Arkham Talks
Taped patient interviews by one Dr. Mina Lee.

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Warnings: Violence, coarse language, disturbing imagery, adult concepts and content that some readers may find offensive.

Tape Box 1
First sessions with Weylan Jones, Jonathan Crane and Victor Zsasz.

Dr. Lee was short, lean and average looking, the kind of person who blended in well with a crowd. One parent was Asian giving her features a vaguely oriental cast. Her hair was black, long and tied into a professional looking bun. A pair of thin-rimmed glasses was always perched on her nose, without which she could only see about a foot before the world dissolved into fuzz.

She had a pleasant open face and was usually smiling.

Weylan Jones – First Session

The tape began recording before anything was spoken. The only sounds at first were the shuffling of nervous guards and the careful creak of a door opening and then closing again. Lee was already seated and patiently waited until Weylan Jones entered in the room.

"Good evening, my name is Dr. Mina Lee although any variation of that is acceptable" her voice was neutral "what may I call you?"

The metal chair across from her moved under an immense weight and screeched across the floor as Jones sat down. Then there was a thump as he rested his massive hands on the table.

"That's funny Doc" said Jones, voice low and rumbling "it's Killer Croc."

"Would Croc be acceptable?" asked Lee.


There was a brief silence.

"Aren't you going to question me Doc?" he asked.

"I don't know, do you want to talk? You are required to be here for an hour, as am I."

Another silence.

Lee leaned forwards "do you play cards?"

There was a brief pause, then Jones bellowed with laughter.

"Doc, you're nuts" he managed between heaves of air.

She raised an eyebrow and you could hear cards shuffle in background.

"You have to be nuts to work in this place" said Lee.

"Good enough."

They spent the next forty-five minutes playing cards under the careful watch of the guards.

Dr. Mina Lee, Personal Log One

Lee sighed and drummed her fingers near the recorder.

"I think that Dr. Ross is trying to scare me off by giving me such an intense workload. Not to mention that my first scheduled session was with Weylan Jones" she paused and flipped through her records "I need to be careful not to antagonize him. From the previous recordings it is easy to see that he is not an unintelligent beast but a man - albeit one who is very quick to anger and can bite off your hands."

She took a deep drink from her mug, coffee and Kahlua. Mostly Kahlua.

"Before I can get to the more interesting questions I need him to understand that I am not a threat and have no interested in humiliating him or seeing him harmed. I'm afraid that his… appearance has done a lot of damage to his identity and how he feels he has to act. Particularly when others have treated him like a beast for long enough that he seems to think he is one."

Her fingers tapped against the tabletop again as she began to plan her approach with him.

"This will take time, the others will never get anywhere by bombarding him with questions. A turtle here will fare much better than a hare."

Jonathan Crane – First Session.

"I see that they've changed my Tuesday shift" said Crane, voice smooth and calm "did Dr. Thinson resign?"

Lee shook her head, face carefully neutral.

"No, but he did request to have you taken off his patient list."

"And just when things were beginning to get interesting. I do hope that you will fare better, Doctor…?"

"My name is Lee, Mina Lee. May I refer to you as Jonathan or would you prefer Dr. Crane?"

Crane made a surprised noise.

"Dr. Crane, if possible."

"Certainly" Lee cleared her throat "now, your reputation has preceded you, I was wondering if I could ask you a question? In all honesty it is to satisfy my own curiosity."

"Go ahead."

"Do the other emotions interest you so little that you focus on one to exclusion the others?"

The question was not malicious or condescending, just inquisitive.

"I believe that fear is the core and driving emotion of all life, thus the only one worth studying."

"I see" said Lee.

She took a moment to debate her tact.

When Lee continued, her voice was cautious "I must admit I don't agree. I'm more in line with the theory that all life seeks to perpetuate itself, fear is a mechanism to help this as are the other emotions."

"Would you agree that fear is the most useful emotion in continuing life?"

Lee bit her lip in thought.

"I believe that fear is useful when in context, when it does its job. Others are similarly useful. I believe that fear should gave way to compassion and curiosity when appropriate."

"Curiosity is an odd choice, Mina" said Crane, smiling a little.

"Well, fear and curiosity often rival for the same place when people encounter something new."

Dr. Mina Lee, Personal Log Two.

"I believe that my approach with Dr. Crane will be that of one professional speaking to another. He is most active and animated when discussing and debating his theories."

A gust of wind ruffled her papers and she cursed quietly before getting up to close the window. The on-site office they had given her was not in the best of conditions, the windows often blew open with moist lake air and it was always damp and cold. It was better than having no office at all but she left it sparsely furnished and did not keep anything more than the barebones there.

Lee sat down again and reorganized her papers, she would definitely be bringing them home with her.

"His actions, not those of a madman but those of a sociopath obsessed with his theories, are all based on his fixation with fear. To make any sort of progress in the foreseeable future his belief in his personal theories must be shaken. A nigh impossible task, I will have to be content with attempting to help minimize the damage he does when he escapes."

Lee sighed and leaned back in her chair. There were other concerns she had that were a little more personal.

"I have a feeling he will be the hardest to keep from prying into my personal life. Dr. Crane seems to take a keen interest in destroying his attendants."

Victor Zasz – First Session.

The recorder was turned on a little late into the session as the conversation had already begun and was at an impasse.

Silence persisted for the first ten minutes of the tape. Lee made no attempt to speak to Victor and he just stared into her face.

"Well, say something. You don't stink of fear, so don't sit there in silence as if you're afraid of speaking to me" said Victor, voice oddly placid.

"Are you going to keep threatening me?"

He laughed, a chilling sound.

"That isn't really an answer, Victor, but I will take another shot" said Lee "I understand that you kill because you believe you are liberating people from the humdrum of their daily life."


"So you are doing good work, and what if you met someone exactly like you? Doing the same job you were doing and for the same reason. If what motivates you is beyond a simple psychosis then this would be a difficult situation. If what drives you is anything besides your addiction then there would be no way you could feel the compulsion to kill them as they would be identical in purpose to you."

There was silence. It persisted and filled up the air until Lee had to say something.

"Would you like me to ask a different question?"


More silence.

When Victor spoke again it was in a dead, serious voice "maybe that's what I need, someone else to understand what I do and help spread the message."

Something subtle in the air snapped, Lee was stunned as she realized the error of her phrasing. Such a few innocuous words often spurred people like Zasz to react… extremely. She felt that this would have disastrous consequences.

She abruptly got up, her chair squeaking against the floor, and left. Victor was smiling at her the entire time.

Dr. Lee Lee, Personal Log Three.

The sound of a bottle opening signified Lee pouring herself a shot.

"I fear I have greatly erred today… and if anything happens as a result I will be…"

She clumsily turned off the recorder.

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