ok this is my first fanfic so don't kill me if it sucks xP I got the idea after I made a Mulan trailer in Xena style with Gabrielle as Mulan and Xena as Shang.. so it's pretty much the whole Mulan story, with a few twists and changes and other characters ^^ The story has a mix of serious writing (I hope XP) and humor so I hope you like it!

Now I already finished writing the story so I won't change anything, I'll try and update at leats once every day ^^

I own nothing! (unfortunately...)

Chapter 1

In the silent night a lone warrior was standing guard by the wall. As he gazed out into the dark horizon, he could neither see nor hear any danger. Not a whisper in the wind, no nothing. Everything was calm and safe… or so he thought.

A mighty hawk flew over the guard's head, missing him only by a couple of inches. The guard ducked by reflects as he heard the hawk screech into the night. He looked up in both wonder and fear.

"By the gods…"

Suddenly a grappling hook appeared before him and attached itself to the parapet. He looked at it strangely before edging towards it, his curiosity overtaking him. As he slowly looked over the wall and into a pool of darkness, dozens more grappling hooks appeared before him, finding their targets by the great wall. The lone warrior ran towards the stairs, while warning is comrades of the sudden attack.

'We're under attack! Light the signal!'

But he was alone, just him and the intruders. Men were coming from all corners, laughing maliciously as they were closing up to backed up against the wall and his back hit a wooden ladder. He looked over his shoulders and his eyes were filled with new hope. He needed to warn the rest, he needed to light the signal. He quickly climbed up the ladder as a sword missed his feet by a mere couple of inches. He could feel the ladder break under him and he quickly grabbed the cold surface before him and dragged himself up the rest of the way.

As he climbed over the edge his hands found the already lit torch hanging on the wall and just as he was about the lit the bonfire, signalizing the attack, a blond-haired woman jumped over the edge opposite him.

A terrifying war cry filled the air and the warrior gasped in horror as he knew perfectly well who was standing before him. Before wasting another second of his precious time, the warrior lit the bonfire, and a great fire emerged between the two warriors. The blond-haired woman looked out the horizon, and just as she expected, bonfires were lit, one by one.

'Now all of Greece will know you're here.'

The woman slowly turned towards the other warrior whom so desperately tried to hide his fear. She simply smiled at him as she drew her sword from the scabbard on her back.


So that was the first chapter.. pretty much taken right out of the movie but hey it was kinda necessary xP

so good? bad? hmm? Gabrielle won't be introduced until the 3rd chapter I think and Xena a lil later