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Chapter 19

'You don't deserve the title Warrior Princess!' Callisto spat out as she lashed at Xena with her sword. Xena dodged it.

It seemed like Callisto was no longer using any strategies. just swung her sword in pure rage.

Xena dodged another attack and swung her leg in a round kick, trying to hit her head. She missed but proceeded with a front kick, right in Callisto's gut. The blonde warrior tumbled backwards.

'Give it up, Callisto! I will never let you get to the Emperor!' Xena yelled as she held up her sword defensively.

Callisto laughed. 'Oh Xena, Xena, Xena. My dear Xena... Can't you see that I am winning? Your men are being slaughtered out there!' she glared at the tall warrior.

'Mark my words, Warrior Princess... I will kill you. slowly and painfully. And when I'm done with you I will kill your little blonde too, and I will enjoy every second of it. I will bathe in her blood, and there's nothing you can do about it,' she said with a mad smile before she cried out and raised her sword high. She ran towards the warrior princess.

She lashed with her sword over and over, and Xena blocked each strike. 'If you touch her...' Xena said through gritted teeth. 'You're gonna do what? Kill me?' Callisto smiled before she elbowed Xena in the face, completely knocking her off-guard. Callisto kicked her in the stomach and sent her to the ground. 'That's what so sad about you, Xena... your compassion makes you weak.' Callisto stared down at the body lying on the ground. Xena was out cold.

'Like I said... you don't deserve the title Warrior Princess' she muttered before she raised her sword up high.

'XENA!' Callisto turned to find Gabrielle running towards her. 'Great... the annoying blonde.'

Callisto sneared and raised her sword to block Gabrielle's attack. 'Honey, the grown ups are trying to have a conversation here,' she said mockingly as she easily disabled the young blonde and backhanded her.

Gabrielle pretended she lost balance and fell down on her back.

'Pathetic' Callisto muttered as she stopped right in front of the young blonde and raised her sword. Gabrielle showed a hint of a smirk as she used all her strength and kicked Callisto hard in both her knees.

She cried out in pain ash she dropped her sword and bent down, grabbing her knees. Gabrielle proceeded with kicking her with both legs right in the face. Callisto tried to regain her balance as she walked backwards.

Gabrielle got to her feet quickly.

Callisto shook her and wiped the nosebleed of her face. 'I'm going to enjoy killing you' she muttered and grabbed her sword from the ground.

She swung her sword up high, cried out and ran towards Gabrielle, with murder in her eyes.

'Gabrielle! Catch!' The blonde warrior turned to her left and watched as Xena threw her chakram.

She raised the staff above her head for everyone to see. 'This is how fast I want you all to be! You all noticed how fast Gabriel here caught the arrow. He acted on instinct! It's the most important weapon you have gentlemen! Your instinct! Your gut feeling! That little voice in the back of your head telling you when you should block or attack!'

Instinct. She watched as the Chakram came towards her, almost in slow motion.

Now! a voice said and Gabrielle didn't hesitate. She grabbed the chakram with her right hand, her fingers closed around the handle.

Callisto was closing up on her.

Gabrielle let out her breath, closed her eyes for a split of a second. She swung the chakram in front of her and slit Callisto's throat in the process. The same way she had slit the throat of the burly, dark warrior before.

Her eyes widen with shock as she walked backwards. She fell on her knees and lost her sword. Her fingers traced the wound and then she carefully looked down at the blood on her hands.

She looked up at the two warriors one last time, before she fell to the ground. Gabrielle looked down at the bloody chakram in her hand. She had killed Callisto.

She dropped the chakram and then ran over to Xena. 'Are you ok?' She asked concerned as Xena got up from the ground.

'I'm ok,' I think I got a broken rib though. She muttered weakly as she leaned against Gabrielle.

Xena turned her attention towards the the villagers and her warriors fighting for their lives and their nation. It was as if with Callisto's death everything changed.

The savages were fleeing. And we were actually winning.

The tall warrior turned to her blonde companion. Gabrielle looked up into her blue eyes and smiled. 'We did it,' she whispered. 'We did,' Xena answered and leaned in for a kiss.

She kissed with all her might and refused to let go.

She was never going to let go.



The surviving villagers were putting out the fire and taking care of the wounded, and the remaining warriors were rounding up the savage corpses.

Gabrielle spottet Perdicus among the wounded. He was awake and seemed fine, despite being hit by an arrow. Lila was leaning over him, stroking his hand. Gabrielle couldn't help but smile at the scene.

'I got to say... they look rather cute together,' Xena muttered as she came up behind Gabrielle. She placed a hand on blonde's shoulder and Gabrielle smiled at the touch.

The sun rose in the horizon and people started gathering around. A few villagers volunteered to go look for the ones that had fled, and Xena sent two scouts to send the good news to the Emperor.

