'This is just getting to be to much. I don't how much longer I can take.' fifth-teen year old Diana Lombard thought to herself as she walked across the campus of Torrington Academy with her arms full of books and her head down. 'No no I'm just going threw a rough patch, I'll get threw it.' she told herself shaking off her former thoughts trying to convince herself of what she knew was not true.

I all was just to much! She was wade down with so many test, homework, clubs, tutoring, and other extra after school stuff and on top of that she was having horrible migraines. She had head aches like this before but never this for this long or this bad. They never stopped it was just a constant sharp throbbing pain in her head. They made it so she couldn't sleep and so she couldn't eat! Not being able to sleep or eat was making her very weak and that was making her migraines worse.

When she did manage to fall asleep it was always a shallow restless sleep that filled her with strange nightmares and when she awoke it always left her feeling more tired than when she fell asleep. Also when she did manage to get something to eat in her belly in always came back up with in a couple of minutes. With nothing in her stomach and her mind in constant pain I was hard to stay focus in class and her classwork showed it. She also had gone threw dramatic weight lost and her teachers had noticed.

PLUS if that all was not enough she had her work at the Center, and Martin, and the other kids at school. Since it was getting close to Halloween there was a lot of paranormal activity going on, they practically had missions every day and sometimes several a day which didn't help her head aches at all. And Martin was well being even more Martin than usually, he pranked her a few times a day now and some of his pranks were just down right cruel! Last week he had payed some girls in her gym class to steal all of her clothes while she was in the shower which forced her to walk outside in just a towel where everyone had seen her and most of them had taken pictures too. Then later that week he rigged her light switch in her room to blare heavy metal rock when she flipped the switch on. The music coupled with her migraine had put her in so much pain that she almost past out.

'Oh Jenni I wish you hadn't moved away all the other kids are so harsh to me without you here.' it was true. Jenni's popularity kept all the other students being civil to her and now that Jenni had move to Japan there was nothing to keep them from treating her like dirt, and they did. 'Well I might as well go to my room and try these sleeping pills the nurse gave me. It's not like I have anything to loose.' Diana thought to herself heading to the dorm buildings when she collided with someone spilling her stuff everywhere and sent both of them toppling to the ground.

Diana looked up from her place on the dirt ground to see who she had knocked into. It was Billy in his B.S. 1000 shell that made him look human so he could go to school with her, Martin, and Java. "Oh sorry Diana I didn't mean to bump into you, well I guess I did but not literally. I was look for you, we are having lunch and I was wondering if you wanted to come we haven't seen you much lately." Billy said in his rather high pitched squeaky voice. He knelt down to help pick up all of her books and things before pulling her to her feet. "I'm not sure Billy." her mouth said but her mind said 'No just leave me alone I just want to sleep!' but she couldn't say that to Billy he was always very nice to her and he looked so hopeful that before she could stop them words tumbled out of her mouth.

"Oh sure what the heck, I just have to drop this stuff off in my room then I'll meet you back here. Okay?" she said plastering a big fake grin to her face knowing that her plans to try and get some sleep just went down the drain. "Sure thing Diana. I'll wait here!" Billy called after her waving his arm as she disappeared towards the dorms. Glancing down he saw a small bottle laying near his foot, thinking it must have been Diana's he bent down and picked it up. He was about to call after Diana when her saw what was written on the bottle's label. It was a medication bottle that was filled with small white pill tablets, written on the label under Diana's name and the school nurses signature was 'Sleeping pills take two pills one hour before falling asleep.' Billy was sorta shocked at this news. 'Diana is having sleeping problems?' This was news to him he would have to ask Martin and Java if they knew. Conflicted he looked in the direction that she had walked of in and then down out the pill bottle before he slide the bottle into one of his baggy back pocket.

About five minutes later Diana back and they were walking to the plaza in silence. No one had noticed the small white flower that popped up from the ground where she had fell. Billy wanted to ask her about the sleeping pills but knew better than to just start a conversation with something like that. So he needed a different ice breaker, but what would she be willing to talk about? Martin. "So is ah Martin still um pulling pranks on you?" he asked her noticing for the first time how frail she looked, she was pale and thin with dark bags under her eyes. "Yes they are getting really bad and I just cant take it!" With the last words shouted a very large very strong gust of wind whipped up around them.

