Title: Question

By: Sadistic Demon

Disclaimer: I do not own Lupin the Third. I never intended to steal anyone's ideas but, if it seems like I did I apologies in advance. Rated PG-13 for implied adult theme. This is a fluffy Jigen/Goemon and Lupin/Fujiko story. Of course, the original characters here are their children. This story was not beta.

Tsuyoshi was puzzled. He can admit he wasn't the smartest of the twins but defiantly not dumb. He was more of a hands-on learner then a book learner like his little brother. Still, it wasn't often that he didn't understand something. In all his years (almost 5 years now) had he never come across a puzzle like this one. He wanted to ask his Okaa-san about this but he was in the middle of mediation and was not to be disturbed. Walking down the hallway of the old Japanese house he came across his Otou-san sitting on the porch to the backyard. Lying on a white cloth next to him was the pieces of his beloved M19 Magnum.

"Ah! What happen Otou-san? Is it broken?" Tsuyoshi asked. He ran up to his father and drop to the floor in front of the pieces of the gun. Jigen gave a small laugh and patted Tsuyoshi on the head.

"Don't worry Tsu. It's nothing like that. I'm doing maintenance."


"It's when you make sure everything works." Jigen said. He picked up another pieces and looked it over before attaching it to half built gun in his hand.

"Oh," Tsuyoshi said, watching his Otou-san pick up another piece and place it on the gun. "Can I watch?"

"Sure." Tsuyoshi smiled and sat on the porch next to Jigen. Watching his Otou-san cleaning his gun, Tsu smiled as the pieces seemed to gleam in the sunlight. Tsuyoshi was always impressed with his Otou-san. He was amazing with his gun and never missed a shoot. When Tsu wasn't hanging around Toshiyuki and Okaa-san he was following this father. But today wasn't about admiring his father's skills. Today, he had a very important question to ask.


"Yes, Tsu. What is it? Want to help clean my gun?"

"No, it's not that. Um, I was just wondering, um, are we going to have a new baby brother?" Jigen stopped cleaning and turned to address his son.

"Well, not our family specifically but yeah, you're kind of are getting a new brother." Tsu swallowed. He was building up to his question.

"So um, he's growing inside Auntie Fujiko, ne?"

"Un huh," Jigen nodded. This was it for Tsu.

"So does that mean Okaa-san is going to have a baby too?" Jigen went wide eyed. For a moment he picture Goemon with a round belly lovingly stroking it and almost burst out laughing. Tsuyoshi looked at his father coughing up a fit and wondered if he was getting a cold. Winter was settling in.

"Un, *cough*, no Tsu. That isn't going to happen," Jigen said as he regained his composure. "Why would you think that?"

"Well, you see, Art's mommy is Auntie Fujiko and our mommy is our Okaa-san. So doesn't that mean that Okaa-san can have a baby too?" Jigen looked at his son. Through his logic it makes sense but biologically Jigen knew it was impossible. After all Goemon was missing certain "equipment" to make that work. He told his son that boys could not have babies but that only made Tsuyoshi frown.

"Well then," Tsu continued, "why are you guys always trying to make one at night?" Jigen paled at his son's word. Sweat marks started to appear on his head.

"What?" Jigen asks in a slightly higher pitched voice.

"Art tells me that when he hears thumping in his parent's bedroom, it means that they're making a baby. And I hear thumping from your room too." Tsu replies in a matter-of-fact voice. Jigen is now having a mini freak out.

"WHO TOLD ART THAT?" Jigen shouted, panicking at the thought that his 4 year old son can hear and Goemon doing "it" at night. If Goemon were to find out it would be the end of life for him as he knew it.

"Uncle Lupin," Tsu said with a smile.

"Oh he did, did he?" Jigen said in a slightly evil voice. He slowly got up from the porch, loaded his gun and with a pat on Tsu's head, told him that he was heading out.

"Huh? Okay but, where are you going?" Tsuyoshi asked with big wide eyes.

"Oh I just need to go over a few things with your Uncle Lupin. But don't worry I'll be home in time for supper." With an evil smile, Jigen left through the backyard.

"Okay! Take care!" Tsuyoshi waved. He got up from the floor and headed of to find someone to play with. He was glad his Otou-san could answer his questions. Although he never did tell him why Okaa-san and him where trying to make a baby if boys couldn't.

The next time Lupin came to visit with Art the Ishikawa house he was seen sporting several lumps and 2 black eyes. That was the last time Lupin was allowed to give a "birds and the bees" talk to any of the kids.

Original Character's Names:

Arsene Lupin the 4th/Art: Obviously from Lupin the 3rd's name

Toshiyuki: means "of wisdom" or "alert and happy"

Tsuyoshi: means "strong"

Author's Note: Here's another little mini I made during school. I hoped you liked it.