I do not own Sonic or Mario characters (All right reserved for Sega and Nintendo.). That's what I have to say…er…Sally, would you stop growling? It was expected to happen in #134.

Sally: Leave me alone.

And any case, you're a different version, it didn't happen to you.

Sally: So…?

~sigh~…for those of you who haven't read Archie Sonic #134, check what happens between Sonic and Sally. Let's just say that it may bring another chance for you Sonic/Mina fans…but I seriously doubt it.

Sally: Thank you…(Goes back into burying her head.)

Women…Now then…some of you may notice the rate changed to PG-13. Well since this story seems to be all about fighting, I placed it PG-13 and for what's about to happen for this next fight. I mean two sweet little girls in a death match…? That's just not right.

Also, I believe I may have the solution for Yoshi's fight.


Yes, that sentinel from Sonic Heroes, who seems to be like a pet of Sonic's…okay that didn't sound right. So hey, why not…? But couldn't you believe this: my original plan was going to be…

Yoshi vs. Dulcy – Clash of the Carrier Reptiles

If the Emerl doesn't work out, Dulcy will be a last resort. Why…? Well Emerl has a huge story from the game, and putting him in may result too much of a plot. But hey, this story is about trying to incorporate most Sonic and Mario games, all of the Sonic media shows and comics, and a little of the Mario cartoon. This Emerl thing sounds but a challenge for me: Anthony E Yepes.

Amy: What's does the E stand for?

None of your business!

(A wall breaks open; thanks to a Hunimal rabbit in a black outfit that's a mixture of a punker and a witch.)

?? : Anthony, you foolish ape…The day has come for you to DIE!!! You shall pay for strapping me in that rocket!

Aw, jeez, not now, Rebella.

Amy: Who's she…?

She's one of my Hunimal creations. I'm surprised you don't remember her. She appeared in my early days in Fanfiction.net, but later on she somehow became…

Rebella: MAD…?!?!?! I had suffered pain and rejection just like someone in this room, and you say about my madness as SOMEHOW….?!?!? (Grabs me right by the neck and lifts me up.) I have seen hell because of YOU!!!!

Daisy: Hey…! That's Ryoga's line…and once was Ukyo's.

Sally: Hey…I order you to release him right now!

Rebella: And what are gonna do to make, huh…SEGA REJECT?!?!

Sally: Why you…! (Leaps up at the Hunimal, but Rebella used her mystical power to create a laser cage around the Mobian.)

Rebella: Little rodent…we are kindred spirits, you and I…join me, and together we shall dispose of those who abandoned us…this pathetic artiest…and Sega!

Sally: Please…you know the answer…nooooo!

Rebella: You shall die then, rodent!

Sonic: Man, you got as much insanity as Eggman, girl!

Rebella: (Gasps as she accidentally drops Sally and I.) Eggman…WHERE, WHERE, WHERE?? He's my hero! YAY, YAY, YAY!!

Sonic: Uh…? Never mind…You're up, Ames!

Amy: Gladly…! (Leaps up as she twirls around with her hammer for the wind up…)

Rebella: Oh poo…

(BAM …!! And blasts her off again!)


Amy: I have to say, she's the weirdest person you ever created, AnT.

Funny, I thought Max and Terra were.

Max and Terra: HEY…!!

Amy: And what does she mean by Sega reject?

Sally: ~sigh~…I used to be one of those animals you have to save in Sonic 1 through 2…I think through 3. They never gave me a break. If you remember the Endgame saga in the comics, they rewritten the story to have me, or the other me, survive because Sega said that they might put me in Sonic Adventure…then they switched to you.

Amy: Really…? Wow…that sure makes me pro… (Notices Sally glaring at her.)…sorry, Sally.

Sally: I'll get over it.

For those of you, who don't believe it; go to Sonic HQ in editorials. Oh yeah, you were also in the early issues of the Fleetway…and you sure looked…um…fat.

Sally: (Vein popping out while Amy and Sonic laughed.) What…?

Uh…let's go on to the story before I lose my only life. Get ready for a dramatic chapter.




~Sonic and Mario~




(Play World 1- Birabuto from Super Mario Land)

I'm Princess Daisy of Sarasaland. I'm not your average prissy princess here, people. But even a girl that's just trying to get her beauty rest can't even escape the wrath of Blue boy's suitors. Yup, the Squirrel Princess and the Spiky Pink Wonder were at it again, so I decided to give Pinko a tour of the Mushroom City. Meanwhile, Mallow, the croc, and the purple dino or whatever got word from some old aged frog that the next...er...Havoc...oh, Chaos Diamond (Amy: Chaos Emerald!) right, Chaos Emerald is at the Forest Maze, but Bowser and the mad scientist's flunkies weren't too far behind. Elsewhere Mario and Blue Boy took a brawl against more hedgehogs with bad 80s hairdos, and then Wario and the black hedgehog kidnapped poor Dixie, and now those jack-asses are forcing her to fight some poor rabbit kid. Seriously...forcing a poor girl to hurt another? Those JERKS! Give them trouble, Mario!

(End music)


Rose Way: 5:01 PM

"This sure beats the ol swamp we have back at Angel Island, huh, Espio?"

"Not really…I don't even go to your turf, remember?"

"Afraid of getting a little dirty in your clean self, dude? The swamps got juicy buggies…"

"…You know; I hate it when you never tell me these things sooner, Vector."

Here we find the two members of the Chaotix, Vector the Crocodile, and Espio the Chameleon wandering through the damp jungle-swamp of Rose Way, following the former citizen of Tadpole Pond: Mallow who still knows his way around the land like the back of his cloudy hands. It was still getting through, especially with fighting a few of Mushroom World's monsters, but it was nothing that the trio could handle, and their destination still goes on to Rose Town.

However there was one thing Vector couldn't do even for a millisecond…his music.

"~groan~…I feel naked without my tunes."

The purple reptile shook his head. "Would you stop whining about it? You're just gonna have to deal with it."

"DEAL WITH IT?!?! Deal that I don't have that's been life…? DEAL WITH IT?!?"

Espio held out his hands, defensively. "You don't have to yell, you know! Jeez…!"

"Do you guys always argue about things like a music box thing?" asked Mallow.

"Music box…? What is this, the medieval ages, kid?" asked Vector. "We're talking about my beloved walkman; the kind of things Espio here don't appreciate."

"I like music; I just don't act like it's the end of the world when I lose a walkman!"

"You saying I act like that?"

"Well if…!" his voice trailed away as it looked like he heard something vital. "What was that…?"

"What…? I don't hear anything."

"But I do…wait here." And with that, Espio faded out of sight.

"I hate it when he does that." Vector muttered.

The nimbus walked up to the reptile. "Anything wrong…?"

"Nuh, dude…horn-head must have been hearing thing again…surprising he has better hearing than the rest of us for someone who doesn't have ears."

"So I take you guys argue a lot back at your world."

"Well…sometimes, but trust me, lil dude; this is nothing compared to his arguments with Mighty…woo…!"


An eerie and echoing voice caused their hearts to skip a beat.

"W-W-What was that?" Mallow said as his arms rattled.

"Great…I t-t-think Espio's problem is contagious to the point…"


As their hearts increased pressure of that terrifying voice, Vector and Mallow desperately scanned the lush forest for the culprit.

"Alright, dude…who's there?" Vector shouted, getting rather annoyed than scared.

"Your doom, thief…"

The feelings from the sewers he had were starting to come back, but he fought it in order to not panic. "T-t-thief…dude…girl or whatever, I ain't thieved nothin!"


Mallow was still shaking by his short legs. "I-I-I think I know…it m-m-must be about the boat we wrecked."

"Oh…so that boat belongs to whomever's makin the ghost-voice thing…ain't that right, YA COWARD?!! COME ON OUT!!!"

"As you wish, Kremling."

"For the hundredth time…I…AM…NOT…A…!!"

"GRAARARAAAA!!" Vector was blown from his feet, along with his heart jumping hard, when a giant horrific face with a giant mouth and razor teeth suddenly appeared before him.

Mallow froze still with pale skins as Vector's head slammed down near him. "T-That's a….B-B-Big Boo!!"

Now the croc's color was white again. "You…m-m-mean…a giant ghost…?" and it was proven again when he saw the spirit beast towering over him.

The creature was a Boo indeed, but as large as an elephant and with a face with a mixture between a gruff large person with a wide mouth and the face of a demon snarled at the Nimbus child.

"Fool…! A mere Boo I am not! I am the queen of all ghosts! The soul mistress of fear! I am what mere mortals should bow before, like you foolish thieves for example! Tremble before my terror!"

Mallow never felt so numb and small before in his life as he already turned white, even his clothes turned that color. "I'm trembling! I'm t-t-trembling!"

Vector, who seems to have a huge fear of ghosts, couldn't get up as it seems all the fear was weighting down on him.

"Ignorant creatures… Enjoy the last of your life, juvenile trash! You shall pay, miserably, mere commoner filth!"


This is Vector the Crocodile, leader of the Chaotix and all around laid-back, happy-go-lucky kind of a guy with a love for music, but perhaps has a fear of ghosts. However, to remind you, his walkman has been destroyed in the fall of Midas Falls, and when you take away something that means dear to him, lock all your doors, protect your children, cause Vector will make even the mighty Godzilla look like a mere baby lizard.


Vector charged for the monster like an angry bull, which pretty much describes how he is now. The Boo monster, which we will for now call her Queen-Boo, roars like a lion, which its force was as powerful as a windy storm. The croc fought the wind as anything that wasn't stamped to the earth, like leaves, broken trees or even Shyguys were blown passed the Mobian.

Finally the monster halted her scream as fatigue caught up to her, and this gave Vector the moment to strike. The croc quickly rose straight, and launched at the ghost to deliver a mighty blow of god…or in our case: a swift punch.

And yes it connected…only to the air. Yes, the croc's spirit foe performed a disappearing trick before punch came close.

"HEY!! Quit fronting like that! Why don't you fight me like a dead…?"


He didn't know from what, but Vector suddenly got slapped hard on his nose. A mixture of pain and anger fueled him as he held his poor nose. It felt like he got slapped hard by some…fan.

"DAMN…that was cheap!"


"Great…nice display of fighting there, Vec…"

A barely visible silhouette of Espio hid from the depth of a tree, studying the fight. According to his eyes, he now watched Vector turning around to find the giant ghost behind him. The reptile again charged at it and threw another punch, but the ghost disappeared again. What happened next interested the chameleon. The ghost quickly appeared again, slapping Vector in the face, but only in a very small shape.

"Strange…why does that ghost attack in a smaller form…? Vector's not gonna last much long like this." Though it was impossible to see the detail, a shape of some kind of four point ninja star appeared between Espio's fingers. "Guess I'll have to join in the fray."


"This is between me and your butt-less hide, ghosty, so quit with the warp thingy!"

But like we expected, Queen Boo again warped away from Vector's swinging fist, and again a smaller version of her quickly appeared and multiply slapped his face with a fan.

"GAH!" the little ghost went as it almost got skewered by darting ninja stars that then stuck on a tree. "Huh…?"

It would seem the Boo noticed an unseen figure that at least gave off a wiggling form through the air. It dived from the trees and tread through the grass smoothly, like it never touched the floor. As soon as Vector opened his eyes, he could've sworn that he saw a little ghost disappearing.

"I see you have little cheep friends to back you up, ghosty." The ghost then appeared in sight, looking like it escaped some windy force that slashed like a blade. Vector studied closely, almost seeing an unseen but very familiar figure. "Espio?!"

The Boo sensed the invisible man leap to hang in the air, and shot a trio of ninja stars, harmlessly hitting the earth that looked like they swiftly teleported there rather than travel.

"Ghostly imposter…Begone! I'm collecting fee!" the female ghost faded from sight, and suddenly Queen Boo reappeared, performing her roar attack that once again blew Vector away.

After the back of his head traveled through the dirt, Vector lifted it up, tending the burning sensation of it. "God man…lucky I have scales otherwise this would be a real…"


He heard Espio's voice next to him, but something was different about him as Vector looked at him. No longer had he worn the green and black sneakers and the simple white gloves. This lizard had attire that made him look intimidating. His wrist and ankles all had black bands with gold beads orbiting around them, he wore purple shoes with a black stripe over it, his gloves had some kind of a Japanese wooden plate over his forearm, and the sock part of his shoes looked like some kind of a bandade roll.

"Espio…? Since when did you change duds…wait…was that you throwing those ninja thingies?"

Lifting his head and dropping it in defeat, it looked as if he had a secret that was finally found out. Aw crap…

Soon the giant ghost towered over the heroes, flashing its horrific face upon them, as if its chow time was seconds away.

"You are fools for testing your mere power against me! Now witness as I…"

A lightening bolt pierced the earth between the ghost and the two Chaotix, freezing the ghost's movement.

"Hey you…!"

Queen Boo turned to the voice, which was the Nimbus child that was with the two reptilians. "You wish to join their fate, Nimbian?"

"No…I only wish for you to stop or else…" what he pulled out was ALL ghosts' nightmares in the Mushroom World. "…I'll be forced to use THIS!" Yes…a bottle of what Mallow and his RPG friends used on their journey…Pure Water.

"AHHH!! NO! GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!!" And just like that, the Boo seemed to give as she shrunk back into that ghost with the double Hispanic bows on each of her side. "You win…I'll stop."

Wide eyes of the croc shot a bee line at the ghost. "Hey…you're the same ghost with the stupid fan!"

"No duh, thief! But how else was I to exact my revenge? Oh well, that form put up quite a headache."

The purple chameleon stood to his feet. "You certainly got quite a way to let out you anger, lady. But we destroying your boat gave you no right to kill us!"

"Who said I was going to kill you, peasant? My goal was to only scar you for life."

"Doesn't matter…! That still gave you no right!"

The ghost zipped close to Espio's face. "Do I care?! You destroyed my precious and expensive boat, and I will not stand and let you get away with it until I make you pay!"

Vector snorted, crossing his arms away from the ghost. "And whatchu gonna do about it, ghosty?"

Whatever she was planning, they knew a crafty and evil plan was in her head as she gave a sinister and wide smile.



Mushroom City: 5:34

Daylight stands strong in the mysterious metropolis city smack down in the middle of a medieval-like world. This city is Mushroom City; a place where the world population come for vacations and sight seeing. Mushroom, Bean, and Flower people walk among the urban streets, and hybrid animals explore around the area.

However, one hybrid, yet alien furry is interested in the Sarasaland cruiser that is Daisy's.

Amy Rose walks alone in the majestic boat, exploring the wonders of the resort ship. Yes it's what she dreamed of from seeing such ships on TV or in magazines. Sparkling pools, excellent decor, high delicate snacks, and gorgeous men marching around the deck...well most of these people are plant people, but there are a decent amount of animal folks. But that doesn't matter cause the most important hybrid animal of her life is on board...

...Sonic the Hedgehog.

That's right; the blue speed demon flowed around the crowd, nearly blending in. But to her sight, he stands out like the sun through the night. Her body felt like she was standing in an oven as her heart raced rapidly; as fast as Sonic could run. She breathed heavenly, as if she was about to near a heart attack, which she practically is. Her nerves flowed harder and harder as the blue hedgehog was gaining closer.

Nervous she is, she does have one weapon that'll help her trap Sonic's attention, and she's wearing it right now.

Okay...here goes...with the courage she has, she marched up to the hedgehog.

Sonic doubled take when he saw a familiar figure approaching him. Yes, she gotten his attention...and now he looked like he grown stiff as he saw her...at first she feared that he, as usual, gasped at her sight like she was the most horrible thing ever...but...his face didn't show that this time; no...He was awing at her new sight; speechless of what to say.

