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A warning to you Anti-SatAM/Archie people- Yes, this will have SatAM characters, including Sonic/Sally moments. I appreciate that none of you will flame me in the reviews just because you think that SatAM or Archie characters sucks…unless you have a detailed reason why you hate them, and NO, putting down: 'Because I hate them' or 'They just suck' or 'Because Sally is a bitch, and Amy or Mina is Sonic's true love.' or anything short and immature like that will do. I know that there are good reasons why these two can't work out and that they are the equivalent to Superman and Lois Lane, but dammit I love them anywise so bollocks to the comics!!



---------------------------------------------Sonic and Mario-------------------------------------------------



Two heroes; two who have similarities, and big differences. In the real world, they each have their own companies, who are (were) total rivals. These figures were mascots, symbols of the companies, tools of the game wars. But that was long over.

People loved both or one of them; settle for one or equal. High school life is a huge level in life, meaning people yearned to see these two fictional characters fight to the death for true domination. But there a lot who relies that there is no better; only equal. There are some who would love to see these two, team up in a game or something. What would happen if they do? What would happen if these two heroes join forces, or fight amongst each other?


Mobius: There are many different versions of this planet. One is a world filled with strange lands, with dangerous traps, roads shaped in bizarre ways, rings scattered everywhere, walking talking animals, an egg-shaped mad doctor, and much more. Sometimes it's also a Mobius version of Earth, where humans live with intelligent hybrid animals. Some times, Mobius is a place where a band of rebels are fighting for their home from an evil dictator that has a device that can turn flesh and blood into cold steel robots. This world is code named: SatAM.

This version of the story is mostly a hybrid of it.

Sonic the Hedgehog. A hedgehog that bears from that planet Mobius. Sonic has the ability to reach to the speed of Mach 1. He has used this ability to protect the planet from an evil scientist who was once a friend: Dr. Ivo Robotnik, aka: Dr. Eggman. This terrorist has high knowledge of robotics, and the technology to turn people into robots. For years these two had been at each other's throats for as long as they can remember.

Before when Sonic met Robotnik, the hedgehog's past is unknown. All was remembered was that he wasn't always the blue hedgehog with long waxy spines stiffed down from the back of his skull, or did he have the green emerald eyes, or the red sneakers that has a white strap across over it, connected to a golden buckle. He was brown as a real hedgehog, until Dr. Kintobor met him and asked him to test out his speed. When Sonic broke the speed barrier and destroyed the machine he was on, it altered his body to what he is today, but back then his spines was shorter, and he had chocolate brown eyes. He helped the doctor gather Chaos Emeralds, a powerful source in the planet, so that he can trap all evil in the emeralds with a device called the ROCC. But when Kintobor accidentally dropped a rotten egg, and some ketchup, the machine's explosion and the evil energy warped his body and his mind to an egg-shaped crazy scientist. His warped mind allowed him to blame Sonic for this, and now he has made his goal to rule Mobius.

Through out the years, Sonic has befriended with many, and made a number of enemies.

Miles Tails Prower: who dreamed of being just like his hero, Sonic, but after releasing he depends on him too much, he decided to do things his own way. But never the less, he still looks up to Sonic.

Knuckles the Echidna: A Mobian who guards the Master Emerald, that keeps a floating island called Angel Island afloat over the clouds. Robotnik once tricked the guardian thinking Sonic was the enemy. It took a while, but Sonic has earned his trust.

Amy Rose: Sonic's number one fan. She was a resident of the Little Planet, but after Sonic saved her from Robotnik, she has been following him ever since. She dreams of making Sonic hers, if it's the last thing she ever do.

Sally Acorn: though this hybrid squirrel exists in the SatAM world, this one is different from her counterpart. A runaway princess who grew tired of the pampered life and unable to marry who she chooses. She befriended with Sonic and the two had gone through many adventures ever since.

Shadow the Hedgehog: An incarnation of Sonic dating fifty years when he was created by Prof. Gerald Robotnik; Eggman's grandfather. This can match nearly anything Sonic can do, but he also wields the power to warp time and space with a Chaos Emerald, called the Chaos Control.

Dr Ivo Robotnik: Also known as Eggman, but was once known as Dr. Kintobor. An attempt to banish all evil in the Chaos Emerald backfired and transformed him into the mad scientists of today. With his 300 IQ, and robotic knowledge, he will stop at nothing to rule Mobius.


Today, Sonic has his hands full when a doppelganger named Shadow the Hedgehog framed the hero from stealing a Chaos Emerald. Robotnik, who he teamed up with Shadow, planned to use the emeralds to power up a space colony created by his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik, and threatened the planet with it. But after Sonic and his friends spoiled his schemes, a failsafe activated, thanks to his grandfather, and the colony was plunging toward Mobius. As his grandfather hoped, it'll destroy the planet.

