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I stared at the bland, white ceiling. This could only entertain you for so long, which, of course, is about a minute or two. I groaned loudly hoping to get Wyatt's attention, it didn't work. I looked up at him. He was doing his homework and listening to music through his iPod. The thing was so loud that I could literally hear it buzzing. I groaned again, still nothing. He needs to learn how to not blast his music so loud. What if a demon attacked? Then he would totally get his butt kicked. Well, probably not, seeing as he's the 'Twiced Blessed'.

I twisted in my seat on the coach so I was facing Wyatt. "Wyatt, Wayaaaaaaaaat. !" I drawled out. God, you'd think he'd lose his hearing by now. I poked him on the arm and he ignored me. I did it again, again, and again.

He pulled the ear buds out at looked up at me. "What?" He snapped.

"I'm bored." I told him.

"You interrupted me for that. It was getting to the chorus too!"

"The song sucked anyway." I dismissed.

"It does not. It's good music."

I snorted. "Your taste in music is crap. Now let me turn you invisible and let's go mess with the Elders again." I said with my hand hovering over his shoulder. Say yes, say yes. I chanted in my head.

"Not after what happened last time." He said while turning his head back to his homework. What happened last time? I stared at him confused. He looked up at me again and sighed. "Mom caught us and we weren't allowed to Orb for a week."

"You still Orbed though." I pointed out.

He rolled his eyes. "You still Orbed. I did not."

I laughed. "Oh yeah, but back to the point. I'm bored let's go mess with the arrogant bastards sitting on their high horses."

"No, Chris. N-O what does that spell, no." I swear, sometimes instead of playing football he should be a cheer leader.

"Then what am I supposed to do?" I whined. "Mom's at the restaurant, Dad's at magic school, Aunt Paige is with a charge, and Aunt Phoebe is working on a column."

"Why not Uncle Henry, or Uncle Coop, our little cousins for god sakes." He shot back.

"Uncle Henry's at the police station, Uncle Coop is with some loser who can't find love, and our little cousins are too frilly and girly plus they never want to kill demons or mess with Elders." I pouted.

"What about Henry Jr.?" He asked while pushing his math aside.

"I don't know Wyatt. He's so clingy."

"He's eight and he looks up to you."

"Why not you? You are Twice Blessed?" I asked. He sighed. "I don't want to talk about this again, Chris." He thought. I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Go read the Book." He said while putting his head phones back in his ears and doing that annoying tappy pencil thing he does when he's stuck on a problem. Tap, tap, tap. God! I grabbed the pencil and chucked it across the room, ah sweet silence. He glared at me and I Orbed up to the attic.

I grabbed the Book and sat on the old couch. I flipped the colorful blue tap I marked it with. Belthazor. Ha, what a dumb ass. He fell in love with Aunt Phoebe and then he got possessed by the Source just to have her vanquish him, three times. Those are the stories I like. The one's about the idiot demons.

But I can't help but feel sorry for the guy. Have no clue why, but I feel like I know what he went through. Forbidden love. "Damn feelings, making no sense." I grumbled. How the hell would I know about forbidden love? I've never had a girlfriend! I flipped to the next page and stared at it. Banshee, Aunt Phoebe turned into one of those. All of a sudden a big gust of wind made the pages flip to summoning a spirit. I glared at the ceiling.

"Don't want to talk right now!" I shouted. I then turned the pages back to the Banshee section just to have it turn right back. "No thank you!" I flipped back and held the pages there for about 2 minutes until I felt it was safe. I lifted my hands and nothing happened. I sighed with relief in then studied the picture of the Banshee. Those are really cool eyes. Electric blue, how do you get electric blue eyes? The pages flipped back to the summoning. "Okay! I'll freaken' summon you!" I snapped.

I set the Book back on the podium and got the candles out and each lit one. I rolled my eyes and started chanting.

"Hear these words, hear my cry,
Spirit from the other side.
Come to me, I summon thee,
Cross now the great divide."

Bright white orbs gathered in the middle of the circle. When the orbs cleared all I could do was stare in shock.