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2 Years later

A missive from Mr L. Malfoy to Professor S. Snape

16th July 2004

Hearty congratulations on the day of your wedding, Severus! I am sure you will not smite me if I take the liberty of saying how lovely your bride is looking today; the newlywed blush truly becomes her, even if it is undeserved by such an old bore as you! I hope you enjoy my wedding gift to you. Venice is stunning at this time of year and, well, every newly married couple should go to Venice – some say it is the most romantic city, you know. Do inform Mrs Snape that, however appreciative I am that you are no longer the miserable devil you once were, I still expect you to occasionally come to Malfoy Manor of an evening and help me polish off a bottle of brandy. Once again, congratulations my old friend.

A missive from Mrs G. Potter to Mrs H. Snape

16th July 2004

Hermione, you truly make the most beautiful bride! I'm a little bit envious actually, because I never looked as lovely as you do on my wedding day! I know you and Severus had a bit of a rocky start, but I'm convinced that things shall only get better. The challenges of wedding life should be child's play for the pair of you. After all, how many couples can say they created a cure for a deadly potion together? Not many, I'm willing to bet! Despite Harry's initial misgivings, he's also thrilled that you and Severus are finally happy together. We can't wait to introduce Uncle Severus and Aunty Hermione to the little bundle that we're expecting in nine months time…yes, you read it right – I'm pregnant!

A missive from Mr D. Malfoy to Professor S. Snape

16th July 2004

Severus, I'm sorry that Adrian and I aren't there to help you celebrate your wedding day, but the lure of America is just too great for me. I have to admit that, if someone had told me at Hogwarts that you would one day end up marrying Hermione Granger, I would have hexed them straight away! But to be frank, I'm quite convinced that neither of you would be better suited to anyone else! You are sullen enough to make sure she doesn't talk on too much, and she is lively enough to make sure that you crack a smile now and then! Adrian and I would love it if you could visit us in Washington sometime soon! I think you and Hermione would love it here – there are plenty of museums to keep you entertained for weeks on end! Only, don't expect me to accompany you both, for I find them much too dull.

A missive from Mr R. Weasley to Mrs H. Snape

16th July 2004

Bloody hell, it's weird addressing this letter to Hermione Snape! I don't think I'll ever really get my head around the fact that you're Mrs Bat-of-the-Dungeons now! Luna says I've not to be so unkind, but I'm not being mean really. He's an alright bloke, once he stops scowling at you and making insults about my 'Ravishing Rouge' hair. How was I supposed to know that rouge means red? You look really pretty as a bride, Hermione, and Snape is bloody lucky! Thankfully Luna bought your present, so you don't have to worry about getting some rubbish that I've chosen. I hope you like the paintings; they're of Nargles apparently, although I'm still to have seen one, even though we've trekked all over the globe looking for them. Anyway, congratulations and all the best for the future and that.

A missive from Mrs H. Snape to Professor S. Snape

16th July 2004

I know it's rather silly that I'm writing to you on our wedding day, especially as you're only sat across the room from me. You'll no doubt roll your eyes at this and say that I'm being too emotional and soppy, but when I see you smiling and laughing with our guests, I just can't help but feel that I love you more. I thought, once upon a time, that you would never see me as anything but a bushy-haired know-it-all who you disliked so greatly that you wouldn't even look at me. But we became colleagues then, before I was even aware of it, friends and finally, after a bit of trouble, lovers. I once told Ginny that I wanted someone witty and intelligent, someone that I could feel comfortable around. That's you Severus, and I don't think it's possible that it could ever have been anybody else!

There now, the emotional part is over. I think we should get on with the celebrations and the dancing now, not to mentions finishing off these delicious bottles of wine. But before we do, can I just say thank you. Thank you for finally realising that I am a sophisticated young woman, and not the irritating student you used to have, and that you want to drink more wine and have passionate sex with me for the rest of our life. And, I am terribly sorry to have to break it you, you can't change your mind now! You've already said 'I do!'