It was dark, as the small figure, an ten year old girl shifted her slight weight from foot to foot anxiously in her hiding place, a small nook behind the front door as she stared at the bodies of the dead animals that she had killed earlier in an attempt to save her companion. The mangled bodies of the wolves were a testiment to her rage, the bodies had been ripped open from the neck to the stomach spilling every organ out on the floor.

She had saved her companion, but she had done it a little too late. She had sat outside in the pin where the wolves were kept holding the shaking frightened child in her arms as she breathed her last breath. Her cries and sobbs for her beloved one to kill her and take her with her had fallen on deaf ears. She had picked up every piece of her companions body that had been ripped off and since she had the time she had sat in the living room of the old cabin where Sara's killers had brought her, and had reattached her arm, her bottom jaw, and the soft tissues of her throat and stomach.

Not in an effort to bring her back, it was impossible to bring back someone who was dead; but to make her look like she had before she had been taken. She was a good little sewer. Her enraged mind mocked as she had wrapped Sara's body in a clean white sheet, tying it around her to look like a dress. The soft egyption linen look lovely on Sara's corpes. The white making her soft green eyes, and her dark ebony hair sort of 'pop'. And had set her in the large red velvet winged chair across the room so that she could see everything that she was going to do to the men who had killed her.

She looked like a doll. Her dark hair falling around her slender shoulders in the little waves and curls that she had loved to touch so much.

She stiffened and tensed a bit when she heard the sound of laughter from several men, coming towards the cabin and sniffed the air. She hissed softly, like a cat that had smelled something that angered it. She could smell several things of her dead lover on the men. Blood, sweat, semen, the smell of Sara's scent clung to each of them in a way that drove her rage through the roof.

She could smell the faintest of indications that her beloved one had been defiled by these men before they had given her to the wolves, but she had wanted to deny it, hell she was in denial over it. And now that she was confronted with the reality...

She felt her teeth legnthen to fangs as her chakra leaked out a bit. She would rip them apart with her bare hands, what they had done was so unforgivable.