Sonic and Shadow teamed up, along with Knuckles, and neutralize the emeralds with the Master Emerald. But a prototype of the Ultimate Lifeform became one with the colony and directs it to continue its path. Sonic and Shadow used the power of the Chaos Emeralds to become their super counterparts and battle the Biolizard.

Mobius orbit/ARK- ????

Space…the endless realm of all worlds (What, you thought I was gonna say the final frontier?).

The golden Super Sonic and the silver Super Shadow shook hands for a well done job in defeating the prototype Biolizard that was planning to collide with the planet Mobius. As they let go, Sonic looked up to the dead prototype, grinned as he shouted:

"Did you really think you had a chance?"

"The answer would be, no!" Shadow said, crossing his arms, spat at the monster.

Sonic chuckled, knowing that this may be the start of a friendship. He guessed that maybe some people do have a heart. Shadow only started this chaos because he believed that was his late friend's wish. Sonic was relived that it was over. Shadow was wasted more energy then Sonic. Sonic gasped, as he noticed the ARK still falling.

They stopped the Chaos Emeralds, they defeated the Biolizard, but the ARK is still falling because of gravitational pull of the planet. Now what? There was only one way. They have the power, they have the responsibility. They both thought of one way that can stop it.

"No way is that's getting through!" Sonic swore.

"Not while we're here!" Shadow added.

The two flew towards the colony in a golden glow. As they head toward the hurling colony, Shadow began to hear a familiar voice echoing in his head.

"Shadow…I beg of you…give a chance…to be happy!"


Shadow was snapped back to reality when Sonic yelled: "NOW, SHADOW!"

They reached out to each other's hands as a blue and yellow energy ball formed between their hands as they both yelled out: "CHAOS CONTROL!"

The ball burst into a huge blast that engulfed the entire colony. However Shadow's powers were growing weak, he had less experience handling his super form. The two had to hold their energy to keep the Chaos Control together, but now Shadow's power had almost depleted, the energy burst in front of him, and blown him toward the planet.

"SHADOW, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Sonic yelled.

Sonic had plenty of power thanks to years of experience in his super form, so he tried to fly toward him and catch him. His hands were so close to his, but then the chaos control took effect. Sonic and the ARK disappeared while Shadow hurled into Mobius. All Sonic can do his scream hi name.

"Maria…this is what you wanted, right...? This is my promise I made to you!" Shadow said as his last words.



Green Hill Zone- ???

Hours later, back at Mobius, Sonic, Sally, Knuckles, and Tails arrived at Green Hill Zone with the Chaos Emeralds still within their possession. They plan to banish the emeralds in the special zone, where they can never be in touch with evil hands again. Normally the Emeralds can instantly warp back to the zone once they're all gathered, but for some reason, after the Flicky Island adventure, they lost that ability.

As Knuckles and Tails search for fifty rings to activate a star-post's portal, Sonic and Sally decide to have a moment alone as they stare into the Green Hill Lake. Sally looked into Sonic's eyes, and found a feeling of guilt in them. She can tell what caused him to look like that.

"Sonic, it's not your fault that Shadow died. You didn't let him pummel into his death. He did what he thought was right for all of us."

This made Sonic feel a little better, but not completely. He sighed: "I know. It's just that…eh…"

"Anywise, I should be the one to be sorry."

Somehow, like always, Sonic jumped back to his perkiness. "You sorry…? Why should you be? Heck, what makes you think I'm sorry? Shadow did what he did."

It sounded a bit cold from Sonic's sentence, but after knowing him, she knew that it's the tone of his voice that you have to listen to, and from the tone right now, he acted like he knew Shadow was still alive.

"Maybe, but I'm talking about before you got arrested. If it wasn't for me starting our fight…maybe you wouldn't get…uh…Chris wouldn't get adducted by Shadow and Rouge…"

Sonic smirked, swatting away the air. "sigh…once again you think it's all about you, Acorn-breath."

Sally pouted. "Hey, I thought we agreed for you to not call me that?"

"Uh…opps…" Sonic shrugged. "Hey come on, Sal; you know by now that-"


Sonic was interrupted when Amy yelled as she ran to the couple, which hearing her call made his skin cringe, and his brain forced to make commands to his feet to run as fast as he can, as far as he can.

Sally groaned, not wanting another cat fight. Ever since these two met, they been constantly fighting over Sonic, but Amy was always the one who starts it. Sometimes, when Amy goes at it, Sally just tries to ignore and remember that it won't work out anywise. Sometimes, she use Amy's habits to her advantage whenever Sonic pisses her off. But today was not the time to play.

