Chapter 3

I slowly opened my eyes to see the bright California sun shine through the windows of our room. I rubbed my eyes and slowly sat up in bed. I turned to the side and saw that Rachel was gone. I swung my legs over the bed and hit the cold hard floor of the hotel. I got up and grabbed a pair of basketball shorts and pull them on.

I went into the bathroom and washed my face, shave, and brush my teeth. After finishing up, I made my way back to the bedroom to find a shirt. I pulled out a red McKinley High t-shirt and put it on. I then made my way to the living room part of the hotel and sat down on the couch and turned the TV on.

I pushed through the channels and found a basketball game to watch. I heard a knock at the door and got up to answer it. Puck was there.

"Hey man, what's up?" I asked as I allowed him in.

"Nothing, thought I come to hang out with you, Kurt and the girls are making breakfast back at my room and I didn't want to be there to talk about the newest fashion designs," he replied closing the door. I chuckled and sat down on the couch and returned to the game.

"So did you and Rachel… know last night?" he asked sitting on the opposite end of the couch. I looked to him.

"No we didn't. We came back from the pool, drenched by the way, and took turns showering then headed off to bed," I said looking back to the TV.

"Oh, okay." Silence fell over us. There was still that tension between us. He slept with my girlfriend, well girlfriend at the time, and got her pregnant and allowed me to think I was the father. There was still a part of me that hated Noah but then again we were best friends. Key word, were.

"So what are you guys planning to do today?" he asked not turning away from the TV.

"I don't know yet," I replied doing the same thing. Silence fell over us once again. Just then his phone rang and he answered it.

"Hello?" he asked. I blocked out his conversation with whoever was on the other line. I continued to watch the game until he ended his phone call.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Just Rachel's mom, wanted to give us an update on Beth," he said returning his attention to the game as well. I nodded and we watched the rest of the game in silence. Just then my phone rang from the bedroom. I got up to go find it. I found it and answered it.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey Finn! The food's done, you guys can come on down," I heard Rachel's angelic voice through the phone. I smiled.

"Okay, we'll be right down," I replied and ended the call. I pushed my phone into my pocket and then went out to tell Puck. I shut the TV off and then headed out to towards his room.

We entered with the smell of pancakes, scramble eggs, and bacon. I greeted everyone and sat down at the table. Rachel brought over a plate of food and sat it down in front of me and gave me a quick kiss before walking away to get her own plate.

I started to eat as everyone was buzzing about what we should all do today. I smiled at the surrounding. No drama or anything but pure happiness. Rachel sat down next to me and handed me a cup of orange juice. We all ate and then the girls helped clean up.

After finishing up, Rachel and the girls joined us on the couch.

"So we have decided to go down to the beach for a little fun in the sun, what do you guys say?" Mercedes asked. We all nodded and went our separate ways to get ready for the beach. We all got ready and met down in the lobby to tell Rachel's dad where we we're going to be.

We all got into the van and drove off to the beach. We found a nice place to settle down at. Noah grabbed Quinn and they jumped into the waves. Mercedes and Kurt followed. Matt and Mike took Brittany and Santana into the ocean water. Artie and Tina took off towards the pier. I looked to find Rachel sitting down on a towel.

She looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back. I nodded towards the water and she shook her head no.

"You go ahead baby, I'm going to sit back and tan for a while," she said. I nodded and shrug off my shirt. I ran into the water and enjoyed some fun with my friends. After being in the water for a while I returned to Rachel.

She didn't see me coming as I approached her. I blocked her sun and she looked confused for a few minutes. I shook the water from my hair and got her all wet. She screamed and looked up at me.

"Finn Hudson! How dare you?" she yelled and chased after me. I slowed down and turned to grab her and threw her over my shoulder.

"Finn put me down!" she yelled.

"Okay if you say so." She then turned her head to see we were heading back to the water. She yelled and started to hit my back and swing her legs.

"No! No! No! Finn don't you dare put me down!"

"What? I can't hear you sweetie," I said and before she could retaliate I threw her into the water. I stood there and smiled down on her as she resurfaced.

She looked up at me.