"Amy…? Wha…is that you?" It was down to his surprised face that Sonic loved the new sexy look…

…and grinning with her chin up, Amy was enjoying this. "Hmm…surprised Sonic? I thought you might." Yes she was milking this for all its worth by just strutting passed him and letting him drool all over. "Oh this is just something I picked up; no big."

She giggled to herself, with her face painted in different shades of red. At last, she was finally getting her dream hedgehog's attention. Now…how to use it to lead to her goal?

"~giggle~ why be so alone, Sonniku…I'm only a couple of blocks away." Maybe that was a little too much…but who cares? Sonic was actually noticing her the way she wanted him to.

Soon she stood at the edge of the boat, watching the beautiful full moon (?!?). Her body felt so much heat, and her heart beat faster than normal. But did she really have Sonic's attention? Did she really…?

What's this…? She felt some kind of warm arms softly wrapping around over her shoulders, and they has a pair of familiar white gloves wrapped around the hands. Amy felt like she could melt when she felt the gentle breath of her love just inches away from her red cheeks.

Oh my…she couldn't believe that her dream was becoming real…but now that it was in her grasp…she was too stiff to move.

"S-S-Sonic…? I….you…mmph!" without a word or permission, Sonic pressed his lips on hers. Oh my god…this…is too good to be true! ~Helga sigh~…oh my darling Sonniku.

As if they had minds of their own, her arms wrapped around her lover, as she kissed with all the passion she wanted to give him for years. And with this, she hoped this could last for…

Swiftly and roughly, Sonic pulled the girl away, giving her a scowl that brought fear upon her. And with this, he screamed:

"Amy…Amy…? YO…AMY…!!!"

BANG, her head went on a low ceiling, and down she went on a car chair. "Owwww…"

"Sorry, kid…hate to interrupt with you session with the pillow." Said Daisy who held on the pillow Amy kissed. "Need any ice?"

Amy grinded her teeth from the pain, also spitting out the feathers. Why…why did it have to be a dream? And it was such a good one too. Damn…er, I mean darn you, Daisy! "No thanks…what do you want?"

"I meant to say is…we're here!"

By that sound, Amy's face brightens up with a wide open smile. The two girls leaped out of Daisy's yellow limo, which Daisy had to drive to her cruiser to pick up, because to where they're going, Daisy's Bloom Coach would not be enough to carry all their bought valuables. Yes, my friends, their destination that they arrived now are a place that is earths, or any world's greatest contribution to high culture…

"THE SHOPPING MALL!!!" they stated with a cheer, as if they were praising the large complex.

Um…yes…thank you.

That's right, even in a world that's easily mistaken for a medieval land, has a large, futuristic design, where part of the large structure is glass and concrete design that is too hard to describe (Use your imaginations, people.) that is a shopping mall.

With their excited faces still worn, Daisy and Amy looked up at the sign that says: Mushroom City Mall, on the front of the upper platform that leads above the main entrance called. Yes by the size of this building, Amy is in heaven.

As they entered to the mall, like children in an amusement park, they are clueless to know what lurks on the top of the building. Like a dark agent of the underworld, or Death himself, which we know that Greg is the Grim Reaper, a mysterious and shadow being hidden under a cloak that flowed along the wind gazes down on the girls like a vulture just waiting for its prey to drop dead.

"Hmm…the mall…it just HAD to be the mall…oy, I'm gonna die of age by the time they're finished."



Congo Bongo- Misty Forest: 5:34 PM









There was nothing she could do but run.



Run she did, through the darkness. Run she did, through the fog. Run she did, through the eerie forest. Run she did…run!

"~pant~…~pant~…~huff~…somebody…? Mommy…? Help me!"

The little furry girl ran as fast as her dear legs can carry her, through the foggy woods. With such fear in her eyes, she looked behind her as she ran. A shadow blur zipped all around the trees like a creepy monkey. As a matter a fact, she is chased by a monkey who turned creepy thanks to some elf man and an evil Sonic.

"Please…~puff, puff~…leave me alone!"

"Chao, chao!"

Suddenly, Cream's head was slammed from the back, making her tumble on the dirt like a barrel and crash her back on a tree. Cream was woozy as her body was stood upside down. Her eyes saw nothing but black and gray blurs, and one of the blurry shapes moved, walking towards her and glowing its red eyes.


"How disappointing...running like a scared rabbit that you are."

As if appearing from nothingness, Shadow and Wario came behind possessed monkey that was breathing like an angry bull.

"Aww...what's wrong? Lil baby gonna cry? Come on, cry for your mommy; cry!" Wario mocked with a baby voice.

"Little Cream...if I were you, I would dispose of subject: Dixie Kong if I wanted to live."

After she rolled herself upright, Cream shot with a terrified face. "Y-Y-You mean...fight her, Evil Sonic-san? I...d-d-don't like to fight…"

"Chao, chao..."

It took all of Shadow's patients from blowing his lid off as Wario laughed under his breath. "Evil Sonic...?! You dare compare myself to that faker...? I should burn you to ashes under hell's fires if I didn't have to obey my masters' orders..." snapping his fingers, Dixie snapped her body straight. "...Kong...annihilate this brat anyway you like..."

"Yeah, and we wanna some ass-kicking and bones cracking, so chop chop."

However, the possessed gorilla shot her rapid mask, showing her razor teeth she must have gotten with the Dark Boo spirit that is foam madly.

"Hey, don't you make slap you inside-out!" Wario warned, but Dixie still continued.

"She won't listen to you; nimrod...the Dark Boos has no amount of loyalty in their eco-plasma hides."

"No fair, then why were you barking an order if that's true, hoggy?"

Shadow only turned away with a proud look. "It makes me feel superior."

"Wise-ass...." Wario muttered.


Dixie wasted no time as she dived right at Cream like a lion, but smashed her face on a tree when Cream rolled out of the way.

"Please...uh...Monkey-san...I don't want to fight!" she cried, grasping her hands in a prayer way.

"RrrRRAAAHH!!" Cream barely ducked away from Dixie's pony tail as it made a scratch on the bark behind the rabbit.

Holding onto Cheese by her chest, Cream hurried away from the dark Kong, but Dixie pursued her, racing with her four paws like a true monkey. Cream couldn't see through all the thick fog, but fear flooded her heart and blinded her eyes so much that she didn't care where she'll turn. All she wants was to escape the poor controlled monkey and avoiding…f-f-fighting.


"Man…just how on Mobius are we suppose to get through all this musty fog?"

Somewhere in Misty Forest, Sonic, Mario, and Diddy were up in a predicament. Since a scream led them to this forest, they assume Shadow and Wario weren't too far behind with their captive, Dixie Kong. The real problem is that all this fog is making their search very difficult.

"Well, they don't call Misty Forest for nothing, Mr…uh…?"

Sonic grinned at the monkey. "Hedgehog…Sonic…the Hedgehog..."

Mario irritably stared at the rodent. "Well then-a, Double-07, had ya figured out a way to find Wario…hmm…?"

"Hey, don't rush me, Plumber-man. These things take time…whoa; I can't believe I just said that."

Mario shook his head, not believing he has to deal with this…kid. His eyes then locked onto his new water device that's strapped on him like a backpack: Fludd. "Hey…Fludd, do you have some kind-a of a tracking gizmo?"

#"Negative…however I am programmed with optic red-scanners, capable of scanning filth in dark or foggy terrains."#

"Great…we should be able to find Dixie, then…from the map I have, Misty Forest isn't quite so big, so…"

"Wait…you have a map…?" Sonic asked, blinking surprisingly. "WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST USE IT FOR THIS PLACE?"

"Whoa…easy, Pizano…unfortunately, whoever made this never got to map-a out this place-a for…well look at this place."

Commence with the hedgehog sweat dropping, as Sonic did.

But Diddy was of no mood to hear these two argue again; all he wants is to save his sweet girlfriend, Dixie Kong. Praying to the gods…he hopes that she's alright. He can't seem to contain himself from shaking without her.


Diddy's eyes flashed brightly, gasping at that familiar voice. He desperately scanned the foggy land, but it was impossible to see through these thick walls of fog.

"Diddy…help me…"


That stopped the hedgehog's and the plumber's argument as they looked at the young Kong.

"What's wrong, Diddy?" asked Mario. However, the little monkey gave no answer expect disappearing in fog, crying out Dixie's name. "Hey, little Pizano…!"

"What the heck is that little ape doing? He's gonna get lost in Fog-ville here!"

"I don't know, kid, but I think that he must be on-a to something. We better follow him."

"Cool…alright then let's blast through…"

"Hold on…! You think you can zip through this place? You can barely see where you're going, and I think you have the nose to prove it."

Sonic rubbed his hurt nose, painfully remembering that he barely crashed into a tree. "Don't remind me. What's you're point, Plumber-man?"

"We have to follow Diddy's lead…and you know what that means."

Sonic could hear the shrieking music from Psycho as his eyes became pale. "You mean…we have…to move…slow…again…? NOOOOOOO…!"



Rose Way: 5:53 PM

It's been like, what…a mile…maybe two, since the battle with their self-invited companion: Mistress Bow, a female Boo perhaps once and still from a deceased rich society. She has a female complexion, but she also has red bows on each of her ears, if she has any, with yellow cloths hanging from each of them, as if they were from the Mexican culture. Yes, she has volunteered to join the two Chaotix and Nimbus prince in their quest for the next Chaos Emerald…okay, actually…

"I'm not letting any of you animals out of my sight until you pay me back for my broken boat!"

"Boat…? Crimeny, dudette…what would a ghost need a stinking boat for? You're dead, aren't you?" Vector shouted, feeling like he was the main victim in Bow's nagging.

"I just like to do a little sewer sailing, plus that boat has been in the family for generations, and you clods stole it and ruined it!"

"Well if your little ghosties didn't scare the scaly crap out of me, which I wasn't, then maybe I wouldn't…"

"Would you two, for the love of god, SHUT…UP!?!!"

And stiffing silent, Vector and Bow did under the mighty force of Espio's echoing scream.

"And as for you…" said Vector, quickly coming to. "…since when can you do all that…ninjitsu stuff, huh? Why didn't you tell me?"

Espio only turned away, watching the road. "The less you know the better."

Vector rolled his eyes in yet another of Espio's mystery puzzles. Throughout the time he and the rest of the Chaotix knew him, Espio never opened himself up, nor did he like to talk about himself. He's just a walking enigma.

Soon, Espio's dark eyes gazed up ahead. "Is that the place, Mallow?"

Mallow blinked at Espio's direction. "Yup, there it is…Rose Town!"

Yes indeed, as the gang approaches the wooden gates, we see a humble little village with red roof houses and a giant beanstalk that touched the clouds called Rose Town; a quite little village within the lush land of Marsh Land, and between the jungle and the Forest Maze.

"About time we got here…" said Espio as he and the group stepped foot into the land. "At least here we can gather up some more supplies."

Vector nodded. "Oh yeah, you got the loot, Espio?"

Espio simply held the bag of coins they gathered from the waterfall. But then his hand automatically held it away from the blur of Bow. "Hold on, ghost…we need this money for supplies!"

"Well you clowns need to pay up for the damages…and how much is in there?" the ghost phased through the bag for a peek. "That's it…? Come on, my boat is worth more than your lives!"

If Bow wasn't already dead, Espio would've slapped her for that. "Are you always this rude, ghosty?"

"Unless any of my fair property has been obliterated, no! Besides, a girl's stuff is her own treasure." And with that, she wiped out her furry fan and laughed like someone from Slayers or Ranma. (Three guesses who.)

Vector felt like his ears were gonna burst. Oh god, make her stop!

And so, the gang traveled along through the peaceful town, scanning the area for any place useful, till they found themselves near an item shop and went inside. Further back from the shop, near a small little inn, a young little mushroom kid with a red striped mushroom head plays by his lonesome with little action figures of Mushroom World's favorite hero and villain (If you don't know who…play some of the games why don't you.).

But suddenly, a spot of the earth began to crumble with its crunchy sound and caused the young child fear.


Bouncing the child off the ground, a strange pink flower rises from the earth. Strange this flower was, for it looked a bit robotic, but it's not. Then POP…the flower blasted sparkles as well as a little insect creature with a pilot helmet, a brown vest with a bumble-bee patch on the right-front, and orange sneakers.

"Boy, that was weird…I still gotta practice doing that flower warp." It said, shaking its head. The fluttering bee checked its new surround before his eyes ended up at a frightened toad. "Oh hello there… Can you please tell…?"


Suddenly, a mushroom lady hurried out the door for the child's call. "Gaz…what is it?"

"Mom, look, a wasp monster!"

The woman gasped in shock and swept her son away from the hovering insect.

"Wait-wait-wait…! Don't be afraid, I'm not a wasp…I'm just a little honey bee!"

The woman's frightened face slowly decreased as she took a good look at the innocent little bee. "You…don't look like a Wasper." (A/N: Or whatever those little wasp things are called.) Pressing her lips, the woman then felt a little bad for misjudging such a little thing. "Oh, forgive me…we do get a bit of a wasp problem around here, Mr…?"

The little bee laughed as he shyly rubbed his head. "Aw, don't worry about it, and the name is Charmy the Bee, part of the Chaotix Detectives."

The little toad leaped out of his mother's arm out of excitement. "Wow, you're a detective?! Cool! Do you go around chasing bad guys and start shooting them?" he then, joyfully, made little gun noises like he was shooting people.

"Gaz…!" his mother warned. "What did I tell you about those things?"

Gaz shamefully hung his head. "Sorry, mother…"

The woman then bowed in a Japanese manner to Charmy. "Oh please forgive me. I'm the Inn keeper of Rose Town. You look a little young to be renting a room for the night, but I'm sure I can deal with that. Are your parents around?"

"Uh, no, and I'm not here for a room. I'm looking for some friends of mine. Have you seen a croc with headphones or a purple lizard with a horn on his forehead, or puffy cloud man?"

The Inn keeper shook her head. "No sorry."

Charmy pouted and was about to inform his leave when…


The mushroom woman took a deep breath to contain her outburst. "What…?"

"I know who this is!" he cried, holding up a newspaper.

"You do…?" Charmy and the Inn keeper asked.

"Yeah…! Look mom, look!" he gave the paper to his mother for a look. "He's one of those alien guys who saved the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario!"

Although it was hard to tell, the woman can see a picture of Charmy in the far corner fighting a bunch of Koopas and robots in black and white. "An alien…? Oh come now, Gaz…there's no such things as aliens." She then looked at Charmy. "But are you really a friend of Mario?"

Charmy nodded. "Yup, and I really do come from another world."

This caused the woman to freeze and look at him like he was crazy…before she burst of laughter. "Hahahah…oh you're such a funny child."

The bee sweat dropped. "Uh…"

"Wow, if you're a friend of Mario, then let's play!" Gaz cheered.


His mother giggled. "Oh, sorry... You see, Gaz doesn't have many friends since there aren't many kids living here and it would be a miracle if someone would play with him."

"Oh that's so sad…" with his face shining like a light, Charmy flipped his bag over him and dug inside of it. "…tell you what. I'm not much in a hurry, so I'll play with Gaz for a while."

(A/N: Oh, just to interrupt, I changed his age to 10, since in Sonic Heroes; Charmy is the same age as Cream.)

"You will…? Oh thank you so much, Charmy." Said the Inn keeper with delight. "You play nice with the polite young man, you hear me Gaz, or no ice cream for you."

"Yes mom…"

With that, the woman walked back to the inn. "I'll be back with some cookies. How would you like them, Charmy?"

"Chewy if you can, please."

Soon as the woman went inside, Gaz dumped a load of toys from his box. By Charmy's sight, they were action figures of Mario and most of his enemies and friends.