"Uh...Amy. Not to be rude but, we would like…!" Sally said, but was interrupted as Amy threw herself to Sonic. She wrapped her arms around him as she cried on his shoulder.

"S-S-Sonic, I'm so glad you're alive! You don't know much I cried when I thought saw you died in that explosion of Eggman's trap. I...just don't know what…I do!" Amy cried.

She sobbed so loud, even Sally, who is usually angry when Amy tries to hog Sonic, kind of felt sorry that she felt that way. She would've been like what Amy is now if she was in the ARK witnessing Sonic's death. Sonic was lucky that he learned the Chaos Control, and had a fake emerald.

At that moment, Knuckles and Tails came with a load of rings in their arms.

"Hey guys! We got…!" Tails said but stopped when he noticed the sad moment with Sonic and Amy. Both eyes widened, never expecting that even one day he would see Sonic hugging back Amy.

"Um…bad timing?" Knuckles asked still a bit surprised.

"Don't worry...about it." Amy said as she stopped crying.

The squirrel cleared her throat, clearing out the gangs' minds. "So, you guys got enough?"

"Yeah!" Tails said as he raised his arms to show the rings. "Now lets use these to activate a portal and kiss the Chaos Emeralds good bye!"

Knuckles and Tails stood in front of a star-post and touched it with the fifty rings in their possession. The rings flew out of their arms and circled around the star-post so fast, it combined into a huge ring.

"All right, Sonic! Dump the emeralds into the warp ring!" Tails shouted.

Sonic did as he was told and the emeralds where dumped in the special zone, gone for good. "Well that's the last we'll see of those..!"

But suddenly a huge energy shockwave burst out of the warp ring and flew the heroes back. As they got up, the warp ring disappeared.

Sonic blinked in shock. "What was the deal with that?"

The intelligent fox, followed by the wary squirrel approached closer to the star post, looking at it from all angles.

"From my guess, the emeralds energy was almost too much for the warp ring to handle." Tails stated.

"But it seems to handle it enough to flush them in to the zone forever!" Sally said. "Although we might have to bring Ebony or Rotor for better analysis."

"Well don't knock it if it worked, Acorn-breath! That's what I always say!" Sonic said, stretching his arms.

"Without the name…remember?"

Sonic shrugged, forgetting he agreed not to call her by that name so much. "Opps…Now who's up for some chow? My treat!"

Snorting, Knuckles walked away from the gang. "Love to, but I have to get back to my island and put the Master Emerald back where it belongs."

"Well, you don't know what you're missing!" Sonic said, waving to the anti-social echidna.

"Yeah! Sonic is actually paying for all of us, for once!" Sally said which Sonic gotten a little annoyed.

Just when Knuckles was about to take off, Amy pulled him back down as she said: "Can you do us a favor?"


A wide smile crossed Amy's face. "Invite us to you and Rouge's wedding?"

Knuckles blushed in a crimson red, as the others laughed. Days ago, when Shadow framed Sonic, a treasure hunter named Rouge the Bat, stole the Master Emerald. Then when Robotnik stole from her, Knuckles prevented his attempt by destroying the emerald. The two rivaled for the pieces, but in the end, they helped each other saving the world. Amy must have seen the conversation they had back in the colony. She's so immature he thought, shaking his fist, and trying to fight his blush.

"I DO NOT LIKE HER LIKE THAT!" Knuckles yelled, then took off mumbling along the way.

"Oh come on, Knux, you pimp-daddy, you!"



Unknown to them, a spy cam, hiding in a palm tree near them, watched the whole thing. Guess who was watching! Yup, the villain of the Sonic Heroes wasted no time to hide away back in his main headquarters after his latest scheme flopped; Robotropolis, a polluted but futuristic city homed by doc's Badnik robots. This city is built in the forbidden area, just in a large island separated from the USA country called the Land of Darkness, which is behind a city ruins which was believed to be New York.

"Hmm… The readings are showing a different energy scale from the warp's directory." Dr. Robotnik (Aka: Eggman) said as he looked at one of his screens that were showing a bunch of graphs, and waves. "The emeralds are not in the special zone! Something sent them to another zone! I must find out where!"

As Robotnik punched in a few buttons in his computer, he yelled out: "Computer! Scan the energy waves of the chaos emerald data from EXR drive, and match them to find the wave links of the Chaos Emeralds with the MX234 dimensional searcher program, and quickly!"


After studying danger zones, created by waste Chaos Energy from the Chaos Emeralds, Robotnik discovered the means to monitor other dimensions and travel to them using the Special Zones space-worm holes that linked to other worlds. He calls space and time trail the Cosmic Interstate.

A few beeps later, the computer found its match.

