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==== California, near Fresno / 2010 ===

Beautiful… enchanting… and trembling with fear… tears…
"Please let me go… please don't do this…"
"Stop crying…" So beautiful… "I won't harm you… "
Soft warm skin … shivering… tears…
"What do you want?" Cries. "Stop…stop, please…"
"I'm afraid…please let me go!"
"I can't…"
"I don't wanna die!
Please, please don't do this!"
"Stop crying…I won't hurt you… never… I searched for you… all those months…" Touch her… this is not me…What are you doing to me? What happens to me… I'm afraid…
"What are you doing?… this is wrong…"
Two bodies, hot and wet… tears…oblivion…
Yells. Shots. All too close. "We have to stop…."
I can't... Death… life… lust… death… I'm afraid. "Don't let me go! Hold me! … Don't leave me!"
Ecstasy… Fire … Never felt before…
Shots…Blood…Pain… Death… This can't be! I didn't do anything! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!

The man startled from his sleep, gasping for air. Still in the haze of his nightmare, he stumbled out of the bed, to his knees and towards the veranda. His hands grasped around the old wooden beams holding the crumbling roof. Splints pierced through the skin of his fingers, but he did not notice it. The misty air of the early morning got caught in his shoulder-long unkempt hear and wild beard.
"I didn't do anything…" he whispered breathless. A bird nearby was the only living being answering him.

"Fucking bullshit!" The young voice echoed through the forest. It belonged to a girl clad in black and pink gothic punk style, with black military boots, which just had let their owner slip into the mud. The young face distorted in disgust and another curse followed. At least no one was here to rant about manners and similar crap!

The girl wiped over her face and tried to stand up again. Why had she to walk through this wilderness at all? Fucking idea of the supervisors! What could it help to race through the damned forest and learn about plants? Highly probably mankind would have exterminated every living thing on earth anyway! This was one thing 13-year-old Tessa was sure. One of many other things like her real parents were assholes, foster parents were greedy assholes out for money, children's homes were torture camps. She considered herself as experienced enough to judge this. She hated everyone and everything, because everyone seemed to hate everyone.

Her parents had shouted at each another – this was the oldest memory she had of her real home. She was standing at the door of the living room, five years old perhaps, and heard her father shout at her mother. If it was her father at all, she wondered for some years now. Her mother had cried and shouted, too, and her name was all the little girl could comprehend. Obviously, she was the cause of this all. Then her mother started to change; later Tessa heard something about 'medication' and then 'heavy medication' and one day people in white clothes took her mother away. She knew for some years now, she had been brought into a psychiatric clinic.

Shortly after, 'official people' took Tessa away, too. She remembered well having cried and boxed, because she did not want to leave the house, even if it stank there and empty booze bottles were everywhere. The first time she had believed everything would turn back again, she would be back with a happy family in a clean house with garden. The illusions dropped quite forcefully, when a judge delivered her to the first foster home. Obviously, the family had thought to acquire a slave and treated her that way. Tessa had answered with running away twice, with stealing and hanging out on the streets. She ended up in a home for 'difficult cases' and answered to the methods of her teachers with running away again. On her 12th birthday, she came into the care of another foster family, a quite religious one. Some days later she shaved her head and went to a piercing studio, just to annoy her new 'parents'. Two months later she was in the youth shelter again.

And now she sat in this fucking forest without anything to eat or drink after having separated from her group and getting lost. And her left foot wasn't okay as well. So what? Call for help like a stupid little toddler and being the joke of the day for the others? O no, out of question! She needed a stick to walk… yes… not that bad… and she would try to walk back along this little river. Hadn't they crossed the water twice on their hike? It had to lead her somewhere back into the civilization… And if she had managed this, she swore, she would never go back into one of these camps, shelters, homes! The better she would go over the border to Mexico or whatever! She would piss on them, just as she had pissed on her parents and on everyone else long ago!