"Finn you're so dead," she stated and ran after me. I laughed as she jumped on my back and threw me into the water. I laughed as found her and splashed her with water. She returned it and we continued our little water fight. I then grabbed her hands to try and stop her splashing. She laughed and it was music to my ears.

I finally got her to stop. Her hands were on my chest as I look at her. Her laughter started to die down as she smiled at me. I smiled back and leaned in to kiss her. Our lips touched and moved against each other. Just then our moment was interrupted when Quinn and Puck threw a bucket of water on us. We broke apart and we both looked at each other than to turn to look at them. We shrugged and charged at them.

After playing in the water after a while, we returned to our spot and dried off. I pulled on a new pair of swimming shorts and shirt and we all headed up to the shopping center to meet up with Tina and Artie for lunch. After eating lunch we shopped around.

Well I should say the girls shopped while we just carried their bags. When we were done shopping, we had about 7 hours before we had to be back at the beach. We all agreed to spend it on the beach. The beach goers had started to clear out since it was getting close to dark. We dropped off all the shopping bags at the van and Puck grabbed his guitar while Mercedes and Kurt grabbed the CDs and radio. I grabbed the football and headed back down to the beach.

We found a good spot far away from the waves. Mercedes put the radio on and the boys all gathered around for a good game of football. Just then the ladies gathered around us.

"We want to play," Quinn said getting our attention. The boys all looked to me for permission.

"It's your call quarterback," Puck said. I rolled my eyes and looked to the girls.

"Alright, fine you can play." The girls all jumped and smiled.

"But its boys vs. girls," I stated. The boys all snickered. The girls smiled evilly.

"Game on boys," Rachel said.

"But we get Kurt since Artie can't play," Brittany said. I nodded and we started the game. The girls were on defense as we were on offense.

"Blue 42, blue 42, hike," I called and got the ball. Puck ran down the side with Quinn after him. I saw Rachel coming after me quickly and I threw it to Mike before she tackled me to the ground. He ran and dodged the girls coming after him and made a touchdown. I groaned and got up from Rachel's tackle.

"Damn Rach, you sure hit hard," I said rubbing my chest. She smiled and walked away. They got the ball as Santana played quarterback. She hiked it and threw the ball to Tina who we didn't even see was wide opened and they made a touchdown. We couldn't believe it but continued to play the game.

The girls came out on top a half hour later. We sat around a fire that us guys started as Puck strum his guitar. Rachel snuggled herself into my side as we watched the fire burn. Mercedes got up and put in a CD.

"I know this usually ain't our style of music but hey who cares," she said as Rascal Flatts' Summer Nights turned on. We all laughed and started to clap our hands along to the beat.

Puck: Come on ladies
It's time to pop that top
And fellas, I know you're ready to rock
We went crazy cooped all winter long
And school is out, so let's get it on
Flip flop tans and some white sand
I know the perfect spot

Artie: Well the sunset better set soon
So we can get in the mood
Things start getting all heated up
When it starts getting cool, yeah

Everybody: Summer nights
Everybody, are you with me?
Let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise
Summer nights
Everybody's feeling sexy
Holler if you're ready for some summer nights
Come on.

Rachel: Oohhh, oh yeah yeah.

Mercedes: Now fellas, you better watch your step
Don't let them teeny french bikinis
Make you loose your breath
Back to the ladies
Ya'll keep doing ya'lls thing
'Cause everything about you makes me wanna scream

Finn and Rachel: The sun is getting low
There it goes, here we go
Here comes the moon, yeah
Things start getting heated up
When it starts getting cool, yeah

Everybody: Summer nights
Everybody, are you with me?
Let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise
Summer nights
Everybody's feeling sexy
Holler if you're ready for some summer night

Finn: Whoa

Tina: It's a party down in Padre
Big bonfire on the beach
It's Coronas in Daytona y'all
Well it's wild and it's free

Finn: Summer nights
Everybody, are you with me?
Let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise
Summer nights
Everybody's feeling sexy
Holler if you're ready for some summer nights
Come on

Everybody: Summer nights
Everybody, are you with me?
Let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise
Summer nights
Everybody's feeling sexy
Holler if you're ready for some summer nights

Artie and Puck: Yeah, oh are you ready?
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
For some summer nights

Yeah baby
Summer nights
It's summer nights
Come on

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