"Let's play 'Save the world'! You can be the bad guy, Koopa, and I'll be the hero, Mario!"

"Um…actually, I thought I'll use my own toys."

"You have toys of your own?"

Nodding, Charmy pulled out a box and dumped in. They were action figures of Sonic and most of his friends and enemies. "Yup, I just collect action figures…my grandpa makes toys, so I had him make some action figures of my friends. I'll play as the heroes in my world, Sonic the Hedgehog!"

"Who…?" Charmy then gave Gaz a quick info of the hero of Mobius and all that other stuff, putting Gaz up to speed. "Oh…I say Mario is better."

"He's cool, but next to Knuckles, Sonic is better."

"No, Mario is!"








As the kids proceed in their little argument of popularity, the mother stirs a bowl of cookie dough, watching the two from the kitchen window.

"Oh, such bliss. It's nice for children to get along."



Congo Bongo-Misty Forest: 5:58 PM

"Please stop the madness, monkey-san! I don't want to fight you!"

"Chao, chao…!"

Back in the very foggy forest that is Misty Forest, Cream ran and ran and ran for her life and pacifist beliefs from the dark controlled monkey that is Dixie. But doing such things was impossible for her because Dixie is as agile as a monkey that she is, and she used the hidden trees as higher routes to outrun the rabbit, and, for some odd reason, there are barrel hidden in the trees, and Dixie used those wooden objects as projectiles.

The little rabbit maneuvered around the rolling and bouncing barrels with every yelp and scream on every turn, praying that she won't get crushed.

"Chao…chao…!" the blue creature tugged her dress, as if it was trying to tell her something.

"I'm not gonna fight, Cheese…she doesn't realize what she's…"

BOOM!! And a surprise attack from a bomb tossed the poor bunny high and slammed her side of her body hard on the ground.

She whimpered, feeling the pain on her arm pounding her with so much torture. She prayed that and wished this nightmare will end right now, but as the frightening girl monkey dropped to the floor, eying the rabbit with angry and purple energy eyes…she…she couldn't think, she was so cold with fear.

"This is irritating us, little rabbit." Shadow stated matter-a-factly as he and Wario watched the fight from the other side of bush line.

"You know, I knew I should've split the dark orb into two like I did back in the castle. I mean, we just had to get stuck with a bratty pacifist; it just sucks!"

"I agree, Wario…" Shadow observed and studied the subjects, trying to ponder on a way to make Cream fight. But then…his eyes got rather interested in what Cream was holding as she stood up. "Hmm…"

Like a flash, Shadow zipped passed Cream, and the next thing you see is Cream…without Cheese.

"~gasp~…no Cheese!" Cream cried, but rubbed her right arm when she felt the bruise.

Shadow chuckled, wickedly, juggling the blue creature. "Oh, so this is yours, huh…? Wario, check and see if this thing has her name on it."

Cheese felt like the monkey in the middle as she tried to jump up and catch the Chao, which she failed.

Wario caught it and looked around the poor creature. "Mmm…nope, nadda…heheh, no name, meaning this is ours, kid." Wario then licked his lips. "I wonder how this thing tastes like under fondue. Mmm, mmm!"

Cream gasped, biting her fingers.

"Possession is nine-tenths of the law, child." stated Shadow. "Now…if you want to see your pet again, I suggest you fight Kong here…" pointing to Dixie, the monkey looked extremely anxious like a rapid dog to get back to the fight. "…and I must tell you; you don't want to disappoint Dixie here."

The rabbit was trapped in a corner. The only choice to ensure the safety of her friend was to fight…but she can't fight without Cheese…however there is one thing she can do, but she'll hate herself for this.

"Cheese, bite him!"

CHOOMP!! And Wario ran around in frenzy, screaming at the top of his lungs as hand was under the fangs of Cheese.


POW!! Wario ran his gut right into Shadow's fist, popping Cheese off his hand. Wario quickly ate a mushroom before the loss of blood became an issue, and he then breathed easy.

Shadow's blood eyes then lay at Cream who recovered Cheese to her arms. "Well that was very cute, little girl…however…"

"YOU ARE SERIOUSLY DEAD!!" Wario screamed to the top of his lungs as he charged towards her, but then Dixie snapped at him like a dog. "GAAH! WHY YOU…!!"

"Now, now, Wario…" Shadow said. "You know better to touch the Kong's food." Although, as Shadow knows, they do have little control over the Dark Boos since they are helping them, but that don't mean they have to be very patient. "Now then, child, the possession of your little pet is still mine unless…"

"Well...talk about being stubborn and full of surprises..." calmly, Shadow and Wario tuned to that voice of the blue hedgehog as they found him, along with Mario and Diddy standing in a clearing of the foggy woods. "...I never thought you would stoop so low into picking on little girls, Black-Sheep."

A bright smile was brought on Cream's face. "Sonic the Hedgehog!" but then Wario held her back from running to his side.

"Persistent, are you, hedgehog? I thought it would take you even longer to find me through this misty forest."

Sonic proudly smirked. "Heh...well I see you didn't check my resume... 'Under five seconds, or your money back.' That's what it says."

Mario sweat-dropped as he raised a brow... Kill me now, please! "Okay, you puppets…release those girls right now."

"Puppets…? Moi…?" Shadow humbly asked. "Controlled I'm not. I'm just doing this for my freedom and rightful possession of this body."

"Fat chance, Faker…! It belongs to the real Shadow…so make like a loser and leave!"

"Sonic, that's 'make like a tree and leave'." Mario said.

"Too 1970s…"

Shadow sighed and shook his head as he raised his hand for a snap…until Wario grabbed his wrist. "The SG3s…? Hell with that! I say we battered these goody-goods ourselves."

"The Masters' wishes are for them to remain alive."

"I didn't say anything about killing them…heheh…they ain't getting off that easy."

Shadow pondered at the possibilities of Wario's suggestion. Hmm…numerous punishments for the hedgehog…Intriguing... "Hmm…works for me."

Sonic and Mario snapped into positions the second they saw Shadow and Wario glare nothing but hungry looks at their counterparts. Mario, however, pushed a button to shrink Fludd into portable mode, which looks like some kind of a yellow mine. He knew that she won't do any good right now.

"You the plan-man, Plumber-man…what's the plan…?"

"Simple; we fight; Diddy saves girls, end of story…clear?"


With that, Sonic, Mario, Shadow, and Wario charges at each other like armies at war. For this is

Round 2.



Congo Bongo Seas: 4:48 PM

Well as we last remembered, Knuckles the Echidna, Rouge the Bat, and Donkey and Candy Kong (no relation) were up in a pickle as they had no way to K. Rool's floating fortress, also known as the Blast o Matic. Lady Luck called when Diddy's old friend from the Diddy Kong Races, Tiptup the Turtle came with a number of hovercrafts. With them, they can journey over to the fortress...

"LOOK OUT!!!!!"

…If they can survive the raining bombs that is.

** Vehicle music (Sonic X, Sonic's Battle) **

Yes readers, the crew on the four hovercrafts dearly tried to maneuver the bombs that blew large geysers in the water, but doing so was easier said then done, and they can barely avoid their doom.

But fear not, for it seems that they are in some zone area where rings and balloons from the Diddy Kong races lies, thanks to the power of the Master Emerald, and Eggman who shot its energies at Star Haven for some reason that they are trying to find out.

But defeat K.Rool they must!

"I could kiss Lady Luck right now! We'd be dead if these rings weren't around!" said Knuckles, grabbing the rings as he passed by. Because that Knuckles isn't familiar of the arts of water driving, except for the Sonic Drift races, and for the fact of insurance of the crafts, Tiptup drove it for Knuckles.

"Um…w-w-what do these rings….DO!!!!?!!" screaming with bloody tone, a bomb slams and blast them in a watery burst, with rings flown about. But after the geyser ended, the two and the craft were left intact…sort of.

Knuckles rubbed his temples like he had a headache. "Owww…it keeps us alive! Now MOVE!!"

Yelping from his shout, Tiptup pressed a button which activated zoom thrusters from the blue balloon he ran into, and gave the craft a quick dash from the next bomb blast.

They caught up to rest of the gang as they drove for dear life, escaping the blasts that tore the waters. They didn't knew how to dodge them, but they just drove as fast as they can, praying that they will not get caught in the bombs, despite of the protection of the rings.

"Its times like these that makes wished you'd stayed home!" Rouge muttered, desperately driving fast, she did.


"Ah, how careless are they to barge right through my forces." Watching the madness rage about in the waters, Prof. Krusha did, rubbing his jaw above his fingers. "But my curiosities of the rings that lie above the waters were right on the money. They provide these fools limited protection from instant death… Luckily I had my men gather some for testing."

Behind the croc who lied on a chair in the computer room, K.Rool and Klump stood by, against their will, had to wait for his commands.

"Oh, how brilliant of you, ol emperor of evil!" said K.Rool, sarcastically, rolling his eyes around. "And just how are you gonna use those little jewelry to your advantage?"

"Oh very simple, my dear lackey…" Krusha towered up from the chair, showing that even with high IQ; he still has the brawn to rule with an iron fist. "…these marvelous rings will prove useful to power up my latest weapon. I was gonna use this to face the might of Donkey Kong and claim the Crystal Coconut, but he made it so easy and foolish into coming here."

"You claim the coconut…? That honor was suppose to be mine, and not for my lackeys, Krusha!"

"That's Professor Krusha to you, and you forget who know holds title by brains and power alone." Proving that, he still wore his magnetic gloves he used to create his weapons in record time, holding up his electro fist near the sweating king. "But don't fret…I will still leave the defeat and death of Donkey Kong over to you, if it makes you feel happy."

With that deal, K.Rool popped one eye wide. "Hmm…well with an offer like that, how can I refuse…? Fine, but that doesn't mean I'll surrender my will to serve you."

"Pish posh, K.Rool…who said you had a choice? You lost your title and the idiotic brawn you once knew is gone forever and the true Krusha shall not return under that embarrassing prison." smirking at the king, he then walked away. "Use the weapon to destroy him, as you like. It's the large mech; you can't miss it."

Watching the muscle man leave, K.Rool growled at him with reptilian rage. That arrogant cretin…who does he thinks he is? I'll show him…I'll show who the brainless simpleton still is. "Klump…?"

The fat croc with the army helmet saluted in response. "Yes sir…?"

"Now then…I want you to…" grinning evilly, K.Rool whispered his instructions to his lackey. "…do I need to repeat that?" he asked with a threatening manner.

"No sir…! I'll get it right away!" with that, Klump hurried down the hall.

We'll see whose superior, Krusha…but at least now I'll get a fair bonus in the destruction of Donkey Kong…muahaha…Congo Bongo and its Crystal Coconut will still be within my deserving grasp!


Missiles flew away, blasting floating cannons to bits. It was all thanks to the racers' hovercrafts and the red balloons they are now running through that gave them the ammo to do so. Rouge aimed her craft towards the incoming cannons and shot a rocket, blasting it out of sight.

"Oh look at that; I busted another one…oh silly me." She grinned evilly, proceeding to the fortress.

Finally after they survived through the gun fire, the gang drove over a ramp that helped them up to the foot of the fortress, on a platform, and came to a stop.

"Alright, Donkey…do you remember your way around this place?" asked Candy.

The bulky gorilla scratched his head, trying to remember the last time he was here. "Uhh…if I remember, there should be an elevator leading to the entrance…I don't know, you know I have a bad memory."

"As if I was hoping for you to remember…" Candy muttered.

"Guys…?" Tiptup called, still in his hovercraft. "Do I really have to…stay here?" he gulped.

"We might need a ride back, you know." said Knuckles. "Unless you leave the other three carts here…"

"And risk having them damaged…?" just when the worrying turtle was about to finish….

…There came a squad of Kremlings, dropping down from the elevator.

"Oh how kind…" Knuckles chucked, cracking his knuckles (Snicker.). "…the welcome committee." Wasting no time, he dashed ahead for the attack, with Donkey Kong not too far behind.

Sounds of punches, bone cracking, etc can be heard off camera as we can see Candy and Rouge wincing away. Soon flying Kremlings soared over the girls, plummeting in the water. And the area was all clear as Knuckles and Donkey Kong stood a stance for any more challengers.

"Tiptup, we have no time to debate about this." said Knuckles. "Either you stay or risk being captured as a prime subject for their torture or leave…your choice."


Not letting him respond, the girls followed the boys over to the elevator, activating it to proceed to the upper level.

"Uh…I knew I should've brought my cables…oy…"

(Music fades)


"You know, treasure hunter, you should've saved some for me."

"Rouge, not now…"

Soon, after arriving in the large floating tower, with the head shaped like K.Rool's, Knuckles slammed the doors open allowing his group to enter forward in the dark room where another door was seen ahead.

"So…how are we gonna do this?" Candy asked.

As if already knew, Donkey vibrated his fist. "Well I say we put the Banana Slamma on K.Rool's scaly ass, big time!"

"Not a bad idea, ape…" said Rouge, stepping ahead of the gang. "You and the echidna (Knuckles: (muttering) I do have a name, Bat-girl.) can make like idiots and fly your fists on the bad guys, that way; we girls, like true intelligent females, can make it into the armory…" out of her glove, she waved around a timer with Robotnik's mug printed on the upper frame. "…and we'll set this timer, that way, we'll blow up the whole fortress and scrape any piece of Eggman's technology that they collected…unless they still have some in that old lair you say they once hid."

Candy shook her head. "No, they completely abandoned the mines since they prefer this place."

Knuckles nodded. "Alright then let's get to work right…" surging with confidents, the echidna punched the second doors open… "…uh…now…?"

…and ended up in a room filled with lava, with ropes connected to propellers that hung over the lava.

"Ooo…did I mentioned about the room of lava, guys?" DK sheepishly informed, deserving deadly glares from his friends.


**FAQ music (Sonic Heroes, Bingo Highway) **

Nicole: ~Character FAQ time. Opening Nintendo and Sega files….begin bio report~


-Sonic Team-


Metal Knuckles

Age: Unknown

Species: Bioroid echidna

Birthplace: Robotropolis/Land of Darkness

Weight: 300 pounds

Height: 4.40

Bio: If creating a replica of Sonic was good, why not create a robotic clone of Angel Island's guardian, Eggman thought. That is what happened before the creation of this brute cyborg was created. Metal Knuckles is made with the same technology as Metal Sonic, meaning he can mimic, virtually, all of Knuckles moves, but stronger. He was created just in time before the Sonic R started.

Personality: Perhaps the same as Knuckles, without any speech.

Original appearance: Sonic R

Attacks: Most of Knuckles abilities, Force Field

Company ownership: Sega


Vector the Crocodile

Age: 19

Species: Crocodile

Birthplace: Resides in Station Square

Weight: 201

Height: 5.03

Likes: Music, women

Dislikes: Being disrupted from his music

Bio: He leads a team called the Chaotix, who first banded together with Knuckles when Eggman invaded an amusement park built in Angel Island. Though they still keep in touch with Knuckles and help guard the Master Emerald, they made a living as a detective agency in Station Square, which Vector still leads. Vector would do any job under the mighty name of a dollar, provided if it's legal.

(Note: For those who read my fic: The Reign of Chaos, forget it, cause I'm changing some of the story around, so Knuckles will meet the Chaotix when he officially met them; IE: Knuckles Chaotix.)

Personality: A croc who knows how to relax, especially under music. Happy-go-lucky that he is, he tends to goof off from his responsibilities, and is sometimes egotistical, mostly when it comes to women.

Original appearance: Knuckles Chaotix

Ability: Posses quite a deal of strength, but heavenly pales to Mighty's. He's also a good swimmer, and he can blast sonic waves from his headphones somehow.