*** At night in the forest ***

Tessa had walked the whole day and slowly realized she was getting not even near a human settlement. She was totally lost. Sometimes she thought recognizing a certain rock, or a tree, and followed another path, only to discover after yet more time this was an illusion. Her cloths were dirty and tattered by thorns, when she searched for cover at sunset. And her foot ached. It was swollen, and she could not even remove the boot now. She was afraid, very afraid, but no way would she've admitted that. She wouldn't cry like a kiddie! Instead, she swore with growing frustration, until she was too thirsty to speak. Hunger was growling inside her, too. The food packages had been in the Van of the supervisor, for lunch. Perhaps some of the fruits on the bushes were eatable, however she had no clue which and for that dismissed the idea. Were there any wild animals around? Bears, wolves? Now she wished to have listened better to their scout yesterday!

Tessa huddled herself very tightly in the pit of a fallen tree and stared in the night. She had been alone on the streets before, in old railway areas or abandoned buildings. But here there were strange sounds… What was that hissing? Snakes? What about snakes? Desperately, she tried to see anything in the dark. Only some rotten wood glowed, and …. What was that? The eyes of a predator? She took the little switch blade out of her pocket she had always with her after one of the older boys in the children's home had become annoying. She had witnessed a rape once and this wouldn't happen to her! But would the little knife be of any help against wild animals? Or… snakes?

The man poured milk in his huge coffee pot and sat down. The white cream formed a beautiful ring, when he stirred. Then two rings, intertwined with each other. He stopped stirring and stared. From one second to another, his features betrayed pure horror.

…The handcuffs swung lazily in front of his eyes. "C'mon, you wanted a lil' adventure, what now? Don't be silly!"

Behind the two rings a pair of red painted lips showed up, smiling a lascivious smile. The half naked body belonging to the lips was no less inviting. Nonetheless, he was afraid and suddenly frozen.

"C'mon, little hero… don't you want to be a man? Where did your courage go?" The voice was mocking, and from behind, laughter.
"Holy crap, Micaela, let this little boy go, he is peeing in his pants already!"

"Aw no, we could have some fun, couldn't we, sweetheart?" The red devil's lips touched him and he felt one hand with long painted nails slide under his shirt. "You are quite a handsome one… you know… I'll give you for free… just for charity…"

"I want …to… go!" He managed. His body was trembling and he couldn't stand up. He hated reacting like that. He hated saying that! He made a fool out of himself!

The other woman laughed again. "Mica, you're wasting your time! Fuck charity! We have costumers out there! Leave the kid alone!" Another pair of long legs moved in front of his eyes, and another red painted devil's mouth opened next to his ear. "Try again when you are grown up, moron!"

Clack, clack, clack - the high-heels moved to the door. A moment later she had left. He felt sick, staring at the other woman, who began undressing herself.
"Now… does your courage come back… sweetheart? Looks to me like that…C'mon…I'll show you what real fun is… "
He stared at the swinging handcuffs like hypnotized…

With a frantic movement, the man pushed the coffee pot from the table. It shattered on the dusty ground, leaving the liquid slowly dropping down through the rough wooden planks into the ground. He covered his face with his hands and waited for the memory to pull back in the darkness from where it had risen. His heart was still racing, when he stood up to make another coffee and discovered, there wasn't enough left for another. Shit… Meant, he had to go to the village to buy something, sooner than planned. He hated the village, not only because his money reserves were nearing the end and he had to wait in line at welfare stations. Most of all, he did not want to go there because of the temptations. They lured everywhere… Seductive and sweet, promising redemption, and yet were freeing the devil again…

A sound from outside, from the forest, made him turn around. It had sounded like a human voice.I'm not THAT mad, am I, he mused, went to the window and opened it. The rich, foggy smell of the nightly forest poured into the house. Earth, plants, purity… Except the whistling, growling and sniffing of some animals in the wilderness around - silence. He was about closing the shutter again, when the voice sounded again through the night. No question, a human voice. A young one. Angry and frightened, it seemed. A tourist, who had lost his way in the evening perhaps? He didn't need a search party and police out here! Taking a flashlight, the man left the old house.