Waking up and finding one' self in a cage is not a pleasant experience.

He did everything he could to get out. He jerked at the bars, bit at them, and violently attacked them and only stopped when he bruised himself. Finally, he was forced to resort to shrieking at them.

The girl who had been poking at him while he lay half-conscious a few hours ago came strolling in. He took little notice of her, preferring to spend his time screaming at the cage.

"Shut up," she groaned, flopping on the sofa and attempting to read. When he didn't stop, she said slightly louder, "Shut up!" As he ignored her she stood up, repeating in ever-increasing volume, "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up-"

He turned and shrieked into her face.


Her voice hit a pitch even he had never reached, effectively silencing him and leaving him staring, wide-eyed, into her face.

He hadn't looked at her properly before, and found himself awestruck. He had never seen a girl so pretty, or one whose voice could reach a note higher than the ones he made while singing to himself in a cave.

Too quickly she wandered away, talking to an older woman. He watched their conversation avidly, forgetting his hunger for the moment.

Then the woman came back, holding a cooked chicken, and he quickly remembered. He started his wild screeching once more, sticking his head out between the bars to scream at them.

"Mom, make him stop!" the girl whined.

The woman placed the chicken down, smiling at him. He sniffed at it. It looked like a dead animal – but it was way too warm, and seemed to have misplaced all its blood. And its head, and some internal organs.

He started to shriek at it as well. This was not food!

"Arrgghhh!" The girl clapped her hands over her ears as her mother hastily pulled out the chicken. "Thanks for ruining dinner, you freak!"

"Don't call him that, Shelley."

"Sorry." She turned to him and, with typical teenager wit, said, "Thanks for ruining dinner, Bat Boy."

She was looking at him. It felt like it was just the two of them, and that he could simply reach out and tell her everything.

"Don't call him that either," her mother said sternly.

"But that's what he looks like -"


"But that's what he looks like!"


She sighed. "What do you wanna call him?"

He swung up to the bars of the cage. It wasn't so bad, not as long as the girl remained. Why, the bars of the cage were quite similar to some of the ledges he hung off of. He hooked his legs through and hung upside down, swinging slowly back and forth.

"How about…Edgar?" The woman came to one side of the cage and crooned, "Eeedddgggaaarrrr."

He opened his eyes and peeped at her, gurgling a bit.

"Oh, he likes that name!"

He sensed the girl move to his other side. "Uuuuuggggllllyyyy," she said, imitating her mother's exact tone.

Well, of course he liked whatever she suggested, as he immediately turned to her, growling happily back.

"He likes ugly better!" the girl crowed triumphantly. And the newly christened Edgar was almost as excited as she to see her so happy.

Her mother, however, glared at her. "Edgar it is," she said. "I'm going to go make something else for Edgar. Stay away from the cage."

The girl slinked over anyway as her mother left. "Okay…"

Edgar leaped down and crouched near her, staring into her face. She tilted her head and imitated his stance, sending a thrill through him. He was so excited he let out a happy shriek at her.

She, however, was only puzzled. "What?" Then she heard a knocking and screamed a name, running to the door and letting in a burly young man. She squealed, hopping into his arms.

Edgar felt an immediate, unfamiliar sensation – a burning in the pit of his stomach that was totally at odds with his hunger, turning his vision red.

"Yo baby!" the guy exclaimed, lifting her up. "Are you alright? I heard the sheriff brought the Bat Boy over!"

Edgar hissed angrily. He did not like him touching him. He did not want him touching her.

The boy turned about sharply, eyes widening. "He's still alive?" He glared back at Shelley. "He's in your house?"

"It's okay Rick, he's confined."

"This cage'll never hold 'im!" Rick yelled, punching the bars. "My sister's still in the hospital with a big ol' – God! I can't believe you've got him in your house!"

Shelley protested, "My mom said we've gotta keep him until my dad comes home!"

Rick raised his eyebrows. "Your dad's just gonna kill 'im, right?"

