Summary – Yuuri is finally back from earth after three longing years and he realises something he has to act on quickly. Conyuu.

Chapter one

The return

It has been three years has passed in earth years since Yuuri has last been at Shin Makoku.

Conrad woke with a gasp and he felt a similar feeling that he always felt Yuuri was near or in danger. He quickly got up and changed into his military clothing, and quickly ran out of his room towards the stable to collect his horse. On his way he passed guards and also wolfram, Gwendal and Günter.

"Where are you going Conrad?" shouted his older brother.

"I'm going to Shinou's temple," replied Conrad while arriving at the stables.

"What, why? Günter asked a little confused with his old students actions.

"Because he's finally home," Conrad answered while saddling his horse. "Who?" They all asked at the same time "Yuuri!" Conrad got no reply; they all just got onto their horses and rode towards Shinou's temple.

When they arrived at the temple there was a young man with deep black hair and soaked clothes and was shivering, he just sat on the fountain. When Yuuri heard the horses galloping towards him looked up to see people he had missed for a very long time. He wanted to jump with joy but that wouldn't have been very mature of him, I mean he is 19 now.

"Yuuri!" Shouted Conrad while getting off the horse. "Conrad!" Yuuri ran towards Conrad with open arms. When he reached Conrad he wrapped his arms around the man he missed greatly. They stood there for a while in the warm loving embrace. "I missed you Yuuri" Conrad whispered in Yuuri's ear.

"I missed you too Conrad" he sobbed into the older mans chest.

"Ahem" Gwendal clearing his throat to grab the attention of his brother and his highness. They broke the embrace to look at confused faces staring at them waiting for an answer of the current event. They were getting ready for all the questions that were going to be thrown at them.

"What is going on here?" Gwendal asked after a while of silence consumed the air around the 5 of them. Wolfram was just stood their sweat dropped; he didn't know what to say to his ex-fiancé. "Well Gwendal I have no I idea my self, I just ended up here while I was have a nice warm bath" Yuuri explained to the older man.

"Oh Hieka!" wailed Günter, while running towards Yuuri with open arms at the ready to squish him into a huge hug.

"Argh, Günter stop, guh, get off me that hurts" but then Conrad came to his rescue just like he used to be and saved Yuuri from Günter. "Thanks Conrad" said Yuuri while trying to catch his breath.

"Its my pleasure Hieka" Conrad replied with his usual warm smile.

"It's Yuuri nazukeoya," Yuuri uttered. Conrad chuckled "all right Yuuri".

Sorry for the short chap, hope you liked the first chap guys