A little earlier~

The six Akatsuki members had no idea what the weapon pointed at them was. It looked nothing like the weapons back home but it should be nothing they couldn't dodge, right? After all, even with limited chakra, theywere ninjas and it should be easy to dodge many attacks. It did come as a surprise when the teenager began freaking out and demanded they run, however. If she knew who they were, then Ashlen should have known they could handle protecting themselves. Perhaps she thought they were weak in their currant forms or...


A loud explosion blasted off from the weapon, which was aimed at Zetsu's head. However, the girl's foot had somehow gotten into it's path and, seconds after the gun had been fired off, she was screaming in pain. Confusion and surprised filled each of the kitten's faces as Ashlen was dropped by the albino man. Watching the teenager hold her teeth together as if trying to keep herself from crying, the six Akatsuki members could only watch, surprised, as she fell on her back.

Why did she protect them like that? None of them could fully understand. Sure, maybe the Akatsuki trusted Ashlen and Michael to take care of them and keep their secret after five days. However most of them were certain she'd want to get rid at them at one point. After all, the girl knew who they were and the threat they posed. So why didn't Ashlen just allow the men to kill them?

"Stupid bitch." The red headed man that was obviously the leader scolded. This seemed to went ignored by the girl as she instead began inhaling deeply as if trying to ignore the pain.

Being stupid is something the Akatsuki actually agreed with. Anyone who defended the Akatsuki, even in their weakest state, was stupid. However, after witnessing the damage the weapon could do, and the speed it possessed, the ninjas were grateful. There would be no way the Akatsuki could dodge a weapon like that as cats. Maybe as humans, but not as cats. It also showed Pein a sign he had been looking for for the past five days; a sign of loyalty.

Ignoring Michael's feared cry for the most part, Zetsu dropped the finger he had been eating. If it wasn't for Ashlen's interference the cannibal, plant man knew he could have been severely hurt or killed. He could smell the teenager's blood leaking out of the wound and smell her flesh cooking from the inside. It honestly made him hungry but he set aside his hungry to help pull whatever was hurting her out of the wound. That way he didn't have to bother with paying her back for something later.

"Well, well, well. Ain't this a surprise. Steven, John, why don't you check on the little boy? This bitch isn't going anywhere. Look, her own cat is starting to turn against her." The red headed human laughed cruelly as the other two humans ran off. Zetsu decided to ignore the comment as walked over to Ashlen's shaking foot and held it down with his front arms... erm, paws.

"W... what are you doing?" Ashlen stuttered in a shaky tone. She tried to pull her foot away but Zetsu pushed down harder and pushed his small mouth into the open wound.

'Are you sure we can't eat her?' Black Zetsu thought as he felt his sharpened cat teeth grab onto something metal. Ashlen laid back on her back with a cry of pain as White Zetsu replied with a no.

'No, not now at least. This is the least we can do for saving us. Whatever that weapon did, it tore up the inside of her foot. She wont be able to walk for a while.' White Zetsu replied as both sides pulled out a small metal object. He could hear the other Akatsuki members questioning what he was doing as the humans simply laughed at the thought of him eating the girl.

'He shouldn't be laughing.' White Zetsu thought, speaking about the blond man with the missing finger. Black Zetsu agreed but added in something about the half eaten finger.

From inside the living room, the six Akatsuki members could hear the two other men start to freak out. What the three humans in the living room didn't hear, though, was the constant swearing of Hidan. It didn't have to take them three guesses to know what was going on. They also, like Ashlen, could hear a small struggle coming from upstairs but it went ignored for now. Ignoring the three humans, and the fact the red headed man ordered the albino to check on their comrades, Zetsu walked towards Ashlen's head so she could see them better.