She shrugged. " I dunno…" She waltzed over, smiling up at him. "So…whatcha wanna do tonight?"

To her great disappointment, he seemed to find Edgar much more interesting.

"Hey you little freak…"

Edgar cocked his head at him.

"…you remember me? We were never introduced properly."

He started to yell at him, to taunt him, but for all the good it did when Edgar couldn't understand anything he was saying. All he saw was the boy yelling and jumping up and down to his own tune, and Shelley joining in excitedly, her pigtails bouncing girlishly. He found himself hopping to the tune, unaware that he was the one being taunted.

Shelley stopped suddenly. "What?"

"Dude, you are so hot!"

She giggled. "You know my mom is right upstairs tonight!"

"That chick is fully unawares tonight!" He grabbed Shelley. Edgar paused in his own bouncing, eyes widening. "Uh huh…"

She pulled in and Edgar cringed. "Uh huh…"

"Uh huh uh huh uh huh…"

They started to kiss.

Oh no. No. NO.

They would not do that in front of him. He wanted to pound the boy's head into the ground for daring to touch her, but he couldn't. And then he came up with an idea. He pulled himself to the top of the cage and cried, "Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh…" and added in a few pelvic thrusts for fun.

Just as he wanted, Shelley threw the boy off, rolling her eyes. The boy gnashed his teeth, denied his lust and ran to the cage angrily.

"You freak! Can't you mind your own business?"

Edgar landed on the ground and ran to a corner, wanting to laugh out loud at the look on the boy's face.

"Stay away from the cage," the girl warned. Edgar was very happy to see her moving to the other side of the room.

"What…You wanna bite me like you bit my sister? You wanna piece of me?" He stuck his head into the bars. "Huh? Tough guy?"

Edgar was waiting; he leaped at the boy and snarled, taking unabashed glee as the boy yelped and jumped back.

"You see that?"

The girl retorted, "I told you!"

The boy wiped off Edgar's spit, now livid with anger at having been so easily humiliated in front of his girlfriend. "Why you tryin' to step to me, little creep? Are you throwin' down on me, little freak?"

Worry lines had formed on Shelley's face as she looked between the two boys. "Rick…" she said warningly.

"Whatcha gonna do?" Rick yelled, ignoring his girlfriend. "C'mon little coward! Let's get it on!" And he launched himself at the cage.

For a little while Edgar actually enjoyed it, snarling and flinging himself between the bars in an attempt to match Rick's roars. But when Rick started throwing chairs at him, started threatening to bring out a gun and bringing Shelley's cries for her mother into a scream, he started to grow worried. And finally Rick climbed atop his cage, where Edgar could not fight him, and while Rick shrieked his anger to the world he could only lie on the cage floor and wish it was all over.

"Rick Taylor, what do you think you are doing?"

Everybody froze.

"Uh…" For once Rick was at a loss. "Nothing."

"A poor, defenseless boy, and this is how you treat him?" She gestured at Edgar, now peeking out at the sudden silence. "Get out of my house."

"He started it-"

"Get out of my house."

Rick knew when he was beaten. He jumped off the top of the cage and said apologetically, "Sorry Mrs. Taylor. I guess…I'll just go visit my sister…"

Edgar looked up at him and Rick suddenly snapped, kicking at him and yelling,


He walked out. Edgar sighed. The boy bothered him.

The lights flickered suddenly as lightning cracked in the distance.

"There go the lights," the older woman sighed.

Shelley knelt next to the cage, and Edgar stared up at her unblinkingly. She didn't look quite so angry anymore; rather sweet and gentle, actually. Edgar sat up, ignoring the stirrings of hunger. He liked that look. She smiled just a bit, and he imitated it.

Then he curled up and tried to hold back the hunger that had started to claw at him.

"He doesn't look very good, Mom."

"He's had a hard day, dear."

Edgar did not understand them, yet his thoughts followed the same line. And despite his present, unsatisfied hunger and the terrifying encounter with a boy, he was happy.

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