Searching… Complete! Chaos Emeralds destination zone 109242. Scan zone ID data, now

Robotnik studied the information of the zone, but all it shows is a map of the main lands, and most of the continent names. "Computer! Pinpoint the emeralds location on the map!"

Command not complete. Zone limited of technology resources.

"How can that be, especially when I got some of the names of these areas. Repeat scans for the Chaos Emeralds."

Command not complete…new readings found…accesses denied by unknown source of protection

"Unknown source…? Run an analysis."

Scanning…protection run by eccentric energy waves. Readings are unmatched by any energy source. Theory…energy waves created by non-scientific means."

"Non-scientific…this world has some technology, but what do you mean in short?"


A loud bang on the keyboard was hammered by the mad-man's mighty hand. "GAH! I didn't program you to believe in magic!" But then again, this is another world I'm dealing with. This requires deep research, for this world intrigues me.

And so, he typed away commands to a robot to venture to a place that no man on Mobius ever ventured. But if anything, besides the Chaos Emeralds, is anything most interesting, Dr. Ivo Robotnik will be the first. The question is, what is this place Robotnik is researching?



One week later….


Mushroom World. A world where mutant monsters, normally called Koopas, are at war with a peaceful mushroom race. The mushroom people called Toadstools, or Toads for short, are peaceful, intelligent creatures. In the world they live, only four (six) humans live on that planet, though that is not proven yet. There are also hybrid animals that walk among, like gorillas that sometimes are called Kongs, or dinosaurs called Yoshis, or any kind of animal, but not all live in the land called the Mushroom Kingdom. This world is rich with landscape beauty, magical items found in fields, forest, etc.

Mario. A human that bears from an alternant earth, but now ended up in the Mushroom World, along with his brother. He and his brother have the ability to jump at impossible reaches for most humans. Mario is also a known plumber in the kingdom, but he has also had a range from doctor, golfer, racer, etc. He is also most known as the protector of the planet from the army of mutant turtles, Koopas, leaded by a monarch named King Bowser Koopa.

Years ago, Mario and his estranged twin brother, Luigi, were Italian country children, who spend their time jumping on trees, climbing mountains. They became so well at it, they found that they can jump to highest reaches no person can reach. After high school, they got a job in construction, until a wild gorilla captured Mario's old girlfriend, Pauline, and climbed to the top. Mario saved her, but she still feared the beast and drove away from Mario forever. Mario almost became insane, and tried to get revenge on the gorilla by sending him to the zoo, until the gorilla's son stopped him.

A year later, when they became plumbers, they found strange monster under the sewers and then they fell through a portal that led to the Mushroom Kingdom. They volunteered to save the princess from Bowser and succeeded. Ever since, both Mario and Bowser have been life long nemesis. Bowser continuously kidnapped the princess to lead Mario to his hands, time after time, but Mario always triumphed.

There are many friends Mario has made, and enemies of course.

Luigi: Mario's twin brother, who is a few minutes younger then him. He inherits most of Mario's skills. He has always lived under Mario's shadow, never getting any credit, but after his mansion adventure, he somehow had a knack for machines. Hopefully this path will help him stand on the same step as his brother.

Princess Peach Toadstool: Ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, and a good friend of Mario. She is well known as being Bowser's hostage, and Mario's damsel in distress. But, beneath this frail female lies deep powers of white mage magic.

Donkey Kong: A gorilla who hales in a island in the Mushroom World called Congo Bongo. Rumors has it that he was the son of the gorilla that captured Mario's ex-girlfriend. But now he has befriended with Mario and he is now the guardian of the island's Crystal Coconut.

Princess Daisy: Another princess, but from an alternate zone of the Mushroom Kingdom called Sarasaland. This counterpart of Peach is an opposite from the elegant princess, but like her, she also holds strong powers, but are lying in dormant.

Wario: When Kamek kidnapped Baby Luigi, he extracted DNA to create clones of Mario and Luigi; Wario and Waluigi. Wario is a very greedy being who wants nothing more than money, money, and money. He's nothing more than a bully who'll pick on the weak, and cowers before anyone stronger than he is, expect Mario whom he despises so. But who knows, underneath his crude skin lies a kind heart.

Bowser Koopa: The king of all Koopas and the terrorists of the Mushroom Kingdom. This reptile acts as ruthless as he looks, and tends to be full of himself. Surprisingly, this power-hungry beast has a soft spot, when it comes to his children.


Right now, Mario has his hands full. Once again, Bowser is up to his old schemes. He stole the Star Rod from Star Haven, and grants his wishes to get whatever he want, like becoming powerful enough to defeat the mighty Mario. Mario formed a party of friendly monsters, and freed all the star sprits so he can confront the dragon turtle. But the Koopa used an extreme amount of the rod's energy to become a Super Bowser, and now is putting that power to the test on Mario.