Attacks: Croc Hammer, Roar, Fire Breath, Gum Blast, Chomp, Music Jam

Company ownership: Sega



-Mario Team-


Prince Mallow Nimbus

Age: 15

Species: Nimbian

Birthplace: Nimbus Land

Weight: 98

Height: 2.56

Likes: his family, crying

Dislikes: crying, feeling helpless

Bio: Accidentally separated from his parents from a corrupt advisor, but adopted by Frogfucious of Tadpole Pond as his grandson. In the RPG saga, he joined Mario on his quest, and in the process he reunited with his parents, the royal family of Nimbus Land.

Personality: He tends to be very emotional, which includes crying that can cause a rain storm. He's fun loving, and brave in the inside, which he does not hesitate to use his Naturomancy abilities (Control the weather).

Original appearance: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Ability: Natromancy.

Attacks: Thunderbolt, HP Rain, Psychopath, Shocker, Snowy, Star Rain

Company ownership: Nintendo


Mistress Bow

Age: Unknown before she passed away as a Boo.

Species: Boo (Perhaps formally Mushroomer.)

Birthplace: Resides in Boo Mansion

Weight: None

Height: 1.08

Likes: Scaring, sewer sailing

Dislikes: Anyone damaging her valuables, people not fearing her

Bio: Before her afterlife, Bow was part of a rich socialist family until her unknown death perhaps 100 years ago. Now she and her Boo family eternally stay in their proud home, scaring the wits out of their neighbor, Tubba Bubba. That is until Bowser Koopa used the power of the Star Rod to make Tubba Bubba invincible and allowed him to eat Bow's family. With the help of Mario, he and Bow exploited his weakness, and freed the Boos.

Personality: Sometimes a bit snobby when it comes to dealing with 'commoners', but she's not afraid to step in the face of danger even if it means taking away her life…again.

Original appearance: Paper Mario

Ability: Shift shape to change her appearance, and invisibility and un-solid ability.

Attacks: Slap, Outta Sight, Spook, Fan Slap, Mega Scream (new made up move)

Company ownership: Nintendo


Nicole: ~End program…return to present story. ~

(End music)



Rose Town: 6:15 PM

"Well…I think that's everything."

Meanwhile back in the village of Marsh Land, Espio and Bow excited out of the town's item shop, with a bag of first-aid stuff for their continuing journey.

Espio sat on the grass and checked the bag. "Let's see…mushrooms…super mushrooms…1-UP mushrooms…jeez, does this whole place involves with mushrooms?"

"They don't call it the Mushroom World for nothing."

"Hmm…does that mean you were a mushroom person when you were alive?"

Bow cocked her brows up. "Huh…of course I was…a rich and beautiful mushroomer at that…you thought I was human?"

"Well…the princesses sort of tipped me off…now how much we have left?" Espio pulled out another bag full of coins, where he counted quite a few gold coins. "That's weird…I don't remember spending all those green….VECTOR!!!!"


"And then I went: Listen broad…if you don't like it about how I busted up your musty little boat, then you take your dead skanky ass out of my face, and deal wit your own money, cause you have the molas, so buy yourself a freakin new boat…"

Espio and Bow barged in on some store that looked very unique from the other houses. Instead of red roofs, this store looked like some store you see in those beach towns. There they found Vector talking with the store clerk with Mallow inside the store, where it looks like it sells stereos, styling clothes, etc for the teenaged need.

"…'but you broke my precious boat, and that that means you must pay'…No, I said. You had your little playmates try to scare one up on me, broad, meaning it's your fault. So you can buy yourself a new boat…"


"What…?" once again, that small feeling came back to the croc when a giant ugly but VERY scary face appeared snarling down on him.


And Vector dropped backwards like he had a heartattack.

Espio sighed as he pulled the croc up and Mallow and the clerk drew out of their hiding spots, and Bow reverted to normal.

"Vec…what happened with the green…where did you get the threads?"

Regaining his senses, Vector's cocky self kicked in as he stood up to show off his new look. Now Vector look was more street style than it was skater style. His new gloves had puffy black wrists with gold buckles on them, his black shiny sneakers had a white square stripe on the top, he also wore gold chains around his neck, and most importantly, he now bought new phones, which were not connected to a walkman. They were perhaps radio phones or maybe wireless connection for an MP3 player. Who knows?

"Like the new look, dude…? Check this…thought I go for a street-wise look…you know; to intimidate the criminal-bums, ya know what I'm saying, cuz?"

It's been a few seconds that Espio just stood there, dully, and sweat dropped…before he pulled Vector's chain to face him up to his point of view.

"You would waste our first-aid money…ON SOME JUNK?!!"

"Espio…" Vector said, keeping his cool. "Relax…I only used the greens since they say the gold ones are used more…plus I got the snazzy new phones for free since I'm a Mobian."

"Dammit, Vector, you're not…wait…; you got them for free because you're a Mobian?!?! When did this happen?"

"Since the owner of this turf is a Mobian too. He gave these on the house 'cause he was happy to see a Mobian here."

Strangely enough, he was correct. Standing behind the counter was actually a raccoon Mobian.

"You…really are a Mobian…! How did…?"

The clerk answered. "I don't know…the minute I woke up…here I am in this mushroom land…but it's nothing. It's just a dream and sooner of later, I'll wake up and all the brats will come knocking on my door, asking me for a discount on their video games…" and he chuckled…nervously I might add.

Espio put Vector in a headlock, but only for a whisper. "Vec…this is what Princess Acorn was talking about…Mobius and this world is merging. Sooner or later, the entire world will collide with this one."

"Well on the bright side, Espio, at least we're going home…very slowly I might add."

Espio growled at the croc. "Get serious, Vector…I don't think the Mobian eco-system or whatever will be able to take whatever this world has that could do serious damage to our world. We may be going home, but we'll be taking all these people with us, including their enemies."

Vector then broke free of Espio's grip, massaging his neck. "Not to worry, Espio, dude. Once we find this next Chaos Emerald, we'll be one step closer into bringing everything back to normal."

"~sigh~…I hope you're…"


The duo snaps their eyes towards the door, not wasting any time with words as they bolted outside to find the cause of the bloody scream.


"Oh no, it's the nasty and evil King Bowser Koopa! Somebody please save me!" cried Peach, trapped behind the large spiked turtle.

"Ha, ha! Little princess…you are in my clutches once again, and this time, there is no one to save you now!"

"Guess again, Koopa!" from out of nowhere, the chubby but heroic plumber of them all, Super Mario arrives at the scene. "Let her go, Bowser Koopa!"

"Never…! My Koopa Troopas will lay waste on you, Mario! Attack him my troops!" But as they charged forward, they swept away like nothing thanks to Mario's might. "Hah, hah! You think you that were my only plan, Mario? Think again!"

"What do you mean?"

"I have joined forces with another evil foe…Behold!"

Like a cheep sci-fi flick, a fat man in a hover-pod dropped in, hanged by a string. "I am Dr. Eggman; the world's greatest genius. I am more powerful than you are, plumber, and my robots shall prove that! Surround him!"

And under a second, Mario was surrounded by E-100 series. He tried to jump and kick and all that, but their armor was too much.

"Oh no, they're very strong, but I'll still save the princess!"

"Not quite, plumber…!" stated Eggman. "You much choose! Save the princess…or save the princess of Mobius and a cute little pink girl!"

Dropping from above, Princess Sally and Amy Rose were tied together and hanged from the sky.

"Help us, oh help us!"

"You fiend…! Now I can't choose!"

"It's over, plumber!" the two tyrants said as they laughed. "Hahhahaha!"

"Guess again, losers!" Over to the side, the one and only, Sonic the Hedgehog has arrived, zipping in the scene at the speed of sound. "I found you, Egg-butt!"

"Sonic, you annoying fool!"

"Sonic, my hero is here!" Amy happily cheered.

"Hey, he's my hero!" Sally stated.

"No, he's mine!"




"Hold it!!"

The show toy paused as Charmy laid his Sonic toys down and confusedly looked at his playmate. "What's wrong, Gaz?"

"Does this Sonic guy really have two girlfriends?"

"Well…kind of…"

"I have to say…Speeeeuuuuu!" (A/N: Trying to sound like Skippy from Anamanics.) "Okay, now maybe after they save their girlfriends, the two heroes have a cool fight to see…"

"Hey, why do they have to fight? They're on the same side."

"Uh…I don't know; maybe Sonic gets jealous over Mario? Who cares? It's cool!"

"No it's not. It doesn't make sense for them to fight. They already did for real anywise."

"Really…did Mario win?"

"Neither…but that's not right."

"Doesn't have to be, cause it's cool! Besides, you're just saying that cause Mario will win."

"No, it's just very bad for them to fight…again, and Sonic will win anywise."










Strange…Charmy has yet to continue the childish chain of the argument arts, as he came to silence. Gaz grinned, feeling that victory was his.

"Hah…thought so that…"



Charmy had a stern and nervous face staring somewhere away from Gaz. "That guy over there…"

The pink striped mushroomer scanned towards the town gate, noticing a mysterious stranger hidden under a ragged brown cloak entering the town. "Wow, I never seen anyone like that before…maybe it's a baddie!"

"Maybe…he looks pretty bad to me too."

The cloaked figure stopped near the flower shaped sign, directing its attention over to the two kids.

"Uh-oh…he's…looking at us." Gaz gulped, nervously scooping up his toys.

Charmy, keeping in mind of his past experiences, that he must remain cool when under the presence of a dangerous looking being, for that there are a lot of innocents here that needs protection.

Okay, Mr. Bad guy…who are under that dirty blanket…I'm not afraid of you, dark-boy!

The hood of the cloak fluttered by the wind, revealing long red dreadlocks that brightened Charmy's eyes.

The bee gasped in relief. "Knuckles…oh man, you had me going there. I thought you were some kind of…!"

But then, long metallic twin claws ripped the cloak when they were extended out. They ripped the rest of the cloak, revealing the body of a killing droid. This robot looked like Knuckles, but it was as sinister as Metal Sonic. Within its dark visors were green pupils, most of its body seemed a polygonal version of Knuckles' but its claws were not hand shaped; only sort of shovel shaped with razor sharp twin claws on each of them.

This shocking appearance made their hearts skip a beat hard.


Charmy's spine felt a chilling wave rushing through by the sight of this robotic creature. "I-I-I…think…it's a…Metal Knuckles!"

Brandishing its shiny claws around, the murderous droid launched like a bullet and smashed its claws hard on the ground between the kids, blasting a hole within it. Gaz and Charmy pulled up to their feet after that attack blew them away.

"That's a…scary robot…i-i-it's trying to kill us." Gaz stated, already feeling pale…but then… "……COOL!!"

Charmy coughed a little before shooting a wide look at Gaz. "You think it's cool?!! A Badnik robot is here only to kill me and my friends, along with everything that moves, and you think it's cool?!!"


"…..ME TOO…!!!" ^-^

Metal Knuckles finally pulled its claws free from the earth before going back to his hunt with the kids. But with just the rotten taste of timing, guess who bolted out the Inn door.

"What's all the ruckuses…are you playing with Ba-Bombs again, Gaz…?! ~gasp~"

Gasp, indeed, cause what stood on her front yard, Metal Knuckles spotted her behind him. If you look deep in his green eyes, lots of computer board lines, and math stuff rapidly flashed within them.

ID: Mushroomer

Target file- Unknown subject. Expendible.

Objective: Continue mission _

Metal Knuckles ignored the mushroom woman and activated its rocket thrusters on its back to quickly launch after the two kids. Charmy flew out of the way from the in-coming robot, but when it seems it was aiming directly at frightened Gaz, his mother caught sight of this.


Gaz saw his doom and closed his eyes. But at the last second, Charmy rammed into Metal Knuckles' face and shielded its eyes to knock it of course.

"GAZ…!" Charmy screamed, trying to hang on to the robot. "GET OUT OF HERE!"

Hesitantly, Gaz hurried right back to his house, where his frightened mother was there to welcome him in open arms.

"My, baby, my baby…! Oh my god…"

Charmy was then swatted off like the bug he is, landing hard on the grass. As the people of Rose Town scampered away whilst screaming, Metal Knuckles calmly approached the fallen bee, attracting his claws, Wolverine style. (Which looks so hot!)

ID: Mobian bee…Charmy Bee of Chaotix.

Target file: Primary target.

Objective:Destroy as ordered._

(A/N: As you can see, I suck at that robot, military crap.)

Brusied from the fall, Charmy stood to his feet and then hovered up high, staring strong at the Knuckles clone. "It's just you and me, Knuckles-wannabe! Catch me if you can!"

Engage combat mode_

Charmy zipped forward, bravely circling around the cybrog robot. Metal Knuckles failed to catch the agile bee with his claws, but then later decided to leap away from the insect.

Visual status: Target's speed unable to comply with combat claw speed. Switch to alternate strategy. Activate Pyro Orb Cannons_

Metal Knuckles' right claws retracted in its hand, and attracted out some kind of cannon caps which then emitted orange energy.

Weapon activated and ready… Engage…fire_

Fire it did, shooting a number of fireballs from his cannons. Charmy felt like avoiding an entire crowd of Station Square pedestrians or going through an animal stampede as he barely maneuvered the fireballs. However, he lost control of his flight when the explosions knocked him around like getting punched multiple times. Withstanding the punishment no more, Charmy was blown away, tumbling back like a stuffed doll.

Metal Knuckles halted his weapon and withdrew it back to claws. Target stunned. Commence target's termination_

Indeed he was stunned; burned around his body because of the intense heat waves of the fireballs and his head was throbbing from the fall. Right now, he can see three blurry Metal Knuckles standing high before him, extending their claws back for the deadly strike.

Target locked…prepare…_

KLANG, KLANG, KLANG….the robot felt three sharp objects jabbing his metallic left arm.

Visual status: left arm assaulted…

Weapon source: Shruiken; Japanese style weapon

Damage status: Minimum-5% damage

…scan for unknown attacker_

"Man, I gotta work on my star toss." He heard someone say.

Metal Knuckles' green eyes scanned over his left shoulder, finding three more figures glaring their battle ready eyes at him, meters away from him. A purple chameleon with ninja equipment, a croc with street attire, and a cloud man with blue and white pants.

ID: Mobian chameleon…Espio the Chameleon of the Chaotix.

Mobian crocodile….Vector the Crocodile of the Chaotix.

Nimbian…Prince Mallow Nimbus.

Target file: Primary targets. Destroy as ordered_

"Indeed you do, Esp…looks like they were splinters to this Knux-wannabe." Vector said to the lizard.

Recommended actions: destroy target Charmy_

And there, Metal Knuckles ignored the trio and twisted around to being the kill towards the bee…too bad Charmy wasn't in front of him anymore.

Visual status: Target not sighted. Scan for target_

The first place he thought was obvious to look is where the Chaotix stood…and he was right. The weakened bee was carefully lowered to the ground by a small ghost creature.

"Charmy, what the heck are you doing here?" asked Vector, puzzled.

"Uh…" the little bee could only lift his back up. "…I was bored and I wanted to help."

The purple lizard rubbed his temples. "God, Charmy…one minute you act more mature than the rest of us, the next you act like the kid you are."

Meanwhile, the echidna robot was getting his visuals.

ID: Boo spirit.

Target file: Unknown…appears allied with targets.

Objective: All allies must be eradicated_

The minute Metal Knuckles motioned arms apart, the gang switched to guard mode, even Charmy, fully healed thanks to the magic of a super mushroom.

"Guess we'll just have to teach you a lesson for being so ugly, posing as our main bud, and hurting lil Charmy!" Vector growled. "Chaotix…let's bust him up!"


