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Angela was still in shock. She couldn't get warm despite all the bodies around her, her eyes were overly sensitive to light, she felt dizzy and there was a prickling in her fingers. Tears didn't come, it was like part of her didn't actually believe that the last twelve hours had happened. Not that any of her alien friends really blamed her after what she saw; twelve hours ago the city had been intact and a lot more people were alive and in one piece. Bog's invasion fleet had arrived over their city.

B-Bop, 2-T and Do-Wah had all fought off as many of those invaders as they could while the kids and Muldoon had gotten the shell-shocked populace – who hadn't believed that it was real until the first building exploded – evacuated to the mountains where they would be harder to find.

But getting everyone there had been a vicious gauntlet; one that her family hadn't survived. The worst part was that she had seen them die. Everything had gone black after that and now, though she hadn't noticed yet, everyone was avoiding any kind of contact with her. Even just looking at her. B-Bop, 2-T and Do-Wah would only glance at her sidelong. Problem was, she didn't remember a thing after seeing her parents die.

Mike and Cedric weren't in much better shape. Their alien friends – who had caught up with them and protected as many people as they could during that nightmare run, which was half the reason that they were allowed into the cave – were at a lose of what to do for any of them. It may have been a long time since their first battle but, truth be told, they remembered vividly what it had been like. Which is why they knew that any condolences or promises that they could offer would be empty and pointless at this time; the kids weren't ready to hear it. So they did the only thing that they could do right now; they sat next to them and just waited for the tears to come.

It started with a sob from Cedric, then an "Oh God..." from Mike and within minutes the entire cave was wailing. 2-T, having predicted this, already had D.O.G. keeping an all-frequency dampening field throughout the cave (inside, not outside; that would be like painting a giant bull's-eye on top of them). It was an all frequency because it kept everyone, their equipment and D.O.G. from being picked up on any sensors.

Do-Wah was the first to notice that Angela was watching everyone, dry-eyed and silent.

"Angela?" He asked, even more concerned about her now, than he had been a few minutes ago.

She blinked and turned to stare at him for several minutes, effectively unnerving him. For the first time since her parents died he was looking directly at her.

"Uh... Angela...?" He asked again, this time more tentatively.

Finally, she spoke.

"We need to get everyone organized – they can't just keep wailing like this!"

"Uh, yeah." He agreed because, well, he agreed and because he was floored by this – she was thirteen (going on fourteen in six weeks), had just seen her mother and father die in front of her and was dealing this disaster so calmly!

Was this normal? Do-Wah doubted it; Angela had been unusual from the first day that they had met her, which was about three days after they had met Mike and one day after Cedric... Who had wanted to put them on national TV and make millions off of them (everyone had talked him out of it); Mike had spazzed for a couple of days (and then introduced them to the other two). And as for Angela... Well, she had simply taken it as being introduced to some – admittedly odd – people and then asked them if they had a place to stay (why she had known about Zapz, and been able to get it set up with some mattresses so quickly, was still a mystery). They had been surprised, to say the least, after the other two's reactions to them. Relieved, but surprised.

So, no, Do-Wah decided, this was not normal for a Human regardless of age or gender. He would have come to the same conclusion – without the walk down memory lane – if he had just looked around. But he hadn't because at that moment he had remembered why so many alien males seemed to find her so appealing. It isn't that he's attracted to her like they all seemed to be (yuck; he isn't a pedophile like those other freaks!) he just understood what it was that they saw in her.

"Angela's right." Mike said, sniffling, as he pulled away from 2-T.

Cedric kept crying. Like Angela he had lost his family a few hours ago, though he hadn't seen it.

"But where do we start?" The blond teen added.

"We start by finding out who knows how to do what."

"Then get them busy." 2-T finished for her, realizing where her train of thought was going.

"Especially any doctors."

"We're way ahead of you on that one kid."

They all turned at the new voice. It was a woman with short cropped, spiked hair and multiple piercings in her ears. She was wearing sneakers and hospital scrubs. She must have been on shift when the attack happened.

"Hey Karen." B-Bop greeted to the kids' surprise, though Cedric didn't outwardly show it as he continued crying against his yellow suited friend.

B-Bop's only explanation – and it was good enough for the kids at the moment because they understood perfectly – was a simple, "Alot happened during the run."

Karen ran fingers through her hair as she blew out a heavy breath.

"That's putting it mildly." She commented, then added, "Irregardless. We need supplies and that's what I'm here to talk to you guys about. Does D.O.G. have a map of the surrounding area and the city?"

2-T chuckled and asked, "Who do you think I am babe?"