Mushroom World skies/ Bowser's Castle- ????

A land filled with mysteries and magic is suffering a serious crisis when the Mushroom Kingdom's precious castle has been lifted to the heavens by one of Bower's towers from Bowser's Keep. On a large floating arena, a might battle takes place; a battle only for a plumber named Mario, along with his little friends, a Gomba, a Spark, a Boo, a Koopa, a Lakatu, and a Ba-Bomb who they are facing against a being filled with godly strength that anyone would fear beneath his feet.

"HA! HA! HA! NOW MARIO! PREPARE TO BE KNOWN DEAD UNDER MY CASTLE!!" Bowser charged up energy from the Star Rod into his flame breath attack.

"Mario! If my guess is correct, he'll easily destroy us all in this power up move!" Gombario said. "We need to strike now! His energy is almost to zero!"

"Right! Okay Watt, you charge me up, and I'll delver the final blow!" Mario said.

Watt charged up electric energy, and shared it with Mario. Mario took out his hammer, and used his new strength to slam it to the ground, creating a earthquake to make Bowser lose balance. It let Mario have the chance to do a Hyper Jump attack straight at Bowser's face, making him tumble to the floor, and dropping the Star Rod. As Mario grabbed it, Bowser accidentally shot out the blast he charged up to the floating battle ring. Mario used the power of the Star Rod to get his friends and the castle back to the Mushroom World before the ring blew.

"NO!!! I HAD IT ALL!!!!" Bowser screamed to the heavens as his Magikoopa lackey, Kammy, hauled him away. "SOME DAY MARIO…SOME DAY…YOU WILL PAY!!!!"


In a far distance away from the castle, a flying spy bot observed the whole thing, as did Robotnik in his new secret base in Mobius.

"Intriguing… That organic reptile's power from that rod was a match as the power of Super Sonic. Yet a little mere human defeated him, even though he was accompanied by strange creatures and talking stars!"

Throughout the week Robotnik spent, he studied the new world, calculating the locations of the Chaos Emeralds. He could've had his research robots retrieve them, but he couldn't create separate portals for each of his seven robots, for the machines for that needs a bundle of power to generate one. Even though the mystic island of Flicky Island neutralized the emeralds ability to warp back to the Special Zone, once they are gathered, they could separate across the globe, unless something stabilizes them. Stuff like the generators of the ARK's Eclipse Cannon, or the alters on that colony, or the Angel Island can do such a deed. Plus all seven of the emeralds might cause interference to his portal equipment.

That is why Robotnik spend his week studying the new world, so he will know what he's up against. He found valleys of land that looked far too disgusting like a Teletuby show. It was filled of walking plants like mushrooms, flowers, beans. Ugh, and Robotnik HATES vegetables. But…this realm wasn't without its impressive values. This land did has its share of technologies that matches to the modern ages, but its richly packed with sources of magic, and it would seem the people of the planet uses it to power up some of their technologies. But the world mainly seem to value on wishes that actually come true; wishes that come from the ultimate power source: Star Haven. Watching what he saw, the Star Rod was, so far, the ultimate power that can rival the Master Emerald. These Star Spirits also seem to be the counterparts of the Chaos Emeralds as well.

Robotnik sat back while rubbing his chin. He began to think about the resources of that planet. Primitive, yes; Powerless, no! This planet could be worthy of his possession, he thought.

The only thing that seemed to be a threat was that man who fought that overgrown reptile. How unfortunate that this world had a hero annoying as Sonic? But then again, why should he worry? Perhaps this fool never fought someone that was a genius. His robotic minions could easily use this plumber to wipe the floors of his fortresses. However, being smart and learning from mistakes, he can't underestimate this being…especially if he were to team up with Sonic.

While he studied the planet- Mushroom World, or Gardenia as he like to call it (For some reason, that name just…came to his mind instantly), he formulated a strategy to claim the emeralds and rule both worlds at the same time. But the problem is that this plan requires A LOT of materials, and doing so would attract the hedgehog. If he were to team up with this plumber, he'll have double the pain in his egg.

But not to worry…for that the Eggman has cooked up a way to deal with these pests. But it were to require a lot of work, and a lot of help.

So then Robotnik ran out his computer room and into his armory room where his Eggmoblie, he used in the ARK incident, await for him.

"Computer, send in a group of five E-series robots to accompany me!"


In about two seconds, five E-100 robots appeared from the floors or ceilings and stood beside their master and creator.

"Now, computer, send us to the new transporter room and prepare the teleporter!"


The spot where he and the robots stood raised them up to the ceiling and send them to a room with a huge teleporter.

"Now send us to Zone ID: 109242! We are going to pay a visit to the Mushroom Kingdom, which will soon be mine!!"



