Another random dream i had, but it wasn't about Rukia and Ichigo, but they fit in just fine.

Anyways, i know it's short and all, but that's all there was

After finally giving in to the tension that had been building between the two for years, Ichigo and Rukia had finally admitted the way they felt to each other. Everything should have been fantastic, perfect, or at least acceptable...right?

They had been caught in an attack by one of the remainders of Aizen's modified hollows, and had been transported to what seemed to be a very small island. Initially their predicament had seemed to be a blessing, a vacation of sorts, but as time went by they had grown increasingly frustrated with each other. Before long, the only time they were communicating was when it was extremely necessary.

Rukia had just finished washing her face in the small spring that they had found on their first few days on the island. It was fun at first, but now they had managed to set up their routines so they saw as little as possible of each other. She was therefor shocked when she stood up and turned around to see Ichigo walking up to the spring. He had apparently been deep in thought, as he seemed to jump when he saw her.

"Sorry," he mumbled, as she brushed past him in an effort to escape the awkward situation.

She was nearly free when she heard him call her name. Knowing it had to be important, she sighed and trudged back to him.

"What?" she snapped. Though she did so a little harder than she had intended.

Ichigo hesitated for a second before answering. "Do you still like me?"

"Of all the idiotic questions!" she raved after a brief moment of silence, as she was stunned by the unexpected question. She turned on her heel ready to stomp off. She was rendered incapable of doing so when Ichigo seized the back of her shirt.

"No," he said queitly, though urgently. "I meant do you not hate me? That's all."

Rukia turned back to the man that, yes, she still loved. She saw his poorly structured mask of indifference crumble underneath her gentle gaze that he hadn't seen in their months of isolation.

"Of course I don't hate you. You could kill me, and I could never hate you."

Ichigo smiled, one of his full, pure smiles that only Rukia was fortunate enough to see, and wrapped her up in his arms.