'It happened again' Diana thought 'Another accident.' The accidents as she called them had only began when the head aches started and usually occurred during moments of extreme fear or anger. When they happened right before she would get and giant throb in her head and then a accident and then her headaches died down for the next couple of hours, they wouldn't completely go away but they defiantly would not hurt as much. Mostly they had happened when Martin pulled a prank on her. The first one happened when Martin pulled that prank on her in the gym. It had been raining that day but not a hard rain and certainly not a thunder storm but yet with everyone laughing at her she had felt her head throb and the a monstrous bolt of lightning ripped threw the sky and struck the three girls cars that were parked next to the gym and fried them to a crisp.

Then the other time an the other prank Martin pulled she had felt another throb and this time a scented candle she had lite because it was suppose to make headaches go away and help people fall asleep had flared up burning the cuffs of Martin's long sleeve shirt, melting his digital camera, and lightly burning Martin's hands. "I know Martin's pranks can be a bit mean but I'm he only means it to be funny." Billy told her no quite believing in himself, Martin had told her about some of his pranks and Billy hadn't really approved of most them they were kinda mean. Diana only replied with a grunt, she didn't really believe it either.

They got to the plaza before Billy got a chance to ask her about the sleeping pills, Martin and Java had already gotten a table, drinks, and a large cheese pizza to share for lunch. "Well look who it is. I guess little miss vampire finally decided to show her face to the sun huh?" Martin joked rudely. Diana felt her anger rising and the throbbing in her head quicken but she took deep breath in and calmed herself down deciding against answering Martin. Instead she hung her purse on the edge of the table and lowered herself into her seat. SPLAT. Diana jumped up looking down at her rear to see she had sat in a large pool of chocolate syrup which left a big black spot on the seat of her pants. Seeing red she glared at Martin who had burst out in loud harsh laughter and to add insult to injury he called out loudly "Hey Diana it looks like you had little accident." This drew every other persons in the plaza attention to her and everyone at once started to laugh. With over a hundred of people laughing at her she felt her fear and anger began it rise and she felt an adrenaline rush begin to course threw and then THROB the glass bottle of coke Martin was holding explode showering him in coke and he yelped in pain as some of the sharp shards of glass slit open is palm spilling his crimson blood down his wrist. He quickly pressed a napkin into his hand to try to stop the bleeding.

Diana wasn't paying any attention to that though, right now her head felt as if it was about to explode! Usually after an accident her headaches relaxed but now it felt like they were ten times worse, voices flooded her mind and beat against it. She grab her purse and tried to run but the purse ripped open on the corner of the table spill the contents everywhere which only caused everyone to laugh louder. Diana took off running towards the woods away from everyone, in the back of her mind she heard Billy and Java calling for her to come back but not Martin. She did not notice nor did anyone else that where ever she stepped left a foot print shaped patch of dead grass, it was as if something had pulled all of life from the grass.

She ran threw the woods with strange things happening in her path. As she ran path a tall pile of boulders in collapsed creating a tall wall of rock that prevented anyone from following her. Finally she stopped by the edge of a large swift moving river when she was in to much pain to go any father and fell to her knees holding her head in pain and clapped her eyes closed. The voices and thoughts of hundreds of her classmates thundered in her head. Wind spun around her forming a something like a tornado and lightning struck around her. Water from the river lapped against the sides of the river violently and a ring of fire formed around her closing her off from the world.

Diana felt like she was going to explode it was all to much for her to handle. All of the sudden a sharp sting hit the back of her mind like a dart hitting the back of her neck only it wasn't a physical feeling but a mental one. With it came silence, she felt all of her energy drain from her and she fell forward into the arms of oblivion her eyes closing as she did so. She fell to the ground on her side her last image was that of a figure dressed in white, 'An angel' she thought 'Am I dying' but as she did so a soothing, beautiful, educated, slightly accented voice spoke to her in her mind. 'Hush child sleep now you are safe.' It said and then there was only darkness.