Boss target: Metal Knuckles

Boss stage: Rose Town

Primary Characters: Team Chaotix

Allies: Mallow, Mistress Bow

Stage Music: Sonic Heroes, Team Chaotix


Espio felt like she just seen a quick flash of light happened, cause the next thing he seen in the abandoned town was rings all around from the grass, to roofs of houses. "Nice…a warp zone just took place. This must be the work of Tikal."

"And what a gal, she is. Now let's tear this recycled trash heap!" Vector roared, charging at the robotic foe.

The battle began, and Metal Knuckles noticed the cue. He fired his Pyro Cannons, forcing the team of five to split away. As the fireballs caused flames to eat away the grass, and a tree, Mallow used his HP Rain ability to cause the clouds grow gray and bring a comforting rain fall to put out the flames.

"Woo, this rain feels good…nice pressure." Vector commented, welcoming the drops. "GAH!!!" but he was caught off guard with M. Knuckles' razor claws, shredding a long cut on Vector's arm. "You cut my arm! You cut my arm you little…!" but then he was caught in surprise when the stinging cut shrunk and shrunk within his skin, till it was gone. "THE HELL…?!"

"This is what the rain does…!" Mallow shouted from a distance. "…it heals!"

Vector loved the sound of that. "Oh hell yeah…! I'm starting to like you even more, kid!"

Metal Knuckles used his rocket thrusters on his shoes, and skid across the grass as if it were ice; this allowed to easily dodged Espio's star shots. Espio seized with the star strategy and just dashed at the robot with the quickest of his agility.

Fire Pyro Cannons_

Metal Knuckles used his cannons to blast a wall of fire to barricade against the lizard. He then wasted no timed to unsheik his claws and rocket through the flames and stab his foe, which he touched nothing on the other side.

Target vanished. Scan…_

Suddenly, the robot felt as if the air was delivering a number of kicks and punches. When it stopped, the droid searched for the unseen fighter, but three tiny shrukens shot on his head like darts.

Target unseen. Switch to infra-red scanner_

Soon Metal Knuckles' vision was all red, with white data stuff on the corner, and with that, he saw Espio zipping left and right around him.

Target found…_

Launching as fast as a lion, Metal Knuckles swung his claws around at the empty air, at least to other eyes, but in his vision, he was fighting the invisible Espio who was maneuvering around the attacks.

Clouds roared as grew darker over at the battle-plagued town, blanketing the place from the warm sun. Like a music conductor, Mallow controlled the clouds with his hands, with electricity surging out of his eyes like a certain Marvel heroine we all know and love.

"Get ready…" At the eye of the cloud bank, veins of light sparked within. "…SHOCKER!!!"

Like the space ship from the Independence Day movie, it fired a sparking beam of electricity, catching Metal Knuckles in a powerful explosion that blew a hole in the ground. Espio flew back from the mighty power, but thanks to his quick reflexes, he flipped his front towards a house and landed gracefully on the wall.

"Yeah…! I DID IT, I…GAH?!"

Like some cheep DBZ episode, when the smoke cleared away from the crater, Metal Knuckles still remain intact, standing intimidating within a green energy field.

"No fair, he's got some shield!" Mallow whined.

Espio pealed his hands and knees off the wall and flipped to the grass. "It's useless to waste your great power now, Mallow. You go somewhere and prepare another blast while we weaken him for you!"


As Mallow ran off, Charmy and Vector charged pass him, screaming war cries as they stampede towards the echidna robot. Charmy quickly shot ahead and once again circled around the robot as Metal Knuckles tried to slash the speedy insect.

"RRAAAA!!" With hammering force, Vector swung his clasped hands, horizontally, smashing the bot hard in the skull plate. Metal Knuckles planted his feet, stopping the momentum of his toss before Vector wasted no time and threw a hard punch that the robot easily shielded with his gauntlet part. Connecting the dance, Metal Knuckles tossed his fist through Vector's jaw in an uppercut.

Extending his fist back while the croc was still staggered, the droid then shot it with a force that can break more than two inches of steel. The aim for Vector's head was perfect…but when it was bound to connect, the punch felt like it his thin air.

Target undamaged…Attack lock-on 100%. Target avoids…does not compute_

The punch also dragged Metal Knuckles further away from Vector, so he looked over his shoulder, discovering Vector reappearing from thin-air with Bow on his head.

"Wake up, reptile! I can't do this forever!"

Shaking off the wooziness, Vector instantly spotted Metal Knuckles charging for him with his claws aiming for his head. The croc swayed away from the blades, with Bow thrown off his head. Metal Knuckles twisted towards Vector, but not until Bow materlized before his head with a fan held.

"Take this, garbage-scrub!" And the ghost repeatedly slapped the robot's face, but all it did was make clang sounds, no damage, and break her fan. Noticing her best attack faired nothing, Bow spread a nervous smile. "Oh poo…"

BLAM!! And M.Knuckles let his fist lead the ghost to a stack of crates.

"Why you metallic chew toy…!" the robot's attention was brought to a pissed croc, holding a pair of glowing rings. "…I wanted to do that!!" With the power of the rings, Vector blew a stream of fire like Bowser can..

However, as he can see, nothing, not even a tiny mount of melted metal, happened to Metal Knuckles.

"Yo…Espio…!" Vector cried.

"I'm on it"

When Espio materilized above the robot, he emitted a power tornado that carried the fire with it, turning it into a pyro tornado. Charmy swooped in, grabbing Espio before he fell into the fire.

With rings in possession, and a couple packs of gum chewed in Vector's mouth, the croc aimed his eyes towards the bot.

"Blast away!" And Vector, with the power of the rings, fired a barrage of bubbled gums, which exploded in the fire. The number of explosions in the fire tornado, it resulted it to burst in a large blast. "Whoa!" Vector dived away, like an action hero escaping a blast.

"Alright! That showed him, huh guys?" Charmy cheered, still towing Espio.

The chameleon grimed at the large bon fire. "I seriously doubt it, Charmy."

If only he was wrong, because, even though he was slightly damaged with ripped armor and all, M. Knuckles continued on and leapt out of the fire, stalking madly towards the reptile.


Too afraid to even shield himself, he watched the bot slash his claws but run through his body when something white clinged on his back. Metal Knuckles failed to process that unexpected event and slid his face on the grass.

"Huh?" Vector turned around, just in time to see Bow hover away from the robot, and receive a slap in the face.

"You wanted to do WHAT on me?"

Vector massaged his cheek. "I didn't say anything, ghosty." Lifting his eyes up, he observed the clouds grow even darker. "Look alive, dudes, it's almost a high chance for heavy pain."

Metal Knuckles took to the air and lifted his robotic dreadlocks that then blew some kind of high pressured air that kept him gliding in the air. While taking an aerial assault, the robot launched his Pyro Cannons once again, making Vector dive away in panic from the earthy geysers the fireballs made.

"Lookie there, Espio! He can glide like Knuckles can!"

Espio rolled his eyes. "Thank you for stating the obvious, Charmy. How you on that ring attack?"

"…A little better."

"Good, then let's use it."

Charmy, carrying Espio hand to hand (Getcha minds outta that gutta!) advanced for the gliding robot. But M.Knuckles' green eye caught the sight of the boogies.

Target sighted; attacking mode, target's objective.

Objective: Switch attack mode for aerial targets_

Rotating his gliding body around, the bioroid aimed his fist and fired a barrage of fireballs at the flyers. Charmy twisted and shifted in different routes, keeping himself away from the intense flames; though Espio cringed in fright as fireballs nearly burned his skin. Charmy then flew over the bot, keeping a couple of rings handy.

"Here we go!" the insect gave Espio a twirl ride, as the rings in his hand glowed with intensity. From the magical item, electric curtains flowed around Espio's body as if he was an electrical wire. "THUNDER SHOOT!!"

With a mighty toss, Espio rolled like a wheel in the sky, surrounded by reeling electricity. His heel connected hard on the robot's head, but made no damage. But it did caught the electricity that is now paralyzing his body and forcing him to drop to the grass.

"We got him…!" Espio cried as he gracefully touched the grass.

Vector nodded. "Cool…kid- NOW!"

On top of a house, the god of thunder…at least a wannabe, Mallow Nimbus, like a conductor, commanded the clouds with the authority of god. His eyes surged with electricity in all its fury.

"Here it comes…SHOCKER!!"

(Music ends)

BLAM! A powerful lightening bolt from the heavens with a force to rock the village slammed into Metal Knuckles, spreading a shockwave that washed over the town, creating a roaring thunder as loud as a rock concert…it's just freakin powerful!!!

The smoke rose to the heavens, the Chaotix lifted their bodies from the grass, Bow caught Mallow's foot before he passed out off the roof, and Metal Knuckles still approached out of the smoke…with his sparking body an inch away to fall apart.

Damge #%## BzzT…erg to 0001100 $#$$...trip00110010…#$%$%& to @#@#RobotnikEggman...

And with that, Metal Knuckles exploded with no warning.

** Victory music (SA1, 2, Sonic Heroes, Victory theme.) **

"Alright!" Espio cheered.

"Yeah, we did it!" cheered Charmy.

"Way to rip it, Team Chaotix!" Vector commented.

(Music ends)

Bow hovered with a sleeping Nimbian in tow, joining the Chaotix as they watch the bon fire of the robot and the smoke rising from the large crater that was stamped in the middle of village.

"So…who's cleaning this up?"

"Not me!!!" the Chaotix cried.



Congo Bongo- Misty Forest: 6:16 PM



** Battle Music (Sonic X, Battle Theme) **

(A/N: Go to Shadow of a Hedgehog for it, as well as other Sonic X themes.)

Like a soap opera, we go back to when the combatants were about to collide from a flying charge in a cliché dramatic manner. Of course, the idiots threw straight punches across their faces, which disturbed their flight and flung hard on the ground.

Sonic and Mario stood up to their knees, trying to soove the pain they felt on their cheeks. Wario had less control of his anger which was aimed at his counterpart.

"If anything happens to my pretty face, puny-man, you are…"

Mario interrupted with an automatic laugh. "Hahah…pretty face…? That's a good one, Wario! Hahahaha…!"

Suddenly, Wario kicked off dust behind him when he launched for his foe with fury fueling him. But like lightening, Mario reached up high over Wario dynamic charge that then broke a tree in half, like a popsicle stick.

"Why you…Be a good twit and hold still!!" he shouted, dashing back to his foe.

Wario's hammering punches failed to connect his counterpart. Mario kept jumping and hopping away from them, like he was as agile as a frog. As Mario soared back, he tossed a couple of fireballs, which Wario swatted them away with an energized hand, tennis style.

"Come on, short man…" Wario taunted, following by the familiar finger flex when he held it forward. "Just…bring it!"

Mario could laugh at him for trying to imitate a WWE superstar…but not right now. "Paper, or body bag?" and he dashed for the large plumber.

Grinning wickedly, Wario replaced his hat for a dragon hat that then blew a powerful stream of fire that rocketed for the plumber. "Burn away, shorty! Hahaha!"

But Wario choked on his laughter when he saw Mario using his spin to cut through the fire… "What the hell is up…?" BLAM, Mario reached closer, batting Wario to the air, which he landed to the floor, pretty hard.

"I suppose you were up, friend!" Mario said as his cape flowed along the wind. Yeah, that's right: Cape Mario. Speaking of whom, he motioned around, scanning the field that had no Wario. "Huh…where did-a he…?"

"AH HA!!" Wario dived away from the fog, taking Mario by surprise then brought him to the air with him. "Say good night, shorty!"

BLAM!! And Wario ended Mario with a screw-piledriver that would do Zangief from Street Fighter proud. (A/N: ZANGIEF, WE SALUTE YOU…just stop biting people. That can't be healthy.). Normally this would break Mario's spine in two, but his cape form protected him, but not enough from unconsciousness.

"As my favorite fighter would say…" Wario said as Mario just laid there. Wario raised his hands. "DAH…SUCKA!!!"


Sonic and Shadow zipped around with great speed, unsuccessfully landing a punch at one another. They zipped a far distance from each other before charging up for a Spin Dash attack, and fire away they went, crashing at one another that blew the dirt and fog away. Soon as the dirt was completely swayed away, the two hedgehogs were already on their feet, staring at each other with intense glares.

Sonic again was stuck trying to catch Shadow, but he kept dashing away, like he was teleporting. Shadow crept behind the blue rodent, twisted him towards him, and delivered a combo of kicks and punches before hopping up and somehow generating dark energy from his hands that blasted Sonic hard like nothing.

Luckily, Sonic had some rings in possession, but it didn't save him from his skidding land on the earth. "Owww…" the hedgehog slowly rose up, feeling his head all scratched and burned. "…I see you got some new moves, black sheep." He nearly got caught in surprise by an energy blast from Shadow that blew a hole in where Sonic once stood.

With a confident grin, Sonic halted his speed. "But guess what…" and he made a sharp turn towards Shadow with a Sonic Spin. "…so do I, bud!"

The black hedgehog kept his guard as he waited for the blue saw to near; the same attack he's totally familiar with and knows how to deal with.

What's this…? Sonic's spin stopped on a dime, but he somehow kicked of a powerful wave of dirt, and it caught the Ultimate Lifeform off guard and shoved him with it, like the ocean's waves.

Shadow clawed the dirt to halt his toss, grinding his teeth tightly. So he indeed has a new attack as well, but it's not good enough. He leaped backwards, catching the wall of a tree by his soles and pushing himself up high over Sonic as he held a large energy ball over his head.

But Sonic did not fear. Meeting Shadow's mad mug with a cocky grin, Sonic dashed up to a ring he lost and tossed it near the airborne hedgehog.

Is he serious…? "ACK!!!" without warning, Sonic rammed him swiftly and quick as a bullet, completely defying physics. Not only that, when Sonic squished the ring between him and Shadow, it exploded with a golden blast, shoving Shadow within his energy ball.

As Sonic met the floor again, he watched Shadow's energy ball backfire and lit through the fog, with Shadow with it. "…heh…no brain-AAAACK!!"

He felt his body burning in intense heat. It was as if someone washed him with burning energy. Indeed he was right, because it was none other than Shadow who somehow warped away before the energy blast took affect, and materialized before Sonic, bring an dark energy field with him.

"Mostly entertaining, your new moves were…but not as good as MINE!!"

BLAM, and the energy field burst, blasting Sonic away with smoke coating him. Shadow breathed heavenly, wiping the dirt from his body and looking over Sonic's fallen body.

"As I thought…faker."


"I'm getting very vivid here, rabbit. Fight me, or else I'll forget about being reasonable with you."

Again, Evil Dixie swiped the air with her pony tail, and again Cream barely dodged back, but this time she tumbled on the floor when she did. No matter how much she tried, fear weakened her body enough from getting up.

"P-P-Please, Monkey-san…Please don't do this!" she pleaded.

Either her voice didn't reach her or Dixie just ignored. The Kong jogged towards the fallen rabbit and dived in like a hostile jungle cat that's about to claw for its food.

But from out of nowhere, a monkey in a rocket pack tackled Dixie, and held her by her waist.

"Dixie…Snap out of it! Come on!"

The girl, however, tried to struggle desperately from Diddy's grasp. "Release me, stupid…er…boy, or suffer the pain of my wrath!!"

Hearing her talk like this nearly scared Diddy enough to drop her, but after that happened, in a swift motion, Dixie grabbed Diddy and catapulted him hard into a tree.

Foam drooled from her mouth as she watched her boyfriend slide down on the bark. "I warned you, imbecile…now you forced yourself to be the first to get die!" Proving her point, she drew out a mango grenade. "Have some nutritious death bombs, you…ACK!!" But suddenly, something light blue rammed her in the gut and flung her bomb far from her paw, which then blew a chunk of the earth.