Mushroom Kingdom: 10:56 PM

That night, a parade was thrown in honor of Mario and his new friends for saving the princess, once again. Mario and Princess Peach Toadstool, who where in the last float, left the festivities and just relaxed and stared at the stars on Mario's front yard.

"-sigh-… you know, some times I wished you guys didn't throw me this parade!" Mario said. "I mean its fine for my new friends, but not for me!"

The ruler of the kingdom looked at him like he grew a horn. "Mario, this our way of saying 'Thank you!'. We can't just ignore you after all the trouble you did for us!"

"Yeah. I'm just afraid that another one of these parties and I'll act like an egotistical moron!"

"Oh, stop saying that! You are not an egotistical moron!"

All was silent for a minute, as they continued to watch the stars. For the years they known each other, the two always feel awkward near each other for every time things get a little quite. Talking; communicating was the perfect way to drown those thoughts about…whatever they don't wish to think about.

"You know, I'm kind of worried about your brother."

"Why? What's wrong with Luigi, Peach?"

"I noticed him looking depressed, sometimes. I think is because he hasn't got all the attention as much as you!"

"Yeah, because he misses out on the adventures! He acts like a big chicken!"

"Mario! Stop! Don't you remember the time he searched all round the real world for you? And the time he rescued you from that haunted house? And when he accompanied you on those old adventures years ago?"

"Oh yeah! It was really hard for him to control his fear for that! He never got any credit for all that! When he found me after his world tour and the haunted house incident, everyone crowded around me and ignored him! I was the only one who thanked him for those."

"You did…alone…?" Peach yelled as she raised her eyebrow.

"And you too…"

Peach rose her head, proudly from hearing that. "Well I come up with a way to pay him back! It won't give him attention from the town people, but it will give him more than that!"

"And what's that?"

"I set him up with a date with Daisy!"

Mario nearly choked from the air. "Gah…uh…Huh? Does he know about this?"

"Not yet…but he will! Actually this is a blind date! Come on, Mario! You seen the way he stared at her when he was partnered with her in that tennis tournament, did you?"

Mario thought up that event that took place in the tennis tournament few months ago. He would never let down how his brother reacted when he saw a certain someone he hasn't seen in such a while.


(Flashback: Mario Tennis)


"So you guys are ready for the double tennis tournament?" Mario asked his friends.

"No sweet! Too bad Diddy didn't make it! We would've creamed you all!" DK said as he swung his racket around. "But was it a good idea to use that box you took from the Smash Bros tournament just to get a mini-me?" proving his point, DK pointed to his younger self; Donkey Kong Jr.

"Not to worry. The time box doesn't ruin the fabric of time. I just sort of created a clone. He'll return to when he came from, shortly."

Coming down to the locker room was a person similar to Mario, but slightly taller, and worn a green version of Mario's attire. "So, Mario, you ready to put these guys in there place?"

"Uh, Luigi! I'm teaming up with Peach in this one!"

"What? But we annulated the competitions like nothing, last year!"

"Sorry, Luigi, but I promised her I'd be her partner. Besides, Peach assigned you with an old friend of mine."

"Who? It better not be Bowser! I don't care if she is the princess, that woman can't be playing these jokes on me all-"


Luigi's question was answered when a girl came in with Peach down the stairs. She sort of looked like Peach, only her gown was yellow, the jewel on her chest was shaped like a flower as well as the one on her crown. Her hair is brown and her skin was darker then Peach's. This person was someone Luigi thought he would never see again.

"Hi guys! Sorry I'm late!" she said "I had a fight with that dumb giant Koopa who tried to make me pay for passing through. Luckily I gave him a hard kick in the face and gave him a Crippler Cross-face on him until he gave!"

"Oooo…can you show me how to do that?" DK asked, eagerly.

"Uh…maybe later."

"No problem, Daisy! You remember Peach, right?" Mario asked

"Course! We had tea together! Course the tea could've used some spice of something to juice it up!"

Peach gave a laugh while she sweatdropped. She would never forget that day. This girl is not like Peach. While Peach acts like an elegant lady, except on an adventure, Daisy acts like a boy. Her attire did not show that she's a tomboy, except that it was covered in dirt. But it didn't matter for Luigi, caused he could not take his eyes off her.

"Oh, and I'm sure you remembered my younger brother, Luigi, right?"

Luigi's blush grew brighter and brighter the closer Daisy approached him.

"Hey, Luigi…long time no see, huh? Haven't seen your mustached face since we saved your bro." she said as she offered a hand. Luigi hesitantly shook it.

"Uh…." the plumber looked completely dazed.

"What was that place we been to on your world…? Uh…Paris…? Man, I didn't know snails tasted so good!"