Before he could go any further, however, Karen cut in with a warning, "2-T."

"Yeah, I got it." He said instead of what he had been going to say.

"How detailed?"

"Do you want to count the leaves on the trees, or the grains of dirt on the ground?"

She raised an eyebrow and said, "Neither, but a know a few guys who'll want to take a look at that map so that we can get the supplies we need."

"Sure thing babe."

"I told you; don't call me that!" She snapped.


"C'mon." She went on, suddenly calming down, "Get up, lets go."

Do-Wah and 2T got up, though reluctant to leave their young friends, the tech officer ordering D.O.G. to stay put.

"Uh..." B-Bop started, giving Cedric a pointed look, "I think I need to stay here a little longer. I'll catch up."

Karen only had to glance at the blond boy – which impressed her – for the teen to reach over and take his younger friend from the Martian. B-Bop said a quiet "Thank-you." and got up to go with the others. On a last minute whim (she had no idea where it came from) she asked Angela to come with them.

She was too tired to realize that D.O.G. wasn't coming (she didn't know that 2-T had a remote up-link with the robot canine via his gauntlet).

As they made their way through the mass of people Karen spotted Mathias standing amidst a crowd of people. She paused to watch him. Like Cedric he was African-American, but unlike their bespectacled friend he had no glasses, was tall, strong looking and had no hair. Every few minutes someone darted off to go do something and someone else always darted back in; he was the one getting everybody organized, though it was slow going with the way almost everyone was just now coming out of shock and starting to grieve... Which reminded her of what she had heard 2-T and that girl talking about when she came to collect the three.

Getting an idea she led them over to where Mathias was. When she got close enough she called, "Mathias! I've got an assistant for you!"

The tall man tried to get a look at them over everyone's heads, but they – Karen included – were too short to be seen clearly, though he was at least a head taller than everyone else. The doctor started making her way through the crowd again, this time in Mathias' direction. The closer they got to him, though, the harder going it became to get any closer. Then someone happened to look back by chance, spotted Angela and started getting the attention of those around them who, in turn, saw her. Within moments they had a twenty foot berth in all directions; an impressive feat in these cramped conditions.

When Karen started moving them forward again she had no trouble getting to Mathias who – true to character – was unflustered even in his bloody and dirty clothes.

"And who have you brought me?" He asked in his deep voice.

Karen simply reached back, grabbed Angela by the shoulder while saying, "Her."

All the Humans around them – except Mathias – seemed to simultaneously take in a sharp breath in shock. And then the whispering started; it made Angela feel like she was suffocating. She had never been shy about having attention on her (she didn't go seeking it the way Cedric did though) so even she found her reaction to be a little... Strange. As she tried to grasp what it was that was making her feel so panicky a burning in the middle of her forehead started.

It was the same thing that had happened to her after she had seen her parents die...

'Not now.' A calm voice told her and just like that it all, abruptly, stopped.

No one else had heard the voice and somehow she instinctively knew this.

What's happening to me? She wondered, frightened.

Mathias' voice cut through her worries when he started saying, "Maybe she's not ready to-"

"NO!" She cut in sharply, "I-I mean... I want to help! I don't just want to sit around and be a burden. I... I want to..." Her voice trailed off, an uncharacteristic hesitancy coming over her as she looked up at him pleadingly.

After a moment he nodded and said, "Alright."

Karen led them away after that.

"Think she'll be alright?" 2-T asked.

"Yeah." B-Bop answered, "Right now I think she's better off with that guy..."

Do-Wah glanced back over his shoulder, still worried about his Human friend.

They eventually came to what amounted to a large crack in the back of the cave wall.

"Le~t me guess," 2-T said, "We gotta go through there."

"More or less." Karen answered, "Why? You're not claustrophobic are you?"

"Please." He said, somehow managing to put the eye-roll into his voice without actually making the movement, "Do you really think that I would be able to wear the BKM suit if I was?"

She shrugged and said, "Fair enough." before leading the way into the crevice.

The other two Martians weren't claustrophobic either, but even so squeezing through there was not fun and all three of them were relieved when they came out the other side (even if they were half expecting to be ambushed). Karen was an experienced spelunker and so didn't have any problem going through that – it was also why she was sent to get the Martians.

"I have to get back to treating patients." She said and left.

"So..." B-Bop began, looking at the small gathering of Human men and women, "Where do we start?"

"With the maps." One of them said.

"Alright." B-Bop agreed, then said over his shoulder, "2-T?"

"Got it."

A holographic map appeared out of his gauntlet and the planning started.

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