Diddy came to, but he was unsure of way Dixie held her stomach like she got sucker punched.

"Don't you dare do that, monkey-san!" he heard the girl rabbit cry.


From what he gathered, that girl bunny saved him. Right now her face was wearing a stern, yet frightened look. Her eyes…her jaw…they shiver.

"Ah so now you fight, huh, little baby?"

Cream shook her head, hard. "I don't like to fight! I don't!"

"Too bad, wuzzy…you're my target, and I'll maul you to pieces no matter what. But first…!" suddenly, Dixie catapulted another bomb with her pony tail that she hid it in, which its powerful blast shoved Diddy and Cream hard off their feet.

After her rolling trip on the dirt, Cream fought her wooziness to stand to on her feet. "Ooooww…boy monkey-san…are you…? ~gasp~"

The frightening sight of Diddy body barely lying lifeless made Cream grow cold in fear.

"Monkey-san!" Cream barely had any courage to approach his dead body…or it could be resulted as dead if it weren't for noticing Diddy twitching. "Oh my…"

And from there, she saw the evil girl monkey who just stood afar, snarling…growling…drooling…like a scary monster. It just doesn't make sense…when she met her, she seemed so nice…but Cream guessed that whatever that Sonic look-alike gave her made her into this…scary thing that does nothing but kill.

"Chao…!" suddenly, Cheese fluttered by her, waving his arms as if he was warning her. "Chao, Chao…!"

Oh but Cream understood him well. He wants her to fight. He knows that this girl monkey is getting out of hand, and she needs to be stopped before she kills her or anyone else. But she doesn't want to fight…she couldn't bring herself to…but none of her pleas was getting through the monkey; she won't listen. Now this itching urge to fight was crawling on her spine. She wants to ignore it, as she did before…but as tears shed from her eyes, she prayed to the gods to forgive her for what she must do.

"Cheese, we must stop the girl monkey-san! She's too crazy now…and I want to live to see mother!"

"Chao, Chao!"

Hearing this brought an evil grin down on Dixie. "Oh goodie!"


Sweetheart vs. sweetheart:

The sweetest female youngsters of Nintendo and Sega. Within their cute, charming exteriors, they are fighting machines with a heart of gold. Cream, as you saw, is a pacifist, but she fights when it must be done. Her ears are long than any normal Mobian rabbit, which she uses these abnormal parts, like Tails, to fly. Her biggest weakness, besides her extremely pacifist ways and her naïve personal, is that she uses her pet, Cheese, to fight.

Dixie made her biggest début on Donkey Kong Country 2, making her long pony tail an extremely reliable tool. She uses it to twirl and glide around places and uses it as a weapon, plus her seems to be connected to her nerves, which she can grab things with it. She's less of a pacifist than Cream, meaning she won't hesitate to fight, which gives her a thirst for adventure.


Without waiting for the bell, even though there is none, Dixie charged her legs, advancing to the rabbit like a hungry cat. But like a bird flapping its wings down for a large reach to the sky, Cream used her wings to soar over Dixie's attack.

"Ooo…cheater!" with her ponytail in a rapid twirl, Dixie took to the air like a helicopter and met her opponent. "Well I can fly, too, wuzzy!" Making her next move, Dixie span like a top and traveled it to the rabbit.

"Cheese, go!" suddenly, Cream's Chao also span, but was surrounded in a blue tornado that sucked Dixie in it, and bounced her hard to the floor.

Ignoring her throbbing pain, Dixie growled at the flying rabbit and chased after her, collecting some rings that appeared when the battle began. "Stop running away, you chicken!"

Soaring in the air, along with Cheese, Cream also collected some floating rings. "Mommy said that these rings won't let you get hurt. I'll be safe, now."

"Chao, Chao!"

But Cream then gasped when she saw Dixie leap high with such speed, into the trees. And with that, the ape kicked the barrels that hid on the trees (Hey, this is DK Island.), forcing the little flying rabbit to dodge the raining barrels.

"This is madness, monkey-san! Please do not…ACK!!" and a barrel smashed her out of the sky. Thanks to the rings, it didn't hurt, but the fall did; hitting the back of her head on the earth.

"Chao!" the blue creature cried, but plowed away, he was by the flying Kong.

The hele-monkey swooped towards the rabbit, batting her hard with her ponytail. After Cream took a hurtful plummet, she couldn't believe that getting hit by a soft patch of hair like the monkey's actually hurt. It felt like a baseball bat.

And experiencing that painful moment, Cream's sudden confidents was washed away, and was back to square one- fear. Her head felt so bad, perhaps bruised, and she can't see clearly as Dixie marched for the poor rabbit.

The corrupt ape grabbed onto Cream's ears very tightly, and pulled her up to her eyes without concern for the girl's pain. "I have to say…you're too weak."

Cream felt so cold…she couldn't move again…she was so scared…

"Now go on, wuzzy…let's hear you cry for your mommy. Come on, scream for mommy!"

Wha…mother…? Images playing with her mother, going shopping with her in the Knothole Market, picking flowers with her…she still wants that…she doesn't want let that go away…she still wants to see her mother…


Cream then countered with another punch…but Dixie barely felt that…her punches felt like pillows. And Cream still cried in tears.

"Was that suppose to hurt? Come on, baby…hit me again."

Cream cried harder…she just wants this to end…she just wants this to end…she doesn't want to die…she wants her mother… Mommy…help me…

Dark Dixie chuckled…her opponent looked so stupid with her face soaked in tears…and she also looks so mad…how cute. What? She's gonna throw another wuzzy swing? Come on…try…


That blue tornado appeared again, throwing Dixie away from the floor. Now the blue tornado chased after the monkey, coated in a blue aura, and rammed her hard to make her fly further.

It looked like she had gotten rid of her…but still Cream cried. She never liked to do anything like that…hurt someone…it just…

Wait…Cream sees something descending from the fog. Huh…another flying barrel…that says TNT?

What does that…?


Everything went blurry. She felt herself fly back and hit her head hard on the floor. She felt her body burned…maybe from fire…her head aches so badly…and…she thinks she can feel blood on her.

Dark Dixie touched the floor before Cream's body. With her sinister and monstrous face, she saw Cream unable to move, and her little pet motionless by her. Cream still seems conscious, but she was shivering…twitching…shuddering in tears.

Showing that she doesn't know the meaning of the word: mercy, she pulled Cream's battered body by the ears. She held it right, keeping her steady so she can aim her fist to her face.

And Cream's eyes flooded in tears.

"Please…please don't…~sob~…I just want to see mommy…~sob~…"

The darkness in Dixie somehow was held back. It tried to fight and continue on the beating, but whatever it was…it was stopping it from hurting Cream any more.

"No…let me go…need to fuel on fear…she will die… No…please…don't make me do this…SHUT UP!!"

Before it continued, Dixie just gave a fierce toss and just threw her hard to the floor. Cream…she couldn't move now…but she didn't want to now…she doesn't want to continue this.

No more…don't, monkey-san…and her eyes slid shut.

*Battle over. Dixie Kong wins.*

On cue, the Dark Boo that possessed Dixie abandoned her body and left her to wake up and witness the fruit of her crime.

Clap, clap, clap…

"Bravo, Kong. Bravo…"

Shadow, applauding, and Wario approached the girl, simply marveling the fight. Dixie, however, was still too wrapped up letting the whole thing sink in, that she didn't bother to face the doppelgangers.

"That was the most interesting fight I seen all day." Said Shadow with dark evil eyes.

Wario cackled. "Hahaha….never knew you had it in you, lollipops."

The monkey, with open and eyes of anxiety gazed at the battered body of the rabbit, pondering if this was by her hands.

"Looking over your deed, I see…" Shadow grinned with a soulless jester. "…looking over at the pain you have given this girl. I'm afraid that it is you who have bloodily beaten her."

"No…" the girl shook her head. "…I didn't…"

"Deny as much as you want, but we won't waste our time. Our work here is done, Wario." And with that, the hedgehog of darkness walked in a direction where a dark portal opened up like a zipper.

"Hey, you ain't leaving me here, Shady!" and Wario made a nosedive to the portal before it closed up from reality.

The dark spectacle of the poor girl just lying there…why did it had to happen to her…why this girl…why did Dixie had to hurt her? Sure she knew something token over her…but she still hurt her. And oh my god, she doesn't look like she's breathing.

"No!" the monkey kneeled down and gingerly lifted Cream's head. "Come on, don't go! Please don't! I'm sorry!"

She knew that if she truly dies, a 1-UP mushroom isn't gonna help. However, Candy did teach Dixie how to check for pulses. With her two fingers (toes?) she checked around the bunny's body, praying that she has one…there was still nothing…

"Oh god…come on, you have to be alive!"


"Please don't…I'm sorry for hurting you!"

…nothing on her arms…

"No, no, no, come on! PLEASE!"

With one last hope, she hesitantly placed her fingers on Cream's neck…

…and found a pulse…

So much weight was lifted from Dixie. She was glad that she didn't have to live with that burden of murder. But still…just look at the poor girl…it's just too horrible…

What have I done…? It's my fault!



Mushroom Shopping Mall: 6:45 PM

Earth's greatest contribution to high cultures…the mall; although here in the Mushroom World, it's the same as Earth. Large amounts of mushroomers, along with hybrid animals from the outer regions scatter around the three story building, where any store you can think of is there…well almost any store for those of you sick minded people.

However a mall could not be a mall without the most important thing for the satisfactory for the people…the food court.

Yes, the food court, an area only dedicated to fill the stomachs of the building's shoppers. The food court, where places like food carts to expensive restaurants are served. The food court, where our two favorite heroines, Amy Rose and Princess Daisy were there for a snack break after their journey for the best and attractive attire their eyes can seek.

A poor mushroom butler sat with the girls, drinking lots of Gatorade as if he done a heck of a work out. Well, if we tell you that by the girls was a wagon holding a tower of shopping bags, boxes, etc that's as tall as Shaq…well guess who had to pull it.

Amy though had her attention on an orange oval shaped jewel that fitted on the palm of her hand. It had thin golden rims, slightly shaped like flower petals. "Pretty jewel…so you say that this was given to you at birth?"

The princess nodded, drinking her soda. "Mmm hmm…they say that it's supposed to do something for me, but I still haven't figured out what it is, but they say it has some magic."

Amy blinked. "Magic?"

And Daisy nodded. "Yeah…and it was given from my parents…" her face lowered to a depressing pout, muttering. "…if I knew who they were."

An empathic look played on the hedgehog, feeling pity before the depressed girl. "Oh…I'm sorry…" she would like to do something about it, but she knew there was nothing in her power to help ease this…expect maybe change the subject. "Boy this was a fun day…Thank you so much, Daisy. I don't know how I'll pay you back, but…"

"Oh no, no, no…" Daisy warned; sipping her king sized slushy. "I told you, this is my treat."

That brought so much warmth into Amy's heart. She almost felt like crying. "Oh…Daisy…oh…I'm sorry for treating you terribly."

Daisy opened one eye as her teeth clomped on a double quarter pounder. "Treating me what…?" she muffed from the burger

Amy eyes kept pointing towards the table. "Well…you know, with the arguing and stuff…and after all that you still treat me to…all this."

Soon the girl's face then softened. "Aw, I should be the one to apologize…well actually I think this counts as an apology…I mean, I'm the one who started it with making fun of your leadership, dissing your crush on the blue boy…"

"Oh yeah…" Amy interrupted. "Well…apology accepted, but you didn't have to do all this."

Daisy just took a bite on some fries and spoke with her mouth full. "Welth, I hafth duth…" blushing sheepishly, Daisy swallowed. "Sorry…well I had to…just for you and the squirrel girl to mellow out."

Amy scowled at that name, that furry girl taking away her man…wait…speaking of that, there was something that was really bugging her.


Again, Daisy responded with her mouth full. "Yeth…?" swallow again. "Sorry…yes…?"

"Um…do you really think I don't have a chance with Sonic?"

She swallowed hard as Daisy mildly paled. "Uh…well…"

The hedgehog's eyes narrowed. "You don't…I thought so."

"Hey, before we argue again, no offense but the blue guy seems to be taken by Sally…and if they are, then you really have to back off…"

"Actually…" Amy interrupted again. "…they're not really together…sort of."

Losing the control of her fingers, Daisy dropped her fries. "Huh…? Uh…you sure…?"

"Hey I know you saw them holding each other when they came back from fighting Shadow, but did you see them do anything else after that?"

Daisy pondered hard to remember if she seen Sonic and Sally go all mushy around with each other. "Uh…no…"

"Exactly…they don't have a real relation…in fact its darn right confusing. One minute they kiss when they're fighting Eggman's bots, the next they act like their make-out thing never happened. They're afraid to commit, especially Sonic. To him, it's always: 'Oh but if I had a girlfriend, what'll happen to my way past cool image? It'll cut my time to have adventures, thrills, and zipping along the road. The road is my only passion'. Peh…whatever, Sonic…"

Daisy blinked, trying to comprehend this. "So let me get this straight…those kids kiss, but are too afraid to admit it, even to themselves, and the blue boy rather run around like an idiot rather than be with someone to care for him and love him?"

"Mmm…hmm." Amy nodded with a smile.

Daisy chuckled with a smirk. "No offense, but that child is gonna grow as an old lonely rodent."

"Hey…he's just shy…why else you think he always run away from me?"

"Cause I thought he's already taken, but now that you told me of their whacked out relation…I don't know."

Pausing, as Amy took a sip of soda, a thought came into mind. Smirking, she placed her cup on her side of the table. "Maybe…if Sonic and Sally are afraid to have a real commitment…" then hearts bubbled around her as her eyes sparkled. "…then that means it's not meant to be…and I still have a chance with my Sonniku!!" ^-^

Daisy looked at the lovesick girl with a 'is she serious?' look. "I know all is fair in war and love, but…"

The sounds of cardboard object tumbling interrupted the flower girl; Amy and Daisy snapped their faces, gasping at the horror that could happen to any female shopper: their paid clothes tumbling like a card sculptor and creating a mess on the dirty floor.

"MY CLOTHES!!!" they screamed in horror.

Daisy vibrated like she was gonna go in a frenzy. The thing she did was snap her snarling face towards the mushroom servant.

"I swear your highness…"the mushroomer stuttered in fear. "…I had nothing to do with this!"

"I know well you would never do this, but whom?!!!"

"Try looking this way, stupid." A new voice said.

Indeed the angry women did as they spotted a figure hidden under a dark cloak from behind the pile of clothes. The whole commotion even earned some of the shoppers' attention as they watched the whole event.

"You did this…?!!" Amy growled before drawing out her hammer. "That's REAL mature of you, jerk!"

"Who are you?!"

The stranger responded, not. All he did was staring at them while standing like a typical agent of darkness, which his dark cloak gave that feeling of darkness.

"I said…WHO ARE YOU??" Daisy screamed, frightening most of the shoppers.

The only response they got before the next one was a soft but sinister chuckle, as if the stranger was laughing at their misery.

"Catch me if you can." With that, the cloaked man took off like a freakin coward, shoving some innocent citizens out of his way.

"COME BACK HERE!!!" Daisy roared, pursuing the childish stranger with a scream that towered over the voices of the mall.

Amy joined in as she and the brown haired princess raced in fury after the cowardly being. They zipped around the crowd, nearly colliding throughout their chase. Daisy was able to accidentally knock down a mushroomer who dropped boxes from his fall.

The cloak man rushed down an escalator, running through the folks on board. Daisy rushed through, striving to get through the people in a polite manner, but quick never the less. Although after seeing Amy zooms past her when she grinded black rail belt to the bottom floor, she wished she done that…if she knew how.