"Uh…" still dazed…

"EWWWW!!!" Peach cried, running to the nearest trash bin.

"Are you sure he's your little brother, Mario? I thought you were twins." Daisy asked as her hand still shaking Luigi's.

"Yeah, but I'm five minutes older than him!" Mario reminded.

Peach, who returned from a good throw-up, laughed a little as she watched Luigi still unconsciously shaking Daisy's hand. Daisy noticed her hand still on Luigi's. She looked up to his face as he finally snapped back into reality and noticed it too. They laughed softly as they let go, with a little blush in both their faces.

"S-S-Sorry about that!" Luigi said.

"It's okay…Well you and me are partners, so are ya ready?"

Luigi eyes widened as he heard say 'you and me are partners'. "We're partners?"

"Yeah, I guess. Well I'm gonna go to the court and warm up! I'll meet you there!"

As she ran to the court, Luigi made a stare at a laughing Mario and Peach. He walked up to with that glare and looked straight at their faces for a minute. Mario and Peach gasped for air when Luigi hugged them both as said with a smile:




"Well that's it for round 3! Mario and Peach won the match against Luigi and Daisy by three points!" the announcer said.

Luigi kept hitting himself with his racket! Not only did he lost, he felt that Daisy thinks he's a loser, that is until Daisy walked toward him while tossing away her racket, and hitting a Gomba in the process.

"Don't worry about, Luigi! Tennis is such a preppy sport anyway!"

Luigi sighed in relief. It was a miracle that she didn't think that he was a loser, even though he did lose the game for them.

"T-T-thanks! Ya…wanna go for some ice cream-a?" Luigi asked.

"Sure!" Daisy said as she offered an arm for Luigi.

Luigi blushed at the offer as he put his arm over hers. As they walked to the ice cream cart, Luigi sighed as he thought: I think I already won first prize!

Little did he know, she thought of the exact same thing.


(End Flashback.)


"All right, your little flashback made your point!" Mario said. "But still, Luigi's a bit-"

At that moment, something that sound like rockets flew right by them. Mario and Peach tried to make out what were they, but it was too dark up in the skies to see them. All was visible was a smoke streak.

"What was that?" Peach asked.

"Maybe it was those Para Bros trying out some rocket shell or something." Mario yawned and stretched afterwards as he checked his watch. "Come on, let's head back to the castle."



Five flying drones and a fat man in a hover pod flew above the mountains of Vista Valley. The valley was dark, with stars over the land, and a thick fog covering the bottom. Robotnik flew in the middle, and his E-100 series flew behind in a V-shape pattern.

"All right, group. I see our destination! Prepare your guns, and attack!" Robotnik shouted as they head for a huge dark castle on top of a hill with a dragon like face carved into it. You guessed it, Bowser's castle.

Vista Valley/Bowser's Keep: 11:23 PM

In the dark castle, Bowser Koopa, King of the Koopas, sits in his throne room yelling and whining about how Mario defeated him, again. Pain and humiliation filled in his chest as he broad.

"How? HOW? I had all the power nobody can acquire and still he beat me! HOW?! I HATE THAT PLUMBER!!" he shouted as he brought fear into his minions, as they ran for cover from his raging mood. All his shouting and stomping caused the castle to shake. But as he stopped, the castle still shook for a while. "Huh? I didn't do that."

Just then, a wounded Koopa guard crawled to the throne room as Bowser snapped his head toward him.

"Your….evil…ship?" he said as he struggled to get up.

"What happened to you?" Bowser asked with a growl.

"It…it was horrible! A human with five robots barged right in and stared blasting everything in sight! The…the guards aren't holding out..." That was all he could say before he fainted.

Robots? Human? This doesn't sound like Mario! "WHAT ARE YOU FOOLS WAITING FOR? GET THAT FREAK!"


In the halls of Bowser's castle, Robotnik was having a ball causing destruction in the entire place, leaving a trail of smashed up wall pieces, unconscious guards, some probably dead, and flames burned across the lobby. Robotnik piloted his ship up the stairs of the main hall, where a group of Koopa Troopas were waiting, but they were easily taken care of by the E-100 series and their mighty laser cannons.

"This is too easy!" Robotnik laughed as his walker marched foward. "Even GUN was a bit of a challenge than THIS."

Robotnik and his robots made it to a hall were it was guarded by statues of Bowser that shots fireballs from their mouths. Robotnik activate a force field that protected him from the fireballs as he laughed:

"Fireball shooting statues? How cute…"

Robotnik aimed at all the statues, and destroyed them with his laser canon. As they continued, they ran into a room filled with Hammer Bros. as they threw a rain of hammers at the intruders. Robotnik and the E-100 series looked on to all of them and cleared the entire room with their weapons. Defeating an entire room of guards was enough to make this mad scientist laugh wickedly.


