2 years after Edward leaves Bella in New Moon, she moved away to college. In Texas, without realising she throws herself into her course, and comes up with a surprising turn of events.

"Shit, still as clumsy as ever" Bella scrambled on the concrete floor picking her library books.

"Need a hand darlin'? " came a voice behind her. A tall and very burly man came to her rescue, as Bella felt her blush wash over her cheeks and neck.

"Hey, I'm Peter" Bella looked him over, and saw the signs immediately. Her mind ran riot with her checklist,

Orange eyes

White skin

Beautiful scent


Bella turned on her heels and ran towards the big oak doors of her college building. Once inside, she grabbed her cell phone and flicked it open

"Hey Bells, Miss me al..."

"Shut up Jake, there's one here, he just helped me with my books, he's not a veggie, i could see it in his eyes"

"Sure Sure Bells, calm down, your imagination is over reacting, after all this time you need to breathe; do you want me to send Quil and Embry on the next plane? You know I cant leave Bells"

"No your right, It's my first day and i'm nervous; i'm just over reacting. Please don't tell Charlie I called it will only make him worry."

"Sure Bells call me later" with that she put her phone in her pocket and took in a deep breath.

Bella looked over towards the doors and around the foyer, she could not see Peter. The feeling of relief washed over her and she headed for the lift to find her lecture room.

The lift was buzzing with new students all chattering and gossiping, she took a moment to look at her schedule, room 217. Her first class of Monday morning, American Civil War.

The doors of the lift opened and she rushed out to find her room, she checked her watch, 8:45. Plenty of time to spare, she wandered towards the lecture theatre.

Standing outside the lecture she noticed students walking straight, she followed, taking one look at the theatre and the mass of steps she decided on the third row.

I won't look like a geek and i won't fall over anything else she thought to herself.

Looking around the hall, she noticed the ratio of girls and boys to be slightly unnerving, there rows and rows of girls, flicking their hair and checking their make up. All giggling and looking eagerly at the door.

Have I come to the right room?

With that, the big doors to the lecture opened and in walked a tall man, with a briefcase. He stopped momentarily, but walked forward to the podium at the front of the room.

Bella, took the sight of the man in, washed out jeans, cowboy boots. She scaled his body, lean but masculine, broad shoulders and wavy blonde hair that rested just below his ears.

Not your average lecturer she thought absentmindedly.

He turned to face class.

Bellas breathe hitched, and she whispered

"jasper" so low she knew no one would hear but him.

She found him looking directly at her, Bella froze in her seat waiting noticing his amber eyes directly on her face. She watched, and saw a perfect grin spread across his face. He winked and turned to face the rest of the class.

She watched as Jasper led the class in a discussion of the years modules, and classes and began by covering the basic ground of American Civil War. She watched as he strode up and down in front of the students, all the girls crossing and uncrossing their legs. How each of them blushed every time he spoke to one of them directly.

She looked at his face, she had never seen Jasper so calm looking and happy. He seemed to glow.

"if anyone has any questions or would like to speak with me, I'l be in my office straight after class" Jasper dismissed the class and started packing up his things on the desk. The students filed out one by one, each of the girls smiling at Jasper on the way out.

Bella sat glued to her chair, she couldn't think straight, she could feel her mind going into a frenzy. She started to scramble for her books, and her bag, then, she felt a wave of calm pass over her. She looked up and saw the most incredible man stood in front her, beaming and laughing.

"well, well, Bella Swan, who'd have thought it. Care to join me in my office Darlin'? Im sure we've got a lot to talk about" with that jasper helped bella from her seat, and graciously opened the lecture theatre doors for her. She walked through, mesmerized by him. She followed him a little way down the corridor to small and slightly musky office.

Once the door was closed, Bella threw herself into Jaspers arms.

"Jasper, where have you been? Where is...Where are the rest of your family? When did you become a teacher? Why hasn't Alice been in touch?"

"Slow down darlin'" Jasper guided her to a seat by his desk.

"I only have 10 minutes, so I'll Be quick, I am not with the Cullens any longer, Me and Alice broke up not long after we left Forks. I don't know where anyone else is. And i finally put my knowledge to good use" Bella stared him, speechless.

"But..." she stammered

"i know its a lot to take in, look, I have classes all day, maybe you could meet me for a drink after the day ends?" With this he smirked, knowing there was nothing in the Student bar for him to drink. And she knew it.

"ok, ok. Meet me in the tuns? Around 7?" He looked at her in disbelief.

"yeah ok, I'l meet you there"


Bella jumped a little

"Major, come on the next class is waiting" Bella gasped, Peter walked in with a great smirk on his face.

"Oh, the clumsy one? Having a private tutorial are we?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

"Bella this is Peter, Peter this is Bella"

"Bella Swan? THE Bella Swan? Edwards Bella?" Bella cringed at shuddered at the mention of Edwards name.

"shoot, i'll wait outside bro"

"Is...is he your friend?" Bella questioned

"sort of, thats another long story" With that Peter knocked again.

"I have to go, my class is waiting. 7 o'clock?" Bella nodded, and rose from the chair. She headed towards the door, still unable to speak. She felt a cold hand on her arm,

"Bella, it's good to see you"

"you too" she replied, in almost a whisper.

Bella fled from the office, nearly bumping into peter on the way out, she ran towards the lift mumbling an apology to him, knowing he would hear.

She practically fell into the lift, as the door closed she wished it would hurry , and she felt it hit the bottom floor, she ran, straight through the crowd of people waiting.

Please god, don't betray me now, I only need to run outside

Once outside she stopped

Could this really be happening, was that really him? What on earth has happened

She rushed home to gather her thoughts and prepare herself for her meeting with Jasper.