We are going to skip ahead by several months.


The first two months of Naru's pregnancy went relatively smoothly for Kakashi. Naru ate the food that he fixed or brought home for her. Napped when she was tired and sometimes even when she wasn't. Cuddled up against him after sex. And he just enjoyed his time with her.

But when the third month of her pregnancy started Kakashi knew that he was in trouble. Why you ask? Because of those damn hormones of hers. That's why.

For example once, two weeks after Naru hit her third month, she started to get morning sickness every morning and would often cry, or get meanif he said or did anything to upset her. One such occurrence happened when he had been sitting in the living room reading one of his Itcha-Itcha books while Naru was sick.

He was about half way into the second chapter when Naru came down the hall and stopped just in the hall way and stared at him for a second. Now, being the well in tuned and frightened male that he was, he could feel her eyes boring a hole through his skull and hoped that if he didn't look up, she wouldn't hurt him.

He was wrong.

Naru walked over to him, snatched the book out of his hands and ripped it to shreds and handed him what was left of the destroyed piece before growling. "Not. Child. Friendly." Then flopped down on the couch and curled up against his side wile he tried to piece his book back together quietly before asking.

"Are you okay? Do you need anything?"

Naru looked up at him, and he couldn't help noticing how pale and miserable she looked. "I don't think I want any more kids after this one." He cringed. Oh dear god. There was so many things that she could say to him from this point, and none of them were very good. So naturally he started to panic a little bit.

"You don't mean that. Kids are great when you have them with the one that you love. Just imagine holding the baby in your arms once it's born. It'll be so cute and small and-"

"I'll probably mistake it for a doll and I'll twist it's little head off." Naru said tiredly and Kakashi looked at his wife as if she had just grown a second head. Note to self-keep the baby away from Naru until she's not feeling so inclined to damage it. Kakashi thought as he sighed and gave up on ever fixing his book and put his arms around Naru. She looked like she could stand to be held a little bit.

Naru felt Kakashi's arms wrap around her as he pulled her into his lap and lay her head on his shoulder while he ran his fingers through her soft hair. She hadn't meant to say what she had just said. She was just irritated that this tiny, fragile little thing inside of her was causing her to become more and more tired and sick than she had ever felt in her life. Frankly she was a little worried that neither she or the baby were going to survive the next few months.

"Would you like to take a nap for a little while?" Kakashi asked as Naru lay against him, totally limp.

She opened her eyes and shifted slightly, her ears flattening back against her head a little bit as she sighed. God she would killfor a decent nap. But every time she started to close her eyes and get comfortable she started to feel sick. And on top of that Kakashi had a mission outside of the village and had already gotten into an argument with the Hokage about the reasons why he was planning to take her with him.

His reasons were sound. But so were the reasons for the Hokage's refusal. Both men didn't want her hurt.

But at the same time they knew that she couldn't be left alone and unprotected in the village. Which was why the Hokage inevitably agreed to let Kakashi take her on the mission. The Hokage knew that Kakashi would keep her as far away from trouble as he could. And that he would kill anyone stupid enough to put their hands on her. "No. I'll wait until later on before I nap." Naru said finally as Kakashi continued to comb his fingers through her hair.

His poor Naru-chan. If he had known that getting her pregnant would make her so damn tired, he would have waited until she was older and better able to handle the stress that the baby was putting on her body and mind. "Alright. Before we get ready to go, I want to recap the rules that I laid out for you." Kakashi said. Referring to the rules of safety that he had started to make her follow to keep her in one piece when she was with him on missions and for training.

Rule number 1- Do not engage the pink haired monster. Physically or verbally.

Rule 2- Ignore all things that the pink haired monster might say. Because she is spiteful, vicious and cruel and will attack whenever she senses weakness.

Rule 3- Do not leave Kakashi's side. Unless he is fighting. Then it's okay for her to leave his side.

Rule 4- Don't go far from camp. If Kakashi couldn't see, hear or god forbid, smell her-then she's gone too far from camp.

Rule 5- She wasn't allowed to do anyheavy lifting or overly strenuous activities.

Andf last but not least Rule 6- Kakashi's word is absolute.

If he tells her to do something then she is to do it without question because it is his job as a man, and her husband to make sure that nothing happens to her or their baby.


Sauske sat in his living room floor with the contents that he would be packing for his mission spread out in front of him and mentally went over everything.


Paper bombs-set.

Air mattress, candy bars, heavy quilt, baby name book, and a few other little nick knacks that Naru might need or like-also good.

Everything was set. He sighed and sat back on his heels as he thought about Naru and the recent changes in her. He wasn't sure if he liked the changes. But that didn't mean that he begrudged the girl anything. After all, everyone had the right to be happy.

Naru was no exception to this.

e looked over the things that he was bringing for her and wondered vaguely if Kakashi would mind him helping out with her, especially since her condition was starting to show now, and Sakura couldn't be trusted not to try something.

He knew that Kakashi had taken to watching Naru very closely in recent months, and it was understandable. However, he couldn't watch Naru and do his job as a shinobi too. Which was why Sauske had decided to step up and help out. Kakashi and Naru may find it strange that he wanted to help, but the truth of the matter was that he had never either liked nor seriously disliked Naru.

He was neutral.

However because of her condition Kakashi was bound to get distracted by something and then they would be in trouble. Which was part of the reason that he couldn't remain neutral anymore.

Naru hadn't been allowed to train with them, making her considerably weaker and more vulnerable to attack. Normally Kakashi would make up for her lack of strength and would be able to keep her from harm, but Sauske was deathly afraid that one day the man would take his eyes off of Naru and someone would sneak up and kill her before anyone could do anything to help her.

One such example of hostility was Sakura. The girl was jealous of Naru for some reason, and had finally figured out that she and Kakashi were a serious item, though how serious an item they were escaped her. But Sauske knew, and because of that and Sakura's hostile behavior, Sauske felt that the girl was just a hairs breath away from snapping for good.


Sakura hummed happily as she went over her list.

This was it. The big one.

The time when Kakashi would be the most distracted. She could finally show her sensei what a loser Naru was. And once she did..

He would look at the girl in disgust and turn a blind eye, leaving Sakura to do as she pleased.

She would bet that Naru would look hidious covered in blood, cold and still. She giggled.

Oh she couldn't wait to slit the blond bitch open and listen to her scream.