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"This is the life we chose, the life we lead, and there is only one guarantee- none of us will see heaven"-The Road To Perdition

He-man knew what it felt like to kill a man.

Last night, he'd had the dream again. He remembered everything about that day. The cool steel of his blade, the gentle breeze and birdsong, the way the dust had swirled in golden clouds, before it settled between him and Skeletor. Just another battle, he'd thought. Just another battle, get it over with, be Adam again. A list in his mind, like one you might make of the day's activities.

It had just been the one blast of power from Skeletor's Havoc staff. He-man had angled his sword quickly, to deflect it. It had hit Tri-klops squarely in the chest. The tech had been knocked off his feet, and into Grayskull's abyss.

After that, there were only flashes in He-man's mind. Whirling round like butterflies, spinning till he felt dizzy. Someone had called "Tri-klops!", but whether it was a Master, or an evil minion, he didn't know. Tri-klop's comrades, though they'd never liked the scientist in life, were running towards the edge of the abyss, the battle forgotten. Even He-man's friends stood in stunned silence. For once, Skeletor didn't react; he just stood by the cliff's edge, his face covered by his dark hood. He-man remembered falling to his knees; he had never understood why guilt and grief felt like nausea. The horrific reality of what had happened sinking in slowly and unmercifully.

He had killed a man. An evil man, but a human none the less. A person with needs, and desires and likes and fears. Yes, fears, had this been one of them? Had Tri-klops considered that he might die on the battlefield, or did he think he would live a charmed life at the hands of the merciful Masters?

He-man could never remember what happened next, no matter how many times Teela told him, with her flat voice and unreadable eyes, that the Masters had driven off Skeletor and his shocked minions, and quietly brought He-man home. He knew Teela didn't blame him, she'd said it herself. It was Skeletor's fault, and an accident waiting to happen, but there was something in her tone that He-man couldn't read. Maybe she was thinking about a day in the future, a day when blood might be on her hands? How would it weigh on her? Everyone had said it was Skeletor's fault, but He-man disagreed. Skeletor had aimed for He-man, not Tri-klops, and He-man hadn't looked where he'd aimed. It was as simple as that.

Yes, He-man knew what it felt like to kill a man, but Prince Adam didn't. He-man had stayed He-man for three weeks now. He knew he could be Adam, but he was also someone else. If he couldn't live with blood on his hands, what made him think a sixteen year old child could?

But now, he thought, turning over the power sword in his hands… …there was only one thing for it. That was why he was here, in Grayskull's ornate throne room. Facing the only woman in the world who could help him.

"He-man" the Sorceress was saying to him, her face filled with quiet pity "You ask a great deal of me…"

"There's no other way." To his own ears, he sounded harsh "I need to atone for what I've done. I need to leave the Eternian palace. I couldn't do that knowing my parents, and Teela were sitting there thinking that Adam had run away. So, I told them the truth; that I and Prince Adam were one and the same. They weren't that shocked actually; there'd been speculations and gossip about it for some time. But they wouldn't let me leave the palace quietly, so I need them to know that Adam's gone for good."

She reflected for a moment "If I make you He-man permanently, it is irreversible. You can never be Prince Adam again, no matter how much you want to."

He was silent for a minute, before simply replying "I know."

When she looked at him again, with nothing but questions in her great, green eyes, he knew she deserved more explanation, but it was so hard to put in words.

"You see…" he began "I don't think the part of me that's Adam could live with this guilt. I want to go and atone for what I've done. I can't do that knowing that if I lose too much power, I'll turn back into a frightened sixteen year old boy. It wasn't Adam's fault, it was mine. I should be the only one who has to live with it." He didn't tell her what he'd told his parents and Teela that morning, that he feared that the part of him that was Adam was already gone, swept away in maturity and grief.

She watched him, unmoving. He-man had always considered the Sorceress a friend, but he'd always felt that there was something unnerving about those often unblinking green eyes. The cool tone of voice. But now she simply nodded.

"Very well, He-man. If you want it that badly, and you feel it's the only way, then so be it."

He-man was surprised, he'd expected more resistance. Maybe she was unsure of him now, maybe she thought he was dangerous. But she would do this last thing for him, within the cold stone walls of Castle Grayskull. Then, he would go to Snake Mountain, to see Skeletor, to atone for what he'd done.

Somewhere in Snake Mountain, Evil-Lyn was thinking, like He-man, about the deceased Tri-klops. It was true, she reflected, as she stretched out on her luxurious bed, she'd never liked the man, but it was strangely unbearable to think that she's spoken to him only yesterday, heard his latest plans and new inventions. Now, she never would again.

She'd always maintained, in her long years here, that she disliked her fellow minions. But she had walked past Tri-Klop's lab earlier (the doors were always open, even when he was alive), and the sight of the lab being empty, his shiny machines waiting to be finished, had suddenly hit her. It wasn't that she'd even liked him, but she was so used to his presence. He left a kind of emptiness, a Tri-klopsless place, she mused. That was what Snake Mountain was, and would always be now. Everything suddenly felt so temporary. It would all crumble into dust.

So tonight, she'd decided, glancing at the decanter of wine on the dressing table beside her, tonight, she would have a drink for Tri-klops. Tears would not have been welcomed by him, and she didn't like him enough to cry. She didn't feel she liked him enough to get angry either, it was a mere accident. Yes, there would be no silly emotions, but a drink. That would be fitting.

She caught sight of her reflection in the large mirror across the room. She approached it, bringing a glass of wine with her. She remembered Tri-klops had once mentioned that she was beautiful. It was not a compliment, oh no, he had no care for beauty. Ever the scientist, he simply stated it for the fact it was. One of his everyday observations. Up is up, down is down, and Evil-Lyn is beautiful. Fairytale-looks, skin, and hair as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and those dark, purple eyes.

Up is up and down is down, and Evil-Lyn is beautiful.

She wondered for the briefest moment, what it would have been like to kiss Tri-klops, to be in love with Tri-klops. She wondered if anyone had ever been in love with Tri-klops? But try as she might to imagine the grim-faced tech professing his undying love for someone, she just couldn't. Instead, she began to giggle inappropriately at the thought. Oh, poor Tri-klops, she felt a little bad for laughing, but she was sure he wouldn't have minded. Then suddenly,-


Skeletor's angry voice broke through the rocky walls, shattering the unhappy peace that had settled there over the last few weeks.

"He-man?" Evil-Lyn wondered aloud, now, what was he doing there?

She left her room and wandered down the corridor to join the others. She took extra care not to look through the open door of the lab as she passed it. It was still too unusual, all of this.