Chapter 1: We're Going to Be Fine

New Directions was crushed finding out that Vocal Adrenaline has won regionals. The looks on everybody's faces as they watched members of Vocal Adrenaline dance and celebrate on stage holding up high the trophy was devastating. Quietly New Directions walked off stage with the 3rd place winner trophy.

As they all filed back into their dressing room it was quiet. Mr. Schuester glanced around the room at his kids. All their dreams crushed by one single competition.

"Um…let's get back to Quinn and Puck," he said breaking the silence. Everyone solemnly nodded and walked out of the building and got into the van as they drove off towards the hospital. The ride there was quiet as ever. They all got a hold of themselves and walked into the hospital to find their friends who just gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl.

Quinn was still in bed with Puck at her side. She was asleep soundly as Puck watched their little girl asleep as well in the crib next to theirs.

Mr. Schuester knocked silently on the window to get Puck's attention. He looked up and saw all his friends there. He quietly got up and went to greet them.

"Hey guys," he said smiling at them. He noticed they didn't smile back.

"I'm guessing from all the sad faces that we didn't win or place," he said. They all just nodded.

"The doctor said the baby is in perfect health so is Quinn. She's just resting after such a long day of work. I'm really sorry about not winning Mr. Schue," Puck apologized.

"Don't mention it Puck. We might have not won today but you and Quinn did. You guys brought a beautiful little girl into this world," Mr. Schuester said patting Puck on the back. Puck nodded and went back inside the room.

The rest went to go sit in the waiting room with Quinn's mother. Finn sat next to Rachel and looked over to her. The entire Glee club worked hard for this but Rachel worked harder than anyone. She nearly carried the entire glee club on her back to regionals only to be knocked down by Jessie and Vocal Adrenaline.

He reached his hand over to hers and laced their fingers together. She looked up at him. He offered a little smile at her and she returned it with her own. He had confessed his love to her before they began their performance. She didn't have a chance to say it back before they started. He nodded towards the direction of the cafeteria. She nodded and they got up as they walked towards the cafeteria.

"How are you doing?" he asked her as they kept their hands laced together.

"Okay I guess," she said.

"I'm sorry we didn't win today Rach, I knew how much it meant to you," he said.

"No it's okay Finn. We tried our best and we were just not ready to beat Vocal Adrenaline."

"But we were good enough to beat the stupidly name Oral Intensity," he said earning a laugh from her.

"It was the judges' choice. Probably Newton-John's if you asked me." Finn chuckled at her. They reached the cafeteria as they grabbed some drinks for everyone.

"You know I will never forget you once Glee is over," Rachel said grabbing their drinks. He looked down at her.

"What do you mean?" he asked grabbing the other drinks as they headed back towards the waiting room.

"You heard everyone at Mr. Shue's house. Once Glee club is over, no one will acknowledge the other s anymore."

"Rachel that's not true. No matter what I'll remember you. Even if I tried not to remember you I still will. Besides I meant what I said before we performed. I love you Rachel Berry."

She looked up at him and smiled.

"I love you too Finn Hudson."

"Good cause I promise you everything will be fine, even after glee club is over. We'll be fine."