Meanwhile in the throne room, Bowser watched the intruders through a magic hologram, thanks to the powers of the head Magikoopa, Kammy. He watched as he saw all his guards, his security, and his traps getting wasted in a blink of an eye. It was enough to make the king of koopas scared, even though he tried not to show it.

This…isn't…happening! Who is this guy? Never before had he seen someone like him, who has weapons of mass destruction. Even Smithy didn't seem to compare to this creature.

"Perhaps we should fight fire with fire, sir!" Kammy suggested.

Bowser eyed her, confusedly. "What do you mean by that?"

"One of your Koopa kids built a walker out of one Koppa copters that is similar to his."

"Ludwig? I did tell him not to touch my copters but now I'm glad he didn't listen! Bring it to me!"

Kammy used her wand to bring the massive war-machine in front of Bowser's eyes. He smiled wickedly at the marvelous piece.


Moments later, Robotnik and the E-100 series entered a huge dark room. He put on his goggles and activates the night vision mode on it. As he looked around, he found six figures that were in red because of the night vision.

"Pika-boo! I see you!" Robotnik shouted.

As the lights turned on, Robotnik spotted Bowser in a walker that looks like one of his Koopa copters but it had robotic legs, though they look primitive than Robotnik's. It had a cannon above Bowser's head, two smaller cannons on the side of the pod, the legs seemed to look like something made from a junk yard. Huge springs can be seen inside of the legs, and a windshield was placed in front of Bowser. Behind Bowser are five Magikoopas to match with the five E-100 robots.

"Who do you think you are, barging in here and destroying my beautiful castle?" Bowser yelled.

"I am Dr. Robotnik, the greatest scientific genius of the world!"

"I never heard of ya, Mr. Humble! You face Bowser Koopa, king of the Koopas, you'll wish you'd signed a will earlier!"

"We shall see! E-100 series, ATTACK!"

"Magikoopas! ATTACK!"

As the Magikoopas and E-100 robots fired their lasers and magic beams at each other like a war in the Gulf, Bowser and Robotnik prepared to attack as well, advancing their walkers forward (Getcha minds outha that gutta!).

"HA! You think you can defeat me in a pitiful imitation of my ingenious walker? Ha, I spit at your feeble science project!" Robotnik laughed.

"You're asking for it now, mammal!"

Bowser began by firing fireballs from the side cannons. Robotnik dodged them all, fired with his machine gun. Bowser dodged them as well, and locked on to his opponent and fired a Bill-Bullet that had more power than the fireballs. Robotnik saw this and looked on to the bullet and destroyed it with his laser cannon. This went on for few minutes with the same way. Robotnik had enough of this ring around the rosey as his walker popped out a bazooka. It fired a round of missiles to the air as it came raining on Bowser. Bowser survived it as he popped out something similar to Robotnik's bazooka, except it fires Ba-Bombs. Robotnik also survived it, but his blood was boiling inside his cranium.

"That's it! NO MORE GAMES!" Huge plasma came out of the front of the walker as it charged up energy.

Bowser was in trouble. He didn't have anything like that in his least he think he doesn't. I'm gonna kill Ludwig for not labeling all of these buttons… if I live! But then an idea formed. He sucked up some air to fire his own fire breath...sucking up as much air as he never gathered before.

Both tyrants fired their own powerful attacks. The blast collided with each other, as Bowser and Robotnik tried to strengthen the beam and flame to its maximum. But it could not hold out any more as the beams exploded. You could see the blast from outside the castle, as it destroyed the entire throne room.

As the smoke cleared, the room was filled with unconscious Magikoopas and sparking pieces of E-100 robots. Both walkers of Robotnik and Bowser were damaged beyond repair, but the two was still able to walk out of their walkers. As the two eyed each other, they slowly walked toward each other. As met face to face, they stared at each other with their eyes narrowed. But unexpected to Bowser, Robotnik held out a hand. Bowser hesitantly shook it.

"It would appear we are equally matched in combat. How would you like to make a deal, reptile?" Robotnik asked with an evil grin.

"A deal…?" Bowser said. He laughed wickedly as he said: "I'm listening, little man."



End of part 1.…….



Okay, there you have it, a taste of the changes of Sonic and Mario. It may still have the same storyline, but it's a new direction, and less cheesy. As for the Mario Tennis flashback, that was one of my biggest mistake. I had no idea Luigi actually met Daisy in Mario's Missing. So I fixed it.

As for Gardenia, that name is what Anthony Bault calls Mario's world in his fic. So that name is rightfully owned by the him- the Gamemaster.

The other chapters will be revised soon.