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I was stuck inside my own body. Held prisoner in my own mind. Succumbed to watching my whole life waste away without any input on what to do with it. I couldn't speak… well, I could but that was only if she listened. The soul. The soul that stole my body away from me. A soul that was supposed to help find the rest of the human race, I had let my body become a Seeker. She tried and tried again to find out about my family and where they were, but I wouldn't let her. My mind was on lock down, a wall as strong as the Wall of China and as wide as the earth, stood between us. I wouldn't let her take away my family… no, I wouldn't let her take lives away even if she's convinced herself that it was for the greater good. She hasn't found anything about me except my first name and after six years, I was still inside her mind, waiting for the right moment to take back what was mine… And had been mine for the eleven years before I had gotten caught.

An Unwanted Memory:

Seeing Into Flames strode down the aisle of a Walmart in San Francisco. Grocery shopping always filled the soul with pleasant thoughts, which annoyed me more than Seeing Into Flames knew.

Seventeen year old girls aren't supposed to be shopping for groceries, I thought to the soul. This is a mother's job, we should be relaxing, causing mischief, or playing a nice game of soccer.

I felt Seeing Into Flames stiffen as she always did when I spoke. Well, since you don't know where your family is then it's this or starve. Or do you know where your family is? Please, tell me, Seeing Into Flames pleaded for the millionth time. I wasn't going to tell her, she was a Seeker. Besides I didn't know the answer exactly. My family hadn't had a game plan when we were on the run, so I stayed silent, which I could tell pleased the soul.

She didn't like my being there with her, which only made my stay more vital. It had been six years since my capture and still all she had gotten from me was my first name. I didn't even share my high intellect, meaning I didn't let her know that I actually had an IQ over 160, but I suppose it was higher then since I had tested when I was five. My parents had always bragged that I had been born a genius.

The soul walked down the aisle and stopped at a section, reading the labels. She reached for a bright blue bag with an overdramatic label that read Lima Beans. If I could have spat with disgust I would have. Nauseated, I thought to her, You know I'm allergic to Lima Beans, right?

Once again the Seeker became rigid at my thought. Unbelieving, she replied, Are you serious? But they are so healthy.

I'm dead serious. Besides why would I want us to get sick?

Us? This is my body now, Laurel, might as well get out.

My anger flared and I snapped, Technically, it was mine first. I was living in it for eleven years before you came along and had to ruin everything.

Why are you still here? I mean, obviously I'm not going anywhere. I'm sorry.

We had been over this millions of times; it was another subject she always pursued. I preferred to keep my reasons away from her but I was irritated so I told her. I stay for my family's safety. And I stay because I don't want to die of something I can prevent, and no way am I leading you to my family, otherwise you and your Seeker buddies would go steal their lives, too. I'd rather be tortured to death then be the cause of that catastrophe.

Seeing Into Flames scowled and shoved the lima beans back onto the shelf. She continued to stroll up the aisle before thinking, You humans are odd. And violent. You never deserved such a lovely place, you are all so nasty and frightening.

I sighed mentally. Not all humans are alike, you know we are sort of like snowflakes. None of us are the same and we aren't all bad. The good balanced out the bad, can't you see that? Why couldn't you just leave us alone…? There was still hope, mind you.

I doubt that. You would've all killed yourselves and everything beautiful around you. Now will you please leave?

I was silent for awhile and she got a rush of joy, thinking I had really disappeared. It was hard staying but I wasn't about to leave no matter what she threw at me. So I thought to the soul, I thought souls were all things good, but all they are is body-snatchers, who take and never give, though they may say they do. You take advantage of a world's population… even if that population deserves a life, too. I thought my kind was bad but yours sickens me.

I could feel her pain as my venomous words sank in. Worst of all was when she realized I was speaking my own truths. Then I was done with her so I built a wall bigger then the one I had been making and hid myself from her.


