Summary Yuuri is finally back from earth after three longing years and he realises something he has to act on quickly. Conyuu.

Chapter 3

It has been a few months since they told each other their true feelings about one and other and Yuuri and Conrad are now engaged and are now planning their wedding, which is in 3 short months.


Yuuri walked up to Conrad with a serious expression on his face. Everyone stopped talking and they were just silent while watching their king walk up to his lover.

SLAP Conrad turned his face back to the cause of the red mark on his left cheek.

"Yuuri?" Conrad asked with a shocked expression.

"Don't Yuuri me is it a yes or no" he asked with a smile on his face so he didn't look too serious he didn't want to hurt Conrad's feelings.

"Yes" Conrad took Yuuri into a tight embrace and they stood their holding each other while everyone were clapping and cheering for them.

End of flashback

"Oh man, I cant believe its our wedding in 3 months, I'm kinda getting scared, are you Conrad?" he asked the older man which was standing next to him looking at dresses for their flower girl, Greta and suits for Wolfram and Gwendal.

"Hmm, I'm not scared but just a little nervous, why should I be scared when I'm going to be marring the person I love" Conrad said this with love in his eyes when he answered Yuuri's question.

"You have a really good point there Conrad" A grinning Yuuri replied to the older man.


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