The front doors opened hard, squishing mushroomers into a wall. The cloaked escapee hurried across the busy street just before Amy and Daisy ventured out of the mall, and the doors closed to let the mushroomers peel off of the wall.

"If any of my clothes has a tear or a stain of dust, YOU'RE DEAD!!" Amy flinched on her jog from the rage she witnessed on Daisy.

They're just clothes, Daisy.

Daisy raced through the street, nearly getting hit by cars that stopped at the last minute. Ignoring the mad horns of the drivers, Daisy kept an eye on her prey that ran in an alley.

"What for me, Daisy! Hold up!" Amy hopped on the cars that stood in her path.

The brown haired princess was lead into a dark alley, with the sunlight giving at least half light. She came to a stop, scanning the filthy area as her lungs pumped hard for loss air. The creep couldn't have gotten so far because this alley is a dead end, and now he's gone. Perhaps he ducked into these garbage cans or piles of boxes, garbage bags, and such.

"You know, I'm not afraid to dig into all this junk to find you, boy!" she shouted, hoping her words will reach him. "…unless these bags have manure in them, cause this place reeks with it. Ewww…"

"Which is why I'm not hiding under them." An echoing voice said with an icy tone.

This surprise brought Daisy to nervously turning every corner. "The heck…whoa, how did you do that dark voice thingy?"

"A megaphone voice manipulator."

"Cool, I gotta buy me one of those and…" remembering what she's here for, she rapidly shook her head. "…uh, I mean, there's no where left for you to run, boy…I think."

"Not big on words, are you?"

Just as Amy caught up, breathing heavenly, Daisy smirked. "You're mistaking for Peach, pal. You have noooo idea what type of vocab I have."

"You know, I'm intrigued to learn your knowledge of them, but I have a job to do, and now that your pink friend is here, its time for action!"

"IT'S WARM UP TIME!!" another, but elf-villainous voice shouted that brought the girls eyes upward to a tall skinny man on a rooftop of the ally.

"Waluigi?!" Daisy cried.

Not having the chance to recompose herself, a group of SG3s materialized and surrounded the girls in the middle.

Amy Rose wasted no time to pull out her Pico-Pico Hammer. "Look, it's those robots from the castle."

Yes, once again it's those robots that looked like a cross between the GUN robots and the Swatbots (Which doesn't exist in this AU Sonic world.), and with no command or anything, they aimed their wrist blasters, simultaneously, at the duo.

"Oh well that's rude." Daisy muttered.

"Daisy, brace yourself."


Suddenly, Amy had a couple of glowing power rings in her hands, as Daisy just noticed, but without her response, Daisy's feet was carried to the air within a pink tornado. She heard lasers shooting away, and even saw a few darting by her. Frightened by this, she slowly looked below, finding Amy twirling with her hammer like a spinning top, which appeared to be causing this tornado. She was also incased in a gold aura, perhaps by the rings, and from the looks of it, the energy, followed by her spin was reflecting the laser beams. With this, it flung the shots back to damage the robots.

Aw jeez…why can't I have some kind of energy attack? Daisy frowned and pouted like a spoiled girl, crossing her arms as she hovered. Mario and Luigi can shoot fireballs, Peach can heal, the blue porcupine moves like a wacky pinball, and the kid and the acorn princess can summon hearts and leaves out of nowhere…man I'm terrible with names.

"Stupid contraptions!" she heard Waluigi scream. "Aim you fools! AIM!!"

"Aim you say?" she then heard Amy say.

All of a sudden, the girl seized her tornado, and allowed herself to launch upward like she was light as a feather. As she did, she pointed her right arm ahead, sporting some kind of wings from her wrist… wait, that's a crossbow!

Amy shot the first arrow, jamming it through a SG3's face. She reloaded and fired with such reflex and speed, and smooth motion. All seem to happened very slowly, that Daisy forgotten that she was about to fall.

"Opps…" but luckily, she caught herself by her feet, as did Amy, landing between the army of dysfunction and sparking robots. "Okay…since when did you get that crossbow?"

"At the mall…you should see score board in the arcades in my world. I'm the top player in shooting games, and I always beat Sonic…he's such a lousy shot. They don't call me Ames for nothing."

As they wasted their time on talking, Waluigi nervously bit his fingers. "Waahh…they destroyed those brainless robots already? This wasn't supposed to happen!"

Soon the same person hidden under a black rune approached next to the tall plumber. "The girl's power is strong with the power rings, and the masters won't be able to incase a Dark Boo in an orb for some time now."

"Well we can't let that ragazza del hedgehog, and my babe dello zucchero out of sight, genius! Let's bring out more…"

"Wait…" Following a short pause, the cloaked being chuckled. "I already had the princess riled up. Why waste more precious robots…? Get the wheels."


"Well now that these walking bean cans are dealt with…" Daisy said straightening up her hair. "Let's get those…!" but when she looked up at the rooftop… "Hey where did they go?"

"Uh, well…"

Cutting off Amy's voice, a roaring kart suddenly soared from the rooftop, like a bird. The girls froze in surprise, but they nearly focused their nerves to leap away from the kart's landing. Breathing with shocked breaths, Daisy and Amy turned their eyes, finding the kart bouncing a couple of meters from its land before making a complete stop.

"Dear god, Waluigi! You must tell me where you get the spring wheels!"

"Eh, around, cloak boy!"

Indeed it was a cart, but a kart that looked like it was designed for the Double Dash tournament, due to the cloak villain riding on the back. It was a sleek, purple kart with sharp designs, as if it mostly a devil-feature.

"Well, ladies, how do you like my Waluigi Racer? Pretty slick, huh?"

But the princess frowned. "It stinks, stick boy!"

"Aww, too bad. And I was gonna ask you for a little…ride."


When the cloaked man bashed Waluigi on the head, Amy attention was directed towards him. "Just who are you, anywise?"

The mystery individual shined an evil yellow eye from his dark hood. Not only that, Amy could've sworn she saw a red jewel above that cliché eye, as if it was planted on his forehead. "Sorry, babe…right now isn't the most dramatic time to reveal my suave face."

"Ugh, god I hate conceded men!"

"Then how do you explain the hedgehog?"

The girl was taken back. "Uh…he's different…he's…caring!"

"Humph…I tried, but it seems you're too thick headed to even bother."


Before a word, Waluigi roared the engines of his cart. The cloak foe snapped his fingers. "Drive, elf boy, drive!"

"I'm not an elf, Jewel-head!" and with that, the two maniacs revved away from the alley, leaving a patch of smoke to clog the girls' throats.

"~kaff~…~kaff~…dammit!" Daisy coughed, with anger still in her chest. "…chicken-wads! They're not gonna get away!"

As Amy coughed, she was about to disagree, but looking at her outfit… "Aw noooo…smoke stains! You dang skippy they aren't! But how are we…?"

A loud whistle from the princess forced Amy to shield her ears. And in a matter of seconds, Daisy's Bloom Coach arrived in the alley, sweeping the smoke away with its sliding stop that halted on a dime.

"Wow…I gotta get me one of those, Daisy."



Blast-o-Matic: 5:31 PM

"Intruders at sector 5! Intercept at all cost! Intercept at all cost!"

The sound of the intercom had the pack of terrorist crocs storm the hallways of the fortress, searching heavenly for the intruders. But since there was heavy activity on sector, their attention was focused on that, and not at the girls that hid on the dark ceiling skeletons.

** Music theme (Sonic X, Mysterious and Sexy Thief, Rouge) **

The female bat chuckled as she watched the Kremlings march through the halls from above. "That's right, boys; just run to the muscle heads. Let the little wittle girls blow up your base."

Her gorilla companion could not wipe the concerned mask off her face. "Aren't you a little worried about your friend? I SERIOUSLY am with DK."

"Oh I'm mostly certainly sure the echidna can handle himself, and maybe your boyfriend can." Ending that, Rouge scaled the steel rail.

Candy followed, as if the narrow rail was wide as a highway to her. "But…well you may not be worried, but I am. There are times when DK goes on an extremely dangerous adventure, without me, I live out all worried."

"Well that's too bad for you, girl…but I'm just not worried about the stupid treasure hunter…he's not really my friend anywise."

She was a little shocked at this, as Candy and Rouge crawled through an air duct at the end of the rail. "You two had an argument back at the party, huh?"

She wouldn't show it, but her face was bothered by that guess. "Look…maybe I do have a slight crush on that fool, but like I said, he's too wrapped up on that stupid emerald…which will be mine soon."



Something then popped up in the monkey's head as she and the spy bat traveled through the narrow air-duct. "Wait…you told me that you once worked with that…um…Egg-guy as an undercover job for the government."


"And you also told me that you tried to steal Knuckles' emerald."


"Are you really lying that you like him just so you can steal his emerald?"

With that sudden stop from the bat, Candy believed that she hit the money.

"Can we not talk about this? We have a base to blow up." And Rouge continued on through the narrow hall.

I can't believe her… her mind shook to reality when she heard the sound of a lid opening. Candy observed Rouge suddenly jumping out of the duct from the hole. "Rouge…?"

Candy looked over, finding the bat kicking the day lights out of a Kremling in a room that looked like a security room. The ape dropped to the room, taking a gaze of the stack of monitors from her right.

"That should help ease things up here." Rouge said, shoving the body of the unconscious croc on the floor.

"Next time, warn me about these things before leaving me in the dust."

"I don't do the team thing… Right now I'll disable the monitors and…hello…" Rouge made a bee line to a wall, where a large blue print of the fortress was hung. "How convenient..."

"The plans for the fortress…" Candy pointed out. "…what does this mean?"

"Easy planning, sister…" Rouge studied the map, receiving a crafty grin when something came up. "Hmm…the core…it looks like it's connected to some kind of super cannon from the top of the fortress."

"Mmm hmm…that there almost destroyed our home. A weasel named Snide was the one who built this place, but K.Rool double crossed him. Without him helping DK, we wouldn't be walking on Congo Bongo."

"We've could've contacted him before snooping into this dump." She said, regretting that they should've planned thoroughly.

Candy shook her head. "No can do…he disappeared after we stopped K.Rool. The cannon is useless anywise. K.Rool or any of his engineers don't know how to fix it without Snide's help."

Rouge sighed. "Oh well, at least we have this. Now then, you see the control core here?"

"Uh huh…"

"Well it's connected to four energy generators…and the generators are surged throughout the base, as if they were the source of power here. Since we're close by from the armory…"

Candy gave a wild grin. "We'll take out the core!"

"You might make a decent agent."

(Stop music)


** Level Music (SA2, Iron Gate) **


The army of crocs was tossed overhead, as if Donkey Kong and Knuckles act like lawn mowers, mowing away the pesky weeds. With bullet-speeding fists from the echidna and whirling arms from the gorilla, the Kremlings went down in 1, 2, and 3.

"Just how many of these guys are there?" Knuckles asked, throwing his fists at the incoming crocs.

DK swung his arms around, plowing their heads in fury. "I don't know…I lost count after forty!"

An uppercut was delivered by Knuckles-Hut. "Well we can't keep this up forever! I wanna save my strength for the big cheese!"

DK smashed two croc-skulls together. "Well, I took out the last two…I think that's all…uh-oh."

More Kremling came, packing heat. The guardians decided to fall back, but more waited behind them. They were surrounded.

"Spoke too soon, DK."

Soon the guardian were back to back, feeling closed in by the walls of baddies.

"One chance, DK…let us call forth the powers of our sacred items; the ones we sworn to protect with our lives."

DK arched his brow. "Dude…I ain't that attached to the coconut like it's my lover, and…"


Though DK cringed from his shout, he did comprehend that Knuckles meant about their fight when they met.

As the crocs slowly made way to the duo, Knuckles the Echidna and Donkey Kong prayed.

Master Emerald…Heed my call. Bring forth your awesome power…

Okay Crystal Coconut...we don't see eye to eye, but you helped me once…twice…I lost count…

…Let forth your energies, wherever you may be…

…come on, you…help me out…at least for the sake of my friends…pretty please…?

…let my ancestors be the deliverers of your might. Let you and I, together, vanquish those who stand before us!

…you know them…Diddy, Dixie, Candy, Funky, Lanky, Chunky, Tiny, Wrinkly-mommy- god bless her soul…yes even Cranky…they all think you're piece of god…especially the old man!

The Kremlings, from all sides, jumped back at the shining auras of green and white that coated the guardians heavenly.

Master Emerald…my eternal gratitude for you!

I owe you big time, coconut! Maybe later though!



With rapid fury, Knuckles hammered the steel floor, not without making deep cracks on it. As he did this exercise, sparks of fireballs shot out, exploding upon the Kremlings. Whilst this, Donkey Kong hammered his paws as hard as a garbage crusher you see smashing cars, creating an earth shattering shockwave of white light that ripped through wall, to ceiling, to floors of the hall, sweeping the crocs off their feet.


Rouge and Candy nearly held their balance on another hall of the fortress, feeling an earthquake cripple their legs. As it died down, they also heard explosions echoing throughout the techno fortress.

"Sounds like Donkey and your friend are putting WAY too much effort on the distraction thing."

"Yeah…at this rate, they'll do our mission for us."


On one side of the hall, which roared in alarms, it had a bunch of holes with heated sides on, almost like Swiss cheese. On the other part of the hall, all four sides where ripped like paper. But all the halls had bodies of the Kremlings just lying there with injuries.

"Whew…" Knuckles sighed, breathing heavenly. "That was pretty rough."

Et tu on DK. "Yeah man…I say I settle for some bananas now." And he did, taking a banana from no where and gulp it.

"Where…did you get that from?"

"Mind your business, and no one gets hurt."


"How engaging…Donkey Kong's link with the Crystal Coconut has increased by a petite status." Back on the control room, Prof. Krusha monitored the scene on his personal big screen…that is until it now went out in static. "…and I predict that they are not alone."

"Captain…!" a Kremling pilot called. "…an unidentified object has been spotted on radar."

The muscled genus shoved the croc out of the way and studied the circular green screen, showing a light green shape of some kind of a ship heading towards his position.

"Zinger bot camera at signal's coordinates." He ordered. Sure enough, one of the monitors showed the ship on screen; a large red ship completely packed with high advanced weaponry that Krusha has not yet mastered. "Hmm…the technology's true developer, I see. Perhaps my hacking skills aren't as stealthy as I thought it would be …Have the main cannon warmed and charged."

The Kremling pilot blinked with wide eyes. "But sir…the main cannon haven't been working since Donkey Kong and his friends destroyed it."

"Pish posh, minion…I took the time to fix that simple design. It was child's play, really…and let us see how well that ship is defenses is when the Blast o Matic's power is well and improved by the artifacts I found."


"Should we try this room?"

"It's the only room we haven't looked, Knuckle-head."

"Only…?! We haven't combed this giant junk pile of a castle!"

And with a mighty punch, the steel doors collapsed to the floor. Knuckles and DK ventured forth to what appeared to be a giant room, filled with a punch of those barrel mechs they faced before, and even those barrel saucers DK faced once.

"~whistle~…dude, place is huge!"

The echidna shook his head. "Great, wrong room…looks like the hanger...let's just get out…"

"No, my dear boy…you're mostly in the right room…for your doom!"

Right at the end of the room, at the darkest part of it, the can see shiny golden parts that looked like the shape of a gut and a crown reflecting the light.

"There you are, K.Rool! Hiding in the dark ain't gonna save you from a Banana Slamma!" the gorilla said, cracking his knuckles.

THE Knuckles narrowed his eyes to get a look at the foe. From what it looked like, he seemed to be tall to the max, like fifthteen feet, but it was like he's standing on something. "Something's wrong, Donkey…I may not know this fool, but he obviously has something up his sleeve."

Pearly whites of the king's teeth shined from the light. "How observant of you, rat. Since you're curious to what I have in store, here it is!"

