The ground is dusty and the street is full of people. Brown boots, sturdy and practical make their way through the crowded market, expertly following their target. He is easy for the trained agent to follow because is dressed slightly better than the other people in the market. His shirt a little crisper, his pants a little more tailored. He does not stand out as he smiles and greets the stall holders he has come to know while conducting his business here.

"Pretty beads for a pretty lady?" a stall holder asks.

"No thankyou," the agent smiles. Does she really look like she would wear coloured plastic beads? Dressed in a dirty white tank top, jeans and boots, she should find the thought laughable. Except she is here for a very serious reason. The business of having someone's back is no laughing matter.

A/N This story is complete. I'll post a chapter a day for the next 5 days then I am going overseas! I hope you enjoy my imaginings for the opening episode of season 8 :)