People were cheering as Xena, Gabrielle and the remaining warriors gathered in the town square. They yelled their names over and over. Brutus was standing on the sidelines, scolding over the scene.

He might have lived to see another day thanks to Xena and Gabrielle, but that didn't mean he disliked them any less. 'Xena?' he said as he came up behind the tall warrior.

Xena turned around and nodded in acknowledgment. 'Brutus'

'The Emperor will hear about this. This is not over,' he said as he crossed his arms.

'Brutus. Where were you during the battle? Hiding?' Brutus didn't answer. 'We saved this village, protected the Emperor and stopped Callisto,' Xena said.

'Gabrielle is nothing but a hero. If it hadn't been for her bravery... We wouldn't have made it tonight. You owe her your life,' Xena said as she poked Brutus' chest. 'You can tell the Emperor that,' and with that she walked over to Gabrielle, Lila and the others.

Aphrodite popped up behind Brutus with a bucket of popcorn. No one noticed her as she cocked her head to the left and asked 'Want some?'

Next to her, Ares the God of War, popped up. 'Sure, why not,' she answered and took a handful. 'Humans... They can be so entertaining,' he muttered with a smirk.

'Now... tell me again why you paired up Xena with that perky blonde? I'm starting to wonder if you're losing your touch...' Aphrodite hit Ares on the shoulder.

'Oh shush you! You're just made Xena has paid more interest in Gabrielle than you,'

'Well... yeah! Of course! I'm a god! No one can resist me!' he whined.

Aphrodite just stared at him.

'Let it go, bro...' she answered dryly. He pouted.

'Well... Pretty good battle, at least' he said at last and then vanished into thin air.

Perdicus, with the help of Lila, walked up to Gabrielle and gave her a weak hug. 'I'm proud of you, Gabby' he said with a smile.

Behind him came the triplets. It seemed like none of them were completely sure of what to say, or who was going to speak first. Gabrielle just walked up to them and gave them all a hug. 'I love you guys' she said, which made them all smile with pride.



Later that day, Gabrielle was sitting in the tall grass and leaned against the trunk of a tree. 'Her courage would change the world...' she muttered as she scribbled away on a parchment.

Everyone in Potidaea were celebrating the fall of Callisto. Gabrielle had decided not to join in on the party.

She rather wanted to enjoy the peace and quiet and work on her stories.

It was silent, but not really. she heard the sound of the dripping water, the birds, villagers laughing in the distance, mice running through the grassy ground and footsteps behind her.

Gabrielle smiled. 'What took you so long?'

'You heard me coming?' Xena sat down in the grass next to her .

'Listen not just to the sounds, but what's behind the sounds.' Gabrielle smiled up at the warrior knowingly and Xena just laughed softly.

'You know, the first day at camp... That wasn't the first time I had seen you, Gabrielle,'

Gabrielle turned to face the older woman. 'No?'

'No. When I was younger, around 13, my father brought me here to Potidaea for a business deal. He left me to wander around the marked for myself. I walked past a huge fountain and there was a young darkhaired girl and a darkhaired boy around my age, wrestling and trying to get each other in the water.. Sitting on the edge of the fountain, was a blonde girl, slightly younger than the boy, smiling and cheering them on. She had the most beautiful eyes and the most beautiful smile I had ever seen...'

Gabrielle just smiled at Xena as she told her story. Gabrielle remembered that day so well. 'Then the boy accidently pushed you into the fountain and I ran over to get you out.'

'Wait, that was you?' Xena nods.

'I ran away as soon as you caught your breath. But I want you to know, that on that day, I fell in love. I fell in love with the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. You.' She turned towards the younger blonde and smiled.

'Xena, you were merely 13' Gabrielle said with a smile. 'I knew what I felt then. And my feelings haven't changed since,' Xena whispered as she leaned in and captured the blonde's soft lips with her own.


poof! 'FINALLY!' Both women turned to the voice with clear annoyance written on their faces. Just had to curse it...

'What's with the glares, blondie?' Aphrodite asked confused.

Gabrielle rose from the grass and walked over to the goddess. It looked like she was going to hit her but instead she took her into a big hug. 'Thank you Aphrodite.' She whispered.

'aww anytime girl, anytime.' Aphrodite hugged the young blonde back.

Xena walked up behind Gabrielle and smiled at them both warmly as she placed a hand on her Gabrielle's shoulder. Gabrielle turned around to face the taller warrior and leaned into her embrace.

At that moment, Gabrielle couldn't be any happier. 'I love you too, Xena' she whispered.

Aphrodite just stood there with tears in her eyes. 'My little blonde babe is all grown up... I promised myself I wouldn't cry, I promised myself I wouldn't cry... anyone got a tissue?'


The End

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