With the lights shining, there it is, indeed, a large green mech with a face nearly shaped like a sleek crocodile head, but where the eyes should be was the cockpit where K.Rool stood. The arms' fingers were three fingered claws with its forearms designed like it has a number of weapons. Its feet was about twice as large as an elephant, almost garbage pan shaped, and with a flat squared toe on the front, another on the right, and one on the left. With a big head, this mech barely had a body. It was like those walking heads with arms, legs…and maybe a flat torso.

"Come on, Donkey…let's see you take on me now! This time, I shall win our never-ending epic fight for triumph of the island!"

Marching forth, each of its steps shook the room, and each of its steps brought intimidating pressure upon the guardians.

There was only one thing to say in this situation…

"Aw nuts…"



Congo Bongo, Misty Forest: 7:05 PM

It has been a short time, but the heroes just woken up and fed themselves some Super Mushrooms to rejuvenate their energies after their defeat by Wario and Shadow.

"Hey…kid…how ya feeling?" Mario asked, lending a hand for Sonic to get up.

Sonic rubbed the pain on her shoulder. "How am I feeling…? I got pounded by some new moves of Shaodw's, and dragged to the curve, but after that I'm feeling quite dandy, Plumber-man."

"Funny…" And Mario towed the hedgehog up to his feet.

"It'll be funny when I kick that faker's face the next time. So what happened to the girls?"

"Diddy's tending to the rabbit, but-a Dixie…~sigh~ well she's kicking herself over what happened."

Sonic frowned, knowing how she feels. Being possessed by something to do bad things…well you do tend to blame yourself if it was done by your hands, even if you were controlled.

"Well, let's go see them, Mustachio."

"When will you ever stop calling me those names?"

"When you stop calling me kid..."

"And that will accomplish…?"



A great weight held down the young ape's soul. Darkness surrounded her as she hung her sweaty face straight at the dirt. Most of her furry face was soaked in sweat, but half of it was tears of guilt. Her throat was choked under the tears and mostly mucus as she kept on crying and blaming herself for her crime.

Cream awoken from her nap, thanks to Diddy and a 1-UP mushroom. She was introduced to Diddy from Diddy, but it was quick because his concern was aimed for Dixie. Yes the girl that Cream was forced to fight with; the girl that seemed too had been trapped in all that evil. And she's crying. Cream was glad that Dixie seems to be free, but maybe that the monkey felt really bad of what she done to her.

Sonic and Mario watched the scene of Cream approaching the little Kong and tried to talk to her, but she ignored; still wanting to punish herself with guilt.

Just look at them…ever since they got here, this whole adventure seems to be nothing but about friend vs. friend; being forced of your will to fight another to the death.

Cream insured Dixie that it wasn't her fault, that she was controlled by evil. But Dixie still wouldn't believe it, that she still hurt her with her own hands.

There was so much fear after these dark battles…so much guilt. Sure, it didn't seem like it, but most of their friends that were caught in these fights choked themselves in guilt. Mighty was still back there, sitting by a lake, as he was trying to wash away that nightmare he saw. Sally sometimes lost control of her arms for every time she thought about that darkness. Rouge and Candy weren't too bothered, for the strong devils they were…well, actually at least they think so. And now…these poor girls…they were just kids.

Being stubborn, Cream threw herself and hugged Dixie from behind, and Diddy joined in and hugged his girlfriend. With this, Dixie burst in a wave of tears and sobs. The darkness of whatever took over her perhaps scared her for life.

What was happening here? Never before had they experienced this kind of evil that frightened things like these fragile souls. Throwing bloody matches…for what; their amusement? Their joy? Even Robotnik had more passion than this! Even Bowser had more kindness than this, and his kids prove it. These crimes…had the Masters written all over it. And these crimes showed that they had no soul or mercy living in their organisms. Picking on two innocent girls that had nothing to do with this…they can't be human…they can't be alive…they're monsters!

"OKAY…that's about IT!!" Sonic screamed to the heavens.

The three children froze before their frightening act. They were worried that Sonic and Mario seemed to have lost their insanity.

"This has gone-a far enough!" Mario shouted, as if he was looking at god. "I know you can hear me! If you so-called masters believe to be all powerful, then come down here and fight us, man, hedgehog to cowards!"

"Yeah! You're not gonna make anymore of our friends fight, creepos! Come on, butt-wipes…bring it!"

Their taunts seemed to have fallen to deaf ears. Nothing was happening in the foggy forest. The kids sometimes felt that they were acting pretty weird.

"Whachu doing, heroes; Talking to yourselves? Ha! Guess the masters finally gotten to ya!"

Oh how Sonic knew that voice. He motioned his angry eyes to his left, where Bokkun was hanging on a tree, laughing at them. "What're you doing here…oh wait! If I remember your old job with Eggman, you're here to give me a message."

"Well if I could, I would come down there and make you all lick my feet…(Sonic: Whatever!) But yeah, since you're so eager to meet my bosses, here they are."

"What?" Mario cried.

Removing his backpack, Bokkun pulled out some kind of an eye gizmo that sort of looked like a mine. "Heh, no TV this time." He gave the device a toss to the floor, and after it gripped the dirt, the eye piece blasted a ray of light that reach high.

Sonic and Mario took a few steps back…Diddy, Dixie, Cream and Cheese froze on their spot. The appearance in these holograms just gave off pure evil. These figures stood at least ten feet tall, but the disappointing thing about them was that they were nothing but unstable shadows.

"Greetings, heroes…Mario of the Mushroom World…Sonic of the planet: Mobius…it is an honor to meet you."

Just looking at these guys, Sonic already hated them. "What's wrong, pals…can't bring yourselves out of the curtains?"

Mario nodded with a frowned face. "Yeah…what's-a with the shadow disguise?"

"Sorry to disappoint you, heroes, but the time to reveal our/my true forms is not now. I/we expected that you noticed your friends engaged in a forced combat, have you not?" just to remind them, windows floated before the Masters, showing clips of their friends' fights.

Mario raised an angry fist at them. "It wasn't hard to miss, striscia*! We wanna know why!" (A/N: Means creeps in Italian.)

"Yeah and how come we didn't get the same treatment? What, you scared to mess with us?" Sonic asked with a proud grin.

"Don't flatter yourself, hedgehog. We're/I'm afraid we/I didn't need to corrupt your souls to do so. Remember…? Agent Shadow's framing of you, hedgehog, was all necessary to complete your battle."

"And he isn't the real Shadow! Where is he?"

"What Shadow told you is true. The virtuous soul of him has been vanquished."

He nearly spat out 'Never' but such dramatic crap like that isn't like Sonic, plus if knew Shadow, he's mostly like him, and Sonic, as he said to Shadow once, dies hard. "Whatever…"

"You haven't answered-a my question…why?"

"Why? Oh you foolish mortal…giving our/my plans is beneath us/me before they are carried out. However, we/I can tell you about our/my experiment."

"Experiment…?" Sonic echoed. "What, we ginnie-pigs to some science fair project of yours?"

"In a way…You see our/my powers are enough to even scan the depths of space and time, like the Internet. And we/I needed information to carry out plans that involved the Dark Boos."

"Dark Boos…I never heard of them." Mario said.

"Intriguing creatures; dark energy formed as Boos that take over the evils of living forms and us them to fight and kill. Oh, how they need a body to feed on negative energy. Centuries ago when the era of the Mushroom were still in its fancy, magical warriors imprisoned and banished these creatures in the far depths of the Dark Land, where even King Bowser Koopa, or even his father, Morton Koopa Sr. dared to enter."

Mario heard about Bowser's father, thanks to Mushroom historians. Why even one of Bower's kids was named after him. Morton was one of the ruthless overlords on this planet, and even started wars. But what happened to him, he never got around. And the Dark Land…Bowser used to live there, but he moved to the Vista Hill, outside the Dark Land.

"However, as you can tell, we/I acquired them and help satisfy their need in order to earn the ultimate power."

"And what's that…"

"We're/I'm not telling you!" the Masters cut off Sonic. "Back to the space and time subject, we/I stumbled upon an interesting world, similar to the plumber's former world, only in this realm; you all are nothing but fictional creations."

"Fictional what…?"

"Get out of here!"

"Yes…creations for the television media; interactive gaming entertainment."

Sonic stumbled in a stump, trying to comprehend that.

"They mean-a video games, Sonic."


"The two of you are the huge in the video game industry, revolutionizing the way of gaming, leading two console companies to glory, and receiving great worship upon its viewers."

If he could, Sonic's ego could explode from this. "Really…? So I'm like a god there, huh? Hmm…guess even in other worlds, I rock."

Mario groaned at this, not wanting to deal with Sonic's inflated ego.

"Too bad for you, hedgehog, that, in one cause, your company, Sega, fell through financial troubles, that swept them from a big console company to a third party for even Mario's company, Nintendo."

And his ego popped like a balloon. "Whaaa…?!"

"Whew…thank you so much-a." Mario said.

"Don't mention it. Before that, the two companies were bitter rivals in the great gaming console war, throwing project out of project. Spiritually, it was like Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Super Mario; a fight that those in that world dreamed of seeing."

"Hey, what do we look like, WWE wrestlers?" Sonic shouted.

"Those brainless mortals? Bah. As for the Chaos Emeralds, oh we'll/I'll draw our/my attention on them later on, but they were the perfect bait to lure you here."

"Hold up…you clowns were the ones who put them here?"


"I'll take that as a big yes."

Gathering all those data, Mario put them together into a conclusion. "Wait a minute, now I get it. You brought him and his friends here to see whose better?"

"And to think, we/I thought we/I had to tell you that. Thank you, dear friend, for making this easy."

"That's-a about as low as I can think of, even involving these kids…my friends, my brother…my…er…and Peach! There is no better, you conniving freaks!"

"Yeah, what he said…even though I can kick Plumber-man to the curb."


"What…? By the way, what was the other reason my team fell through?"

"I can't believe you, Sonic!"

The shadow beings chuckled at this humorous sight. "To some simple minds, they say it was their other rival giant, Sony's Playstation. It's funny…it is like you are Sega, hedgehog, you are Nintendo, plumber, and we're/I'm Sony, are striving from survival, and you two are under the suffering of our/my mighty hand, just like Sega and Nintendo are to Sony."

(A/N: No offense, Playstation fans…OH the Masters are NOT from any of the Sony worlds…if they had any of their own...besides Parappa.)

"And we're gonna take that hand and give it the ol Sonic Spin on it! We refuse to be freakin chumps for your video game! You're not gonna take any more of our friends…and we still wanna know who you are!"

(Readers' note: …SO DO WE!!)

Mario then glared at the shadows, adjusting his hat. "You know…I been through something like this, before. I bet Wario lied, and maybe you are the Hands…isn't that right…Hands?"

"Hands…? What PBS show had you been watching?" Sonic asked.

"Tell you later."

The chuckle of the Masters grew louder. "Hahahha…so humorous you are, plumber. How can we/I be those pitiful Hands that started the Smash Bros tournament…?"

BLAM!! From out of nowhere, something big hammered the earth, blasting Sonic, Mario, and the kids hard and far away.

"…when they're already under our/my power?"

Mario instantly rose up, with shock and bewilderment as his source of air. He didn't want to believe it, but it was happening. Right before the holograms with giant white gloves, with the left one was twiddling madly. "No…the…the…Hands!"

As Sonic stood up, we arched a brow at them. "These are the Hands…just a pair of humongous magician gloves…? Please…and someone should tell lefty to lay off the caffeine."

Without any response, even from the Masters, the Hands curled in a fist and launched away with rocketing speed.

"LOOK OUT!!" Mario cried, diving away from their charge, along with Sonic.

"What are we to do, now?" Cream asked, nervously, gripping dearly on Cheese.

Already, Diddy and Dixie headed for safer ground. "What else…? Run away!" and with that, Cream took pursuit.

And it was a good thing, Sonic and Mario thought, because they wouldn't stand a chance, and they'll just get in the way. Speaking of them, the two heroes slid backwards, side by side, to a safe distance, enough to plan on their next attack.

"Impatient bums…"

"You can relate."

"Damn proud of it, Mustachio, but you know these guys. What's the plan?"

""Just like I did before…kick their nail-filed butts!"

"Glad I thought of that."

And simply, they charge like soldiers of a war, ready to deliver serious fists to the giant hands.

"We/I have no time for this…Finish them."

Lifting their fingers up, the Hands reveal an intense amount of raw energies, something that Mario never expected or ever seen them do before.

"This…" Sonic chirped.

"…Could…" Mario continued.






And all they saw was a bright light…of death. But this light also emitted a fierce force that blown them INCREDIBLY hard, they were flying at incredible speed through the forest. Luckily they each held a ring; otherwise that blast would've knocked out more than their winds. But their travel through branches, sharp thorns, razor sharp edges of trees was involved without any of them with rings. From outside the edge of the Misty Forest, foggy smoke burst out like a cannon, shooting out the two heroes. They slammed to the floor, but did not end there, as they were treated like a bouncy ball, bouncing across the semi-dry land. They could feel their bones crushed on impact, maybe their arms broken. Finally, at least a nearly a mile away from the forest, they slid through the earth to a stop, dried out of their energies.

Both Sonic and Mario tried to move their bodies, but they were exhausted…they couldn't move even their arms, like perhaps they were broken. Oh well…nothing that a good Ultra Mushroom won't fix. Even protected with rings from that blast, they could not save them from their travel; they hit the ground so hard and those trees…god their bodies are covered in cuts, shedding blood from it.

High above them, as they lay on the field's floor, the Hands hung their fingers towards them, cackling wickedly. Soon, double shadows with pairs of yellow eyes appeared between them, as if they were their source of movement.

"Well that was mostly compelling, heroes...Bravo. We/I believe that you have gotten your wish of meeting our/my glorious presence, and you all have suffered your payment. We/I bid thee adieu…and remember…stay alive."

And with that, the Masters, and the Hands faded away.

They couldn't let them get away with this…they don't care if they did warped away; they'll find them. But Sonic and Mario were too exhausted, and their bodies are too hurt to move. But just once…they had to move…to see if the kids are alright…to find the Chaos Emeralds before Bowser and Robotnik do…to protect their friends from the Masters…to…

Again, their bodies failed them as they dropped their chests back to the floor.

It was too much…they were caught off guard, that they let their energies get depleted like that, so easily. Next time, they'll be ready…they'll find those Masters and make them pay…but right now…so tried…just need to rest…right here…then they'll…

Nothing but silence, the grass, the rocks, the dirt, and the vultures surrounded their motionless bodies. From there, they rest…rest they will, at least until someone comes to aid them with some mushrooms…anyone…



End of part 14….



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Max: And who are we? We are Hunimals; hybrid animals

Sonic: And the difference between us Mobians is…what…?

You idiot…!

Terra: Unlike you Mobians, one: Hunimals are evolved by the spirit of humans after their extinction by a demon god and the battle it had with a goddess named Destiny. You Mobians, as to rumors say, are evolved probably from the Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic: It's always about the emeralds, just like with them saying I got born with speed by them. Come on, I work out to get this fast; believe it.

Sally: Mmm hmm…you work out.

Amy: Surrrre you do.

Sonic: Forget you, then…

Terra: Two: Hunimals are about human sized while you Mobians are pretty short, with the exception of Vector, Big, Lupe, and such…

Max: As for us; Terra is hybrid of a wasp, but she looks more human than the rest of us, Mallory is…I think she's a pink canary.

Terra: My bet it's a finch.

Max: Eh…Chiller is a penguin…and I…the baddest mamba-jamma around…the toughest, fastest, the most good looking of the group…and the…


(And Terra squashes him like a snail that he is.)

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