Later that night...

"Stace?" Gavin whispered

"Yeah babe?" Stacey turned over to face him in the bed

"Can you believe this is really happening?"

"I know, Gav! We're gonna have a baby!"

Gavin reached over to put his hand on her flat tummy.

"This is gonna be immense!"

She laughed at his impression of her best friend. Nessa banged on the ceiling.

"Oh, Gav! I'm not bein' funny nor nothin' but that impression o' me was crap"

"Thanks Nessa!" he called up and rolled his eyes, making Stacey giggle

"Wait a sec, isn't that Smithy's room?"

They looked at each other open mouthed as they started hearing thumps and groans from upstairs.

"You coulda' woken the dead with all that noise last night, mate" said Gavin, punching Smithy lightly on the arm.

"You two weren't exactly silent either, Gavlar!"

Stacey and Gavin blushed. At that moment Nessa walked in with only a towel wrapped around her.

"Oh, Smithy, you seen my thong?"

"I'll go have a look" he said standing up and they all burst into laughter.

"What?" he said

"We found your thong Nessa!" said Gavin

Smithy looked at his bum and saw that the thong was sticking out of his shorts.

"Oh fuck" he said, rushing upstairs to take it off.

"It suits you, Smithy!" shouted Mick after him

He ran into Pam on his way to the bedroom.

"Where're you off to in such a hurry?" she asked

"Bedroom. You comin'?" he joked

She laughed and then choked on her early morning champagne when she saw his thong.

"What the hell are you wearing, Smithy?" she said.

"Oh, Smithy! I'm no' bein' funny bu' I need tha' thong before the end of the year if you get my meanin'!

Back in the kitchen, Stacey was laughing at the whole situation.

"You changed your mind about him then Ness?"

"He's a crackin' bloke, good in the sack and he takes care o' Neil. Wha' more can I say?"