Chapter 22.

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Jaspers POV

As we ran back to my house, I could feel the anger rolling off Emmett in waves...even though he ran ahead of me. I could sense he was about to explode. I started slowing down just as we reached the outskirts of my land

"Emmett Stop" I called over to him

He slowed down and stood in the middle of my back garden, bent over with his hand on his knees and breathing heavily, not once had I ever seen Emmett act so human. Panting for air he didn't need and resting his 'weary' body on his knees.

The moon was high overhead and lit up my garden with a pale blue glow, and as much as Emmett acted like a human, the marble contours of the skin on his arms and the little glistening sparkles would have given his supernatural existence away to any passer by/

He looked up at me and shook his head. Desperation and disappointment were written plain across his face.

"Didn't you recognise him Jazz?" He panted out, as though still trying to catch his breathe. He straightened himself up and waited for my answer.

I looked at him and reflected the emotions on his face, but they weren't in sympathy with Emmett they were my own feelings. I sat down on the grass, my knees slightly bent and my arms resting on them. My feet flat on the floor. Emmet raised his hands to his hips.

"I don't understand Emmett...what is going on? Why was he there?" I pleaded

"I don't know..." Em trailed off.

"We need to find out, I refuse to believe that he'd plot against us."

"It's Carlisle Jazz, maybe there's a moral high ground somewhere we missed"

We looked at each other across the field in the moonlight, as if we were searching each other's faces for answers.

I picked myself up and walked towards Em, I grabbed for the top of his arm.

"Come on, we still have to get to the girls. Then tomorrow, we call the Pack and tell Bella and the girls everything".

We both ran towards the house to get changed and make our way to the Union bar.

At the Union

Myself and Emmett ran to the Union without even breaking a sweat, I felt quite dapper in my white suit, it was very 1920's, my favourite era to live through.

As we approached the door, I noticed there were a couple of lecturers standing by the door. I gestured for Emmett to follow me and I introduced him.

Professor Zafrina and Professor Randall this is for all intents and purposes; my younger brother Emmett Cullen. Emmett extended his hand graciously with a big grin on his face.

Professor Randall is a small man, round about 50. He always looks quite stern. But he has this twinkle in his eye and he constantly throws off very cheery and mischievous emotions.

Professor Zafrina is a very tall black lady probably about 30 with long brown flowing hair. She teaches modern art, and is very passionate about all things creative. She organises these sorts of events for students and she will have no doubt made sure everything inside was perfect and true to the Bond series.

"It's nice to meet you both, how are you enjoying the night?" asked Emmett cheerfully

"Oh, its been good so far, we've raised a some funds for the Christmas Charities and seen a side to some of the students we thought had been locked away. Character building and money for good causes." Replied Professor Randall.

"Not to mention the older native American presence in the bar" said Zafrina with a smirk "Incoming boys, I'm out" She pushed passed me and Emmett and sashayed her way back to the double doors of the Union to rejoin the party.

Thats when I noticed the woman leaving the building through the double doors and heading towards us. Jane.

The woman was incorrigible. Constantly throwing herself at me, and the emotions she throws off, sometimes I cant help but be seduced by them they are so strong. I often needed Peter to drag me out of the ridiculous situations that I had gotten myself into with this woman.

"Well, well, Professor Whitlock, who do we have here, she thrusted her out towards Emmett expecting him to kiss it. Instead in true Emmett fashion, he lightly grabbed her little finger and wobbled her hand, as if to mock shake it. I noticed Professor Randall giggle and smirk.

"Please excuse me, Professor Whitlock. Mr Cullen was nice to meet you, please; enjoy your night" Said Randall with a smirk as he followed in Zafrina's footsteps and left us outside with the delightful Jane.

"Jane this is my brother Emmett, Emmett this is Jane Volturi aka Professor Volturi."

"Pleased to meet you" said Emmett with a slight disdained look on his face.

"So Mr Cullen, how long are you in town for?" enquired Jane

I could feel the lust and wanton desires of her emotions punching me in the chest.

"Erm...I'm not sure, Jazz, do you think we should go and meet Rosalie MY WIFE"

"Yes, I think we'd better...Excuse us Jane"

Janes face was a little more than pissed at our sudden departure. And I felt her eyes boring into the back of my head as we walked away. I used to think that she was harmless, but the force of change in her emotions from lust to rejection to a strong disliking was unnerving. I had been feeling woman's emotions for over 150 years, and this somehow felt new.

As we entered the bar I could hear a drunken Rosalie over the top of the music and ushered Emmett in the right direction. Emmett was easily distracted in places like this, he was like taking a dog to the beach, as soon as you let him off his lead he wants to be at the bar, he wants to be on the dancefloor, he wants to sit down, he wants to stand up, he wants to chat, he wants to make friends he wants to find Rosalie, he wants to dance with her. You had to keep a tight rein on him.

As we made our way over to the booth where Bella, Rosalie and Tasha were. I understood what Professor Zafrina had meant when she mentioned the Native American Presence. Sam, Paul and Jakes stood out like a sore thumb with their huge stances. Broad shoulders and muscles nearly breaking out of their suits. The lust that hit me was overwhelming and I staggered a little at the brute force of it. It was attacking me from all sides. My back, my front even in my legs, they were turning to jelly as I walked. As we reached the booth, I noticed that Paul had moved. I searched for him and felt his apprehension coming from the dancefloor.

He was dancing with Bella. She had her arms around his neck and she was nodding and smiling. I leant against the booth to eliviate some of the pressure of all the emotions crashing down on me. But I never took my eyes off her.

She turned around and made a step in my direction, Paul pulled her back and I was grateful. With other professors here, it was impossible for them to see me with her.

After the song had finished Paul escorted Bella back over to the booth. The emotions in the room had evened out between lust and jealousy. The girls were obviously jealous of Bella dancing with Paul and the lust well...with 3 vampires and 3 werewolves in the room, I wouldn't like to guess what was directed at whom.

I was aware of Bella talking to Paul. She looked so beautiful, her hair was wispy and framed her face. She had a red glow to her face, provided for me by the amount of alcohol Rosalie had tipped down her neck, Her dress was a shimmery light green colour that matched perfectly with her pale complexion. She looked like a beautiful vampire. I scolded myself at that thought. But then the beating of her heart gave her away.

I was interrupted by a very drunken Rose

"Professor Whitlock, have you had much to drink, Bella wants to leave and I'm afraid her driver has had too much"

"Well, I've only had a sip, I'll take you home if you'd like darlin'" I replied aiming my response at Bella.

I offered her my hand and gently pulled her up from the seat. I offered her my arm and Paul threw the keys towards me with a wink

He said in a very low voice. "I'll be gone all night, patrols and stuff"

I replied knowing all the other vampires in the room and werewolves would hear me

"No one is to come back to Bella's apartment tonight, tomorrow is going to be hard, she needs time. See you all at my house about 11am" and with that I started to make my way through the crowd to the exit.

As we left the building I felt a great loss of emotions and a i sighed with relief as we moved towards the car. The amount of lust and jealousy throwing its weight about in the bar was wearing me out. I looked as Bella approached the car and I edged forward to open the door for her. I heard her release a breath she had been holding in. I walked around the car and I decided that Bella was going to get all the attention she deserved tonight. She was putting up with a lot and she deserved a break. And not only that...when you've been in a club with 300 horny students for over an hour and you can can feel their every emotional peak...shit gets to ya!

As soon as I got into the drivers side I pulled her over into a searing kiss, my lips felt like were on fire and the flames were expanding onto her lips too.

"Jasper...what are you doing...people will see..." she rasped

I pulled her back in

"Tinted windows"

"Swan, We're going to your place"

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