After shopping Seeing Into Flames went out of the Walmart at nearly nightfall. The sun was low in the sky, only just lighting up the California land. The Walmart was slightly out of town, so the store was almost empty at that hour, except for a large truck and a car parked across the lot from Seeing Into Flames' red Prius.

The soul slowed up when she caught sight of the group. There were two shady looking men hanging around the van, whispering almost angrily to each other, but souls don't get angry. She was suspicious, and I felt it, too. I hoped that they weren't humans, for the sake of their freedom.

Seeing Into Flames thrust her groceries into her car then marched over to the men, flashlight in hand. I wanted to scream a warning to the humans, because now I realized they were indeed arguing. But the Seeker inside me held me at bay, which angered me more.

As she approached the men looked up with the light dancing in their eyes. There was no silver ring. But as Seeing Into Flames looked at them I recognized them almost instantly. My brothers, Kyle and Ian, stood before me, looking as burly as ever, but I couldn't touch them or talk to them. I wanted so badly to shriek at them to get out of there, but they just stood there, gaping at me.

They looked the same really; same midnight blue eyes all the O'Shea's shared, same tanned skin, which matched my own skin perfectly, same hair color though theirs was much darker than mine. I had gotten my mother's blond hair. I was tall like them, and lean, too. Muscles were a trait in our family. It seemed we had all been built to be athletes.

"Boys, please come with me. You won't evading insertion any longer," Seeing Into Flames said unsuccessfully calm. Her voice quivered and it wasn't something I wanted my voice to do.

But the two men just continued to gawk at me, remembering the night the same night I was remembering. Suddenly Seeing Into Flames froze as I showed her the ending I had been keeping from her since the day I was inserted.

We had been running a long time and I was tired. Tired of everything. I wished for my old world back, where I could play soccer with my family and live in peace and harmony.

"Come on, Laurel! Seekers are on there way, we have to get out of here," Kyle whispered to her frantically.

"I'm so tired, Kyle, so tired," I replied.

"Want me to carry you?" Kyle panted as they continued to sprint down the road.

"No," I snapped, "I'm fine. I'm fine."

It was dark out, pitch black to be exact. I could hardly see the road we were following and I was nearly out of steam, but I didn't want to say anything to my brother. That night my pride was in the way and I knew it, too.

"Your slowing down, Lauri," Ian noticed, using his nickname for me. He grabbed my arm and started to drag me along. His legs were longer than mine then, considering I was only eleven.

Suddenly there was a shrill bang from behind us. Then I was hit with the sharpest pain in my leg and tripped and fell.

I shrieked as I saw flashlights nearing our group. The parasites were yelling sorry or something like that and how the gun had discharged by accident. The pain shot up my leg and I whispered to my brothers, who were standing stalk still, staring at me, "Go. Go to Jeb's."

"No… No, we aren't leaving you," Ian murmured. He and Kyle wore the same shocked and sad look, but I couldn't let my injury take away three lives. I was determined that only one life would be lost that night, mine.

"You will go now. Just leave me… Someday, someday, I'll see you again. And remember I love you, guys. This invasion can't last forever," I told them. A tear escaped my eyes and theirs, too. I wiped the tear away and raised my voice to shout, "Now go! Please, for my sake, go! Go to Jeb's…"

Ian bent down gave my cheek a swift kiss then whispered, "I love you, sis. Please, don't forget us."

"I love you, too, Laurel," Kyle spoke softly.

Then both of my brothers sprinted off into the forest, escaping the Seekers easily. I saw Kyle turn around one last time, blue eyes meeting another pair. He nodded to me, another tear trailing down his cheek and raced into the forest after Ian.

Then I blacked out.

When we were pulled away from the unwanted memory, I could feel the sadness envelope me and Seeing Into Flames. I could also see the pain the eyes of my brothers.

"Lauri," Ian whispered. Then he came at Seeing Into Flames and me with a rag that smelled oddly like chloroform. Then, for the second time in six years, Seeing Into